Trump: The bully factor




  1. a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
  2. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.


What did you see last night during the debate? I saw a bully who had nothing to lose, a man backed into the corner, going for broke like a wild animal with his foot caught in a steel trap. What I also saw is why some people may confuse bully with brilliant. Yes they are both B words but that is where the similarities end.

Donald Trump is not brilliant, he may be clever, but so are squirrels. Do we really want a clever squirrel that is also a bully with his finger on the nuclear bomb button? I do not understand why a segment of our population is drawn to bullies like a moth headed towards a candle. What happens to the moth when it gets to close to the flame? I am no longer surprised by anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, honestly if he had set himself on fire last night it wouldn’t have surprised me. I have grown numb to both his words and his actions.

Trump interrupted, and hovered over Clinton last night like the junior high bullies I remember growing up. Rolling Stone magazine described Trump’s performance as “using his height and girth in a creepshow attempt to intimidate his rival”. It made me, sitting at home on my sofa eating chocolate-chip cookies with a cold glass of milk, very uncomfortable. But I thought Clinton handled it well, she didn’t flinch. She handled herself with grace and calm, the reaction I am looking for in a leader.

There is no doubt Trump is a big and powerful man who has used his lot in life to intimidate others to get what he wants. But his bluster will have no affect on Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China. If Trump fancies himself the 1,000 pound gorilla, Xi Jinping and China are the ten thousand pound gorilla. The world, not just the U.S., the world, can’t afford to have Trump poking that gorilla with a sharp stick and then tweeting about it at 3 am. Clever isn’t going to move the ball forward with China, diplomacy will and Trump doesn’t have a diplomatic bone in his body.

I asked a friend this morning why he was STILL supporting Donald Trump after all he has heard and seen. This is what he told me;

  1. I will support the Republican candidate (no surprise here, #1 with a bullet for most).
  2. He is politically incorrect.
  3. He understands business.
  4. Washington needs to change.

For twenty years my friend and I have been on the opposite ends of the political spectrum but for twenty years we have been able to find one piece of common ground, what is best for our families. In previous elections I could have dealt with John McCain, though I was not a fan of Sarah Palin or even Mitt Romney. No, I didn’t agree with their ideology but I also didn’t think they were egotistical mad men who could drive us to the brink of World War 3 just because they got their feelings hurt.

I have offered several post about my opinion of the presidential race and Donald Trump. I have gotten very little pushback about my position. I would love to hear from anyone who is supporting Trump if there is an additional reason you would add to the list above. I don’t want to know why you AREN’T voting for Clinton, I want to know why you are voting for Trump. There is a big difference and honestly, you should know the difference by now.



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12 Responses to Trump: The bully factor

  1. William Tell says:

    I never anticipated I’d have any interest in Orrin Hatch, but during the primary race some years back he made a very, very favorable impression on me.

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  2. ericstrong51 says:

    Well, to toss it back at ya; I don’t hear you telling us why you’re voting for Clinton. All I read is a lot of anti-Trump speak. I’m not voting for Trump or Clinton, so I shouldn’t respond, but I hear people talk about fearing Trump pushing the nuclear button. Clinton even said she feared it. However, I don’t know exactly how the big red button is pushed, but I doubt there’s a button in the oval office right next to the TV remote and the president can just…hmm…”I think I’ll blow up China today!” I’m sure there are all kinds of systems in place for that unlikely action to happen. I wish people would stop with the dramatics surrounding that. Anyway, No Trump, No Clinton, I should move to another country.

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    • Eric-my reasons for voting for Clinton;
      1. Experience with other country’s-we live in a very small world and as wonderful as it might sound, we can’t build a wall to keep others out and US in. We will always be drawn into conflicts, but I prefer a Dove approach rather than Trumps Hawk approach.

      2. Fair treatment of all Americans- I truly believe Clinton will treat everyone the same without prejudice or judgement. We have made a lot of progress on this point, we have a long way to go, I don’t want to go backwards.

      3. Temperament- The job is not for the faint of heart. Look at the photos of past president over the course of their terms. I want someone that will not operate in a vacuum, someone willing to listen first rather than act, someone willing to think first rather than speak. Clinton has proven she is capable of the job on all those fronts.

      4. Children-My future, your future, this countries future rest with educating, supporting, and providing opportunities for children to grow into citizens we can all be proud of. The gap is wide between those that have and those that have not. And in that gap are the children, the future, and we need to narrow that gap. I believe Clinton will.

      Maybe Trump can’t push the button, but I want to make sure his ass is as far away from that button as possible.

      As always, thanks for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. I hope you will stay.

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    • Patricia says:

      I respect your choice. Unfortunately, putting your head in the sand about what Trump will or will not do may come back to take a huge bite out of your life. Nuclear button aside which may be a bit dramatic, have you listened, really listened to his rhetoric and seen his demeanor. People who choose to ignore the red flags and vote for this bully and I am obviously not talking about you, are going to be in for a big surprise if he is elected. Normally I don’t live in fear but I have been awaken by the gorilla. I am not trying to be combative here, when I cry about a political election, there is something to cry about.

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  3. Patricia says:

    Dear Ends and Beginnings:
    👏👏👏 and thank you. I need this today. I have been tearful as have been my posts for the next two days. I am not a weakling or faint of heart but I have been severely affected by the downward spiral that this election has taken. Trump’s attempting to parade Bill Clinton’s sexual encounters in front of Hillary, something she has dealt with and dealt with and continues to deal with I found very sad. If he wants to confront Bill about his past, confront Bill directly. Don’t stir up anger and hatred again in those who Bill Clinton has offended sexually. I wouldn’t doubt that they were paid to do his bidding. The woman whose case Hillary defended against has reportedly received payment in the past by his campaign backers to make videos and commercials though I have never seen either. I am pretty sure those 4 women have had ample opportunity to confront the Clinton’s. None of it is good! Having to hear and see Trump’s lifetime errors is not pleasant either but I think necessary to wishfully protect those who are desperate for a change. I don’t have to list my reasons for pulling for Hillary Clinton, you already have. Thanks again.

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  4. ericstrong51 says:

    So, this is enlightening, interesting and scary as hell. I’m glad I looked into this. I thought there MUST be a logical system in place to prevent false alarms, bombing flocks of geese or the president waking up with a hair across his ass. Here’s what it takes to launch a nuclear strike..holy can be as quick as 5 minutes. I stand corrected. Read this article. :

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