This just happened…..our insecure President


“I don’t know Putin, have no deals in Russia, and the haters are going crazy – yet Obama can make a deal with Iran, #1 in terror, no problem!” – Donald J Trump tweet 35 minutes ago

@realDonaldTrump Come on, you should consider different words when talking about people who disagree or have differences of opinion.” – Jordan Uhl tweet 33 minutes ago

@JordanUhl @realDonaldTrump Can you imagine if Obama – or any Pres for that matter – called Americans with another points of view ‘losers’?” – Mike P Williams tweet 23 minutes ago

@Mike_P_Williams @JordanUhl @realDonaldTrump can you imagine if the media treated obama this badly….RACIST” – Donald J Trump tweet 22 minutes ago

@realDonaldTumpr @JordanUhl @realDonaldTrump the dude’s an undeniable asshat though” – Mike P Williams tweet 21 minutes ago

@Mike_P_Williams @JordanUhl @realDonaldTrump or you’re not used to people in political seats telling the truth and saying it how t is” -Donald J Trump tweet 19 minutes ago

@realDonaldTumpr @JordanUhl @realDonaldTrump calling people losers and trying to divide a nation by name calling isn’t “saying it how it is” – Mike P Williams tweet 16 minutes ago

@Mike_P_Williams @JordanUhl @realDonaldTrump but attacking the president 24/7 when you have obama a free 8 year pass is hypocritical” – Donald J Trump tweet 16 minutes ago

This little exchange happened this morning between your President and two Twitter users.

My first thought was, damn doesn’t our President have any other pressing issues that he needs to attend too this morning rather than defending another statement that he doesn’t know Putin? Keep in mind, there are interviews floating around where Trump says he does know Putin, has talked to Putin, admires Putin, and has done business in Russia but at this point that honestly is beside the point. I bet there are also interviews out there where he claims he invented the internet, can solve world hunger, or that the iPhone was his idea and Steve Jobs stole it from him.

Anyway, in my last post I wrote about Trump’s burning need and desire to be popular and after reading this silly exchange this morning it dawned on me, he is following a very popular President Obama. A man not only revered by many U.S. citizens but also the world and the press and Trump simply can’t accept this. If you notice Trump disparages President Obama and or his administration and policies on a continuous basis. The vast majority of his fast and furious “Executive Actions” over the last few weeks have been to unwind or destroy the previous eight years. Why you ask? It is a popularity contest and Trump is losing.

Trump portrays Obama as soft and weak, words, he insist, that would never be used to describe him. In his mind, Trump is tough, savvy, smart and simply can’t understand why the vast majority of Americans, yes it is vast, don’t love him for it. For me the analogy is simple, Trump is like the coach hired to replace a legend that has retired. Rarely does that bode well for the first guy in after the legend no matter how hard they try.

The psyche of this man is fascinating to me. He wants us to believe that he is some kind of complex, super intelligent creature that the world has never known. But the truth is he really isn’t that complicated, his emotions lie on the surface for all to see and read. He wants our attention, our adulation, and our admiration. He acts like a six-year-old yelling at the top of his lungs “look at me, look at me”. If Dos Equis has the “Most Interesting Man in the World” we certainly have the “Most Insecure President in the World”.


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7 Responses to This just happened…..our insecure President

  1. Following a legend can be difficult even if the new coach is competent and knowledgeable. In this instance we have a President who is in over his head and has surrounded himself with people without the knowledge needed to help him. His problem is not Mr. Obama, his problem is Mr. Trump.

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  2. Nailed it, brother. Just watched Keith Olbermann on YouTube. Am I pumped? you betcha.

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  3. Nan says:

    The vast majority of his fast and furious “Executive Actions” over the last few weeks have been to unwind or destroy the previous eight years. Why you ask? It is a popularity contest and Trump is losing.

    You nailed it!


    P.S. One has to admit, our new leader has provided us with blog topics galore!

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  4. Patty says:

    I believe the psychological term is narcissism ?
    Over here in the Netherlands we have a similar clown and election day is coming up this March. Monday he posted a tweet with a picture of one of the (too many) opponents, standing in the middle of people who are considered to be terrorists. Of course the picture was fabricated, fake, but it was all over the news all day.
    I am scared…like you were (are) and I hope the Dutch people vote wisely…

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