Is the President growing up?

Yesterday was an interesting day in the public’s perception of our President. It was almost as if he grew up just a little bit right before our eyes. Now this didn’t give me any warm fuzzies about the man, but he certainly took some baby steps at least seemingly in the right direction.

The first and probably biggest correction he made was removing Steve Bannon from National Security Council. Bannon, for roughly 50% of us, is a polarizing figure. There is very little doubt in my mind that the message he created, with the help and support of the Russians, got Donald Trump elected President. The problem with Bannon is that he is still marketing and as such so was Trump. Every speech, every rally contained a reminder, like we needed one, that he won the Presidential election, bigly. At some point the marketing needs to end. He won, we all know that, now is the time to lead. Quit tweeting and lead!

I am sure we will continue to see Bannon’s fingerprints on this administration or at least until he decides to take his toys and go play in someone else’s sandbox. But thankfully given all the National Security challenges we are currently facing we won’t have his rhetoric polluting the serious minds we need making important decisions for this country.

Second, Trump actually acknowledge the crisis in Syria. But, as his UN Ambassador and Secretary of State squarely placed the blame upon the shoulders of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Trump remained silent on this point. Once again he fell back on his old blame standby, President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As a Putin aside, Russia has banned the use of this or similar images;


The edict reads; a picture of a Putin-like person “with eyes and lips made up,” captioned with an implicit anti-gay slur, implying “the supposed nonstandard sexual orientation of the president of the Russian Federation.” 

Sorry I just thought that was interesting. So back to Trump, our President still has many miles to go and many more potholes to navigate to become “Presidential”. He may or may not survive Russiagate. I can assure you if the Russian “thing” takes him down he will drag as many people with him as possible, short of his family. I would suspect we will begin seeing the sacrificial lambs thrown into the fire shortly as the investigations heat up in both the House and the Senate.

But what we need to watch is how Trump manipulates the investigation. Case in point, Presidential Executive Order on Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of JusticeNotice which states he proposes “drawing” from, Virginia, North Carolina or Texas. Why not California? Hopefully you know the answer to that question. But the most telling item is this one; “Notwithstanding the provisions of this order, the President retains discretion, to the extent permitted by law, to depart from this order in designating an acting Attorney General.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any Justice Department investigation into the Russians influence in and over the 2016 presidential election, and any inquiries into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. What that recusal didn’t prevent him from doing was writing a loophole for the President. Sneaky? Yes. Scary? Oh hell yes. It is amazing what our President can accomplish with the simple stroke of the pen. Stay on your toes America!

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2 Responses to Is the President growing up?

  1. William Tell says:

    I deal with a lot of people who, for all practical purposes, can’t grow up. Now, I have a forthcoming post about a way in which this may be true of Trump himself, but won’t be able to link to it until it appears. In the meantime, my other posts on the related subject:

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