Apparently size matters… Trump


This will not come as any big surprise to most of you but size matters to Donald Trump. The Donald likes BIG, big superlatives, big buildings, big crowds, big hair, big, huge, epic, historic, unprecedented, major, tremendous, significant……Do you get my point? Donald likes ’em BIG!

Do you remember our first real introduction to his poor, former Press Secretary Sean Spicer? Trump literally threw him out in front of the press corps to defend Trumps perception of the crowd size at his inauguration. By all accounts, and verified by photographs, the Trump inauguration crowd was dramatically smaller than Obama’s. But that didn’t stop Trump from pushing the point, or some would say, the lie. Spicer and Trumps mean girl Kellyanne Conway, before most news shows banned her from appearing, made the rounds selling the “Alternative facts” version of the crowd size. No one bought it except Fox & Friends.

Now Bloomberg is reporting that Trump has fired his advance man for his ego fueled rally’s George Gigicos. At his most recent rally in Phoenix television and social media coverage showed that the Convention Center was less than full even as The Donald stood on stage boasting about the “Huge” crowds that stood before him. Then these old white people began to sit down, and then worse, leave because, well they are old white people who need to get to bed and really shouldn’t be driving at night.

Two days before Trump arrived in Phoenix a phantom Craigslist ad popped up that read “Actors needed”. The ad wanted to hire people to pose as Trump supporters for the rally, with “minorities especially desired to hold pro-Trump signs, cheer on command, and show diversity.” Those interested were asked to reply with a head-shot photo and a resume. The going rate to pose as Trump supporter? Ten dollars per hour to stand in Phoenix’s 105-degree heat. Damn, how did I miss this wonderful employment opportunity?

If this ad was in fact legit it wouldn’t be the first time the Trump Campaign has used paid actors to fill-in the blank spots. A New York based casting company called Extra Mile placed an ad looking for people to “wear T-shirts and carry signs” for some Trump rally in 2016. How do we know? They sued the campaign for not paying them all the money they were owed. And what did Trumps people do? Deny, deny, deny “Mr. Trump draws record crowds at almost every venue at which he is a featured speaker. The crowds are large, often record-setting and enthusiastic, often with standing ovations.”

Yes Donald Trump likes things BIG which is the direction the Russian investigation appears to be headed. Several news outlets are reporting that just four months into his presidential run Trump signed a “letter of intent” to build a Trump Tower-style building in Moscow, a proposal confirmed by his then Trump Organization chief counsel, Michael Cohen. The plan would have involved the construction of the world’s TALLEST building in Moscow. Remember, The Donald likes ’em BIG and oh yea, he never had any contact with the Russians during the campaign. Sounds to me like the pile of Russia shit is getting bigger, and deeper, just the way Donald likes it!



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9 Responses to Apparently size matters… Trump

  1. Nan says:

    Love your last line!

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  2. William Tell says:

    It’s all an attempt to compensate for his short fingers; and also THE reason why he really, really does not want to risk Putin’s leaking (ahem) the video.

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  3. Thanks for your post! You tell it like it is without all the name calling! That’s really hard to do with Trump! #ImpeachTrump! #TrumpRussia!
    Learn the story behind: Publish “Crimes and Impunity in New Orleans.” and help us meet our goal. @indiegogo
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” will be out en Español very soon! It is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too: 😉

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