The $64,000 Question-“Are you a Christian?”

I was invited to lead a discussion recently on wonderful book that melds the beliefs of Christians, Jews, Buddhist and Hindus. A book that mirrors many of my thoughts, views, faith and beliefs. Attending this discussion were about forty very educated and slightly older people of the Christian persuasion and one self-proclaimed atheists.

Seventy-five percent of the people read the book prior to our gathering. A week before our meeting I began receiving emails from “concerned” members that this book was not “Christian enough” and that I should probably focus on the “God and Jesus” parts and skip over the rest. There was even concern that the “God and Jesus” parts were not conventional enough. I called the point person, the lady that asked me to lead the discussion and shared some of the concerns I had received. Her suggestion, follow your heart.

We had a lively and productive conversation. For many it was their first exposure to both the Buddhist and Hindu faiths. This gathering also provided me with the opportunity to verbalize my own faith journey. It is something that I have written about extensively and have shared with my family but in the VERY conservative state and community that I live in is not a topic that makes most people comfortable. The unfamiliar can be a scary place for some.

At the conclusion of our function people began coming up to thank me but I noticed one older gentleman holding back, obviously waiting for the others to disperse. As the crowd thinned he approached and asked me “Are you a Christian?”. I smiled at him and said “That depends on what your definition of a Christian is”. Without missing a beat he recited a line that I am sure he could have said in his sleep, “You accept that the only path to salvation comes through the belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour”. I smiled again and said if that is your belief for all of mankind, for all people of faith, then no I am not a Christian by your definition or based on your set of beliefs.

Now I didn’t know this guy from Adam’s house cat but as he started to bow-up on me (quite the sight I might add given that I was 20 years younger, a foot taller, and 100 pounds heavier) I gave him my email address and told him I would love to buy him a cup of coffee and hear more about his faith journey. As I suspected, I never heard from him.

I have a very simple philosophy, if your faith and beliefs or even your non-faith and non-beliefs make you a more caring, compassionate, accepting and loving individual to everyone and everything then I am happy to share this planet with you. On the other hand if your faith makes you judgemental, and hateful to those of us who don’t share your convictions well as Jesus said “For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.” -Dalai Lama XIV

About ends and beginnings blog

I am a frustrated writer and poet waiting to be discovered. A stand-up philosopher performing on a street corner near you. A Christian with questions but I don’t want to hear your answers. A Buddhist with a bumper sticker on my truck to prove it. A collector of quotes. A grower of lettuce. The Patron Saint of earthworms who name their children after me. A cyclist whose big ass strains the seams of his Lycra bibs. I am American by birth, Southern by the grace of God. My goal in life is to leave an imprint on the lives of the people I love not a footprint on the earth. I am a son, a husband, a father composed of 65%-Oxygen, 18%-Carbon, 10%-Hydrogen, 3%-Nitrogen, 3%-Diet Coke and 1%-Oreo.
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18 Responses to The $64,000 Question-“Are you a Christian?”

  1. samanthamurdochblog says:

    Great philosophy, not enough people are accepting or open the Dalai Lama quote.

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  2. Should’ve reminded this guy that Abraham, Noah, Moses, Daniel, and Jesus weren’t Christians, either.😉

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  3. manqindi says:

    Yeah mate, you got it right – my way of responding is to say: “what about the Watusi?”

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  4. Smartygirl41 says:

    Beautifully said. I struggled for a long time finding a belief after my church friends disowned me due to my divorce. I can’t say I have a name for what I believe in now, but I do believe that if we accept each other and treat each other right, then we are on the right path.

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  5. JJS says:

    Sometimes when people ask if I am Christian, I answer by explaining what kind of Christian I am NOT. I think I will begin responding with your question. Thanks for this post!

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  6. I remember the story of the blind men and the elephant. The one who felt the ears said, “Oh, an elephant is like a banana leaf!” The one that felt the trunk said, “Oh, an elephant is like a snake!” The one who felt the side said, “Oh, an elephant is like a wall!” The one who felt a leg said, “Oh, an elephant is like a tree trunk!”

    Anyway, the point is they were all partly right and mostly wrong, and when it comes to describing the Absolute that’s the boat I think we all find ourselves in.

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  7. Belinda O says:

    What’s the name of this book?

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  8. I was looking for a Billy Graham quote, and it took me a while to find where I put it (I could kick myself for not being more liberal with my hashtags), but it’s here and I think you’ll like it:

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