Who hid his phone this weekend?

Our President was relatively quiet this weekend on Twitter. I am guessing either his thumbs were exhausted or the battery on his phone died. Either way it was pretty eerie. I fully expected him to blame President Obama for the intruder that breached the White House grounds.

But while our President was resting a couple of storylines were still playing out;

Wiretap: The House Intelligence Committee has asked the Justice Department to turn over, by today, any evidence showing that Trump Tower was wiretapped during the 2016 presidential race. Now our President made this accusation, via twitter no less, so it would seem he would have had some basis for making this claim other than a story on Fox & Friends.

In the meantime, his resident pit bull Kellyanne Conway kept the storyline moving forward this weekend by spreading the net out a little more offering “there are many ways to surveil each other. You can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets — any number of ways.” She also added that monitoring could be done with “microwaves that turn into cameras. We know this is a fact of modern life.” So my microwave is watching me make popcorn? Again, no evidence simply a hypothetical. I guess you could also “surveil” someone sitting in the Dunkin Donuts eating a maple glaze with a cup of coffee and the New York Times crossword puzzle. We need to round all those people up.

Maybe in the coming days we will learn more about what the Justice Department knows or doesn’t know about this little “incident”. Either the way I would suggest buckling your seat belts and taking some Dramamine, the spin-off of this carnival ride could get a little intense.

Rupert Murdoch: Mr. Murdoch is the executive chairman of Fox News, the place our President apparently gets most of his intel from these days. By now you have heard that the administration has asked for the resignation of all Obama era U.S. Attorneys, not really a big deal and a common practice of new administrations. That a rant from Sean Hannity with Fox News seemed to have instigated this rather abrupt move within the Trump Administration without warning and certainly without replacements in place is a more interesting story.

The U.S attorney for the Southern District of Manhattan is a guy by the name of Preet Bharara. Mr. Bharara contends that he was given assurances following a meeting with Trump after his election in November, that the incoming President wanted him to stay on at his current post. This was confirmed by Senator Chuck Schumer that Trump had also assured him that he wanted Bharara to stick around during a November phone call that Trump had initiated. So rather than resign like everyone else did, Mr. Bharara was “You’re Fired” by President Trump.

Why is this a story? Well according to New York Magazine, Mr. Bharara and his office are in the middle of a “high-profile federal investigation of Fox News. The probe, according to sources, is looking at a number of potential crimes, including whether Fox News executives broke laws by allegedly obtaining journalists’ phone records or committed mail and wire fraud by hiding financial settlements paid to women who accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Sources told me that prosecutors have been offering witnesses immunity to testify before a federal grand jury that’s already been impaneled.”

New York Magazine further contends that; “Since Election Day, Murdoch, now the executive chairman of Fox News, has personally nudged the network in a more pro-Trump direction, sources tell me. That effort included anointing Trump-friendly Tucker Carlson as the successor to Megyn Kelly as host in the 9 p.m. slot. Fox News staffers are also grumbling that segments now have to fit a “pro-Trump narrative,” one insider told me. Trump seems to be returning the goodwill: He asked Murdoch to submit names for FCC commissioner and tweeted praise for Fox News. He’s even taken policy ideas from the network. Now Murdoch may be poised to reap a much bigger win from a Trump administration action.”

This bouncing ball compared to wiretaps and the Russians won’t see much daylight, but I do believe this quid pro quo will become a common theme throughout President Trump’s four-year reign. “Cause I’ve got friends in low places” – Garth Brooks

Russians: Be prepared for this to simply implode and disappear with a whimper along party lines. Our only hope is that a few of the Republican Congresspeople and Senators will “grow a pair” (not sure what the analogy is for the ladies, sorry) and see this issue through to the bitter end. I am not hopeful of this given all of the “reforms” our representatives have in front of them.

In the meantime our President did find his Twitter voice this morning; “It is amazing how rude much of the media is to my very hard working representatives. Be nice, you will do much better!” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he practiced what he twitted?


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9 Responses to Who hid his phone this weekend?

  1. Suze says:

    “put on your big girl panties” would be my thought on the “grow a pair”…….

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  2. Nan says:

    This administration and its leader are just getting awfuller and awfuller. 😦

    Scratching backs has always been around, but tRump is taking it to a new level.

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  3. If not in Congress then all across this country there will be many “pairs” growing. As people go to the polls in pairs to vote out those who do not believe in our constitution despite the flag lapel pins. Flag pins are easy, service more difficult and integrity very hard to find.

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  4. The only news we do hear is from Teflon Don he managed the media so well as fake news it has all but disappeared those women who said he mauled them, where are they? I look at BBC World and the news around the world is never on the USA channels but we do have it about Trump but not ad
    nausium stretching it out all day long. Fox is not news but CNN is better. I hope the rope he is making will eventually trip him up and his best friend Vlad.

    Liked by 1 person

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