Trump was right, the election is rigged

“I am winning in every poll taken outside of a Cracker Barrel” – Donald Trump (really Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump but close enough)

For the last few months Donald Trump has been spouting off about a rigged election. For once I think he got something right. The problem, or at least his problem, is that the “rigging” has been done on his behalf.

Look at the evidence, WikiLeaks and the Russian government are apparently, in Trump’s own words, “Big, Great, Tremendous” fans of The Donald. The effort, and the timing of the email leaks was impressive. It was as if Kellyanne Conway had her finger on the send button. Sounds rigged to me.

A small town in Macedonia called Veles has become the global hub for pro-Trump misinformation. The village of 45,000 people hosts over 100 websites that spew Facebook-shareable nonsense about the election – and Hillary Clinton’s many “crimes.” The websites make money by sharing in Facebook ad revenues. Young Macedonians are reportedly earning thousands of dollars creating articles that are eagerly consumed and spread by Trump’s Cracker Barrel crowd in America. Sounds rigged to me.

And then we have the FBI. Regardless of what FBI Director James Comey’s intent was, it is clear that his vague letter to Congress about some emails found on a computer shared by Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin violated established Federal protocols and threw the Clinton campaign into a tailspin in the final days before the vote. Before the letter, at least according to polls, Trump’s numbers were at best, embarrassing. Now, key states have tightened and in some cases Trump has even surged ahead. Sounds rigged to me.

Whether you want to believe it or not voter suppression is occurring in states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and Georgia that would rival what happened to black voters in the 1960’s. These Republican controlled election boards are moving polling places, changing voting hours, and creating highly dubious “voter fraud” cases all with the hope of breaking the will of minority voters and depressing Democratic turnout. Sounds rigged to me.

And last but not least, the notorious Roger Stone an “informal Trump adviser” and Alternative Right Wing pro-Trump groups say they are going to send members (read white goons) out to “monitor the polls” in primarily minority districts. The Trump campaign is encouraging this “monitoring” in the name of “ballot security” which will certainly suppress voters rather than prevent fraud. Honestly, you have heard the candidate, do these bully tactics really surprise anyone? Sounds rigged to me.

Yes Trump was right about this, though 60% of the other crap he says is still bullshit. But he doesn’t care, the Cracker Barrel, Duck Dynasty, NASCAR, Klan crowd eats it up and that’s what is important! Every vote counts so please vote Tuesday. The future, yours, mine and our childrens depend on it.


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2 Responses to Trump was right, the election is rigged

  1. Those ‘white goons’ you refer to are alive and well in my little redneck town. Met a few over the weekend. They know how to scream and throw obscenities, but I’m not scared because I truly doubt that they can read and write.

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