The numbers are in, let the spin begin

Trump Steak

I heard an interesting conversation this morning on one of the national news programs. The correspondents were talking about Trump and his relationship with China and its President Xi Jinping. They were discussing how Trump had substantially toned down his campaign rhetoric about China. Yes, North Korea might have a little something to do with it and the trillion dollars we owe them as well. But he has backtracked so much that he mentioned in an interview that he was now going to ask China if it was okay for him to take a call from Taiwan. That ladies and gentleman must have been a very bitter pill for our bull in a china shop to shallow.

But as the conversation continued, one of these experts on foreign affairs stated that China makes decisions with an eye towards the future, she used the term “generational” unlike our President, she observed, whose time frame seemingly only extends between and not beyond Tweets. That comment summed up our Presidents first 100 days in a nutshell for me. 

If you follow our Presidents Twitter account, which sadly I do, you know that he has been crowing about how high consumer and business confidence is because “HE” is the President. Yes, he has single handily taken all the credit. Believe me if it was bad he would blame President Obama. But what he has been taking credit for has and was in fact Obama’s handiwork.

Now for whatever reason, everyone on the universe with the exception of Trump, his Basket of Deplorables and Kellyanne Conway know that all those positives should have been credited to President Obama. But hey, don’t confuse your 35% with the facts. If its good Trump caused it. And if its bad, damn Obama, Hillary, Fake News and those Democrats. It’s a pretty easy formula to follow to placate his supporters, talk slow and loud and don’t use big words.

But the numbers are in, Trumps numbers are in and I can’t wait to see how Sean Spicer spins this one. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report is in for the first quarter of 2017 and the economy grew by a whopping 0.7 percent. Yikes! Now keep in mind, this is the first quarter, the quarter after Christmas when we all spend way more than we can afford but the expectation was it would at least be above 1% maybe even a point and a half.

Why so low? In a word, uncertainty. The vast majority of us, yes we are a vast majority, don’t know what the hell our President is going to do, say or tweet next. And unfortunately he doesn’t seem to know either. If it appears that he is making this up as he goes along, he is and we are watching, hence, 0.7% growth. No matter how many times you tweet “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” “Won Big” or “Making America Great Again” you realize that none of these tweets are backed up with a “Plan, Plan, Plan”.

He told Reuters in an interview this week that “I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.” I have always believed that Trump liked the idea of winning the election and being President but beyond that he really hadn’t given the rest of the job much thought. He loves the idea of winning as evident by the 2016 electoral maps he had printed to handout, “Here, you can take that, that’s the final map of the numbers. It’s pretty good, right? The red is obviously us.” he told the Reuters reporter.

I hate to keep dumping on Trump but damn he makes it so easy. As I have posted before I would much prefer to write and think about rocks, butterflies and rainbows but I can’t. I know I have lost some of my loyal readers over this Trump topic. I have also picked up a few because of it as well. Believe me, I want him to do good, not good enough to get reelected but not so bad that he kills our economy, pisses off all our neighbors, or runs pipelines through our national forest. If he would just stop Tweeting, and release his tax returns, maybe he could focus on the job at hand and forget how “Bigly” he won the electoral…….right! I guess we can always dream.

“I know something about Donald Trump, he really does want to be loved. He does want people to really love him. That drives him a lot. I think that he has a very sensitive ego and when you’re president of the United States, people are going to be very very critical.” – Howard Stern

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4 Responses to The numbers are in, let the spin begin

  1. Nan says:

    Your 7th paragraph sums it up well. Very well.

    I also read in this same interview that he feels like he’s living in a “cocoon” because of so much protection and … he can’t even drive his car anymore and he loves driving his car. Poor thing. Maybe he should spend more time learning how to run the Country than obsessing over the fact he doesn’t get to drive his car anymore.

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  2. Pretty big dream, there, brother.

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  3. Kudos to you, my friend. You are by far a more generous, benevolent, forgiving, hopeful, patient, longsuffering, tolerant, gracious, magnanimous, forbearing individual than I could ever hope to be…..I just want this POTUS a-hole to be gone. And that’s saying volumes considering that homophobic, intolerant, self-righteous, slick as oil Pence would be POTUS 46. Oh my! I think I forgot my Geritol-prune juice cocktail this morning.

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