The Jeff Sessions hearing or watching a weasel squirm


So what did we learn from Attorney General Jeff Sessions hearing? The Republican Senators threw softballs and answered the questions for him. The Democrats threw hardball’s and Sessions spent all of the Democratic Senators allotted time talking around the question. It appears that Sessions is unable to answer yes or no to questions asked by Democratic Senators.

Sessions strategy for this hearing was very evident early on, when a Democratic Senator asked a question, talk. Talk about the weather, what you had for dinner, talk about your grand kids, talk about your bowel movements, talk, talk, talk until the Democratic Senators time expires. Republican Senators asked Sessions a question and then proceeded to answer the question for him leaving him to only have to respond with a simple yes or a thank you.

I make no bones about it, I am no fan of Jeff Sessions (see my post 2/8/17). I don’t consider him a patriot as he likes to portray himself. In my mind he is the perfect fit for Donald Trump, just shorter, kind of like a Trump mini-me.

So where do we go from here? Sadly, we wait. I think over the coming months and though I hope this won’t be the case but possibly year(s) more Republicans will be forced by their constituents to leave the Trump train. This will happen, it is already happening, slowly, but it is happening. Americans will become jaded with his continued failures, and they are failures, and his inability to take credit for his failures. He can blame whoever and whatever he wants to blame but the man has no legislative barriers in-front of him, none, zip, zero. Why can’t he move anything forward? Because he hasn’t come up with anything worthy enough that the Republicans are willing to move forward. Whose fault is that? I know, you know, would someone please tell our President?

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  1. Welcome back. I know you had a good time. Worms squirm, weasels sneak. Both terms fit.

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