Hurricane Don


“Hurricane looks like largest ever recorded in the Atlantic!” – Donald Trump tweet 3:53 AM – 6 Sep 2017

Hurricane- something resembling a hurricane especially in its turmoil

Maybe it is just me but “our” President sure seems garner a lot of glee from hurricanes. I guess they afford him the opportunity to wear his Commander-in-Chief jacket, and those new Cabela’s boots and that god awful white baseball cap that you to can own for $40.00, or buy the knock-off at Wal-Mart for $10.00. But honestly what hurricanes do for Trump is divert the attention of the “fake news” outlets away from him. And for “our” thin-skinned President that is the best “fake news” possible. Never mind the devastation, never mind that lives are lost, or destroyed, from Trumps perspective Rachel Maddow isn’t talking about him, or Russia, or his tax returns, or shady real estate deals and that is worth all the destruction and death associated with ten hurricanes.

Hurricane Harvey was epic, as Trump likes to point out again, and again “What a crowd. What a turnout”, and it appears that Irma has the potential of being even more destructive if that is possible. What is bigger than epic? I am sure Trump has his thesaurus out as we speak to find the perfect superlatives to tweet in the coming days. For those of us that live near the coast in the southeast, I am 200 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, this is my least favorite time of year. Hurricanes don’t bring me glee or pleasure. I don’t get excited about their arrival. I have seen the devastation and destruction first hand and it certainly brings me no joy.

Right now I have family in Florida that I am worried about. I have “surrogate children” in Charleston that I am reminding to stay focused and alert, to keep their cars gassed up and head our way if they need too. In the meantime our President sounds like the true man-child that he is, gosh the “Hurricane looks like largest ever recorded in the Atlantic!” Thanks dumb-ass.

What Trump is getting ready to discover is what many of us already knew, his lack of preparation to become President is getting ready to bite him in his big wide khaki ass. He barely had the people in place to handle Hurricane Harvey, throw Hurricane Irma into the mix two weeks later and we are setting these overworked, and over-stressed bureaucrats up for a mass hara-kiri, like lemmings heading over the Arctic cliff. But Trump reassured us all by tweeting “We are not looking to fill all of those positions. Don’t need many of them – reduce size of government.” What else would he say? “We are not looking to fill all of those positions because I can’t convince anyone to come work for my administration”. I mean, that would be much closer to truth but we all know how “our” President feels about the truth don’t we.

I continue to hope that “our” Presidents time in office will be exactly like Tropical Storm Don’s time in the Atlantic; “Don became the fourth named storm of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season on July 17, as it was about 500 miles east of Barbados, after a hurricane hunter mission found a small low pressure circulation with winds of tropical storm force. Tropical Storm Don didn’t last long, but did lead to some flash flooding in a few areas.” I can handle a little flash flooding. Hopefully, by Christmas, Robert Mueller will have found enough dirt to steer Hurricane Don out into the Atlantic where he belongs. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful present? I wouldn’t even need it gift wrapped.

On a serious note, to all my readers in the path of Hurricane Irma, please be safe, and please be attentive. If the authorities tell you to leave, please leave. Stuff can be replaced, and you, my friends aren’t stuff.


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