Trumpism 101- the reign of old white people

Majority of white Americans feel discriminated against: poll

This was the headline I read this morning on my USA Today news feed. The poll stated that “55% of whites surveyed believe that discrimination against white people exists in the U.S. today.”  It also went on to state that “of those white Americans surveyed, only a small percentage say they’ve experienced discrimination firsthand.” Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the world of Trumpism.

Want to know what Trumpsim is? Here is the definition;

A fair article is even-handed. A Trumpism fair article is one which praises Trump. The truth is that which is true. Trumpism true is whatever Trump currently wants to be true. – Urban Dictionary

Now, I have been white for all of my 56 years and I have lived in America for all of those years and to narrow it down even further I have only lived in two southern states. I have never had a boss that wasn’t white, I have had non-white co-workers. The vast majority of people who I have worked and interacted with are white. I live in a white neighborhood and until recently attended an all white church. Why? Not because I am a racist, or discriminate against people of color the answer is very simple, this is America and despite what my hopes and dreams are for diversity, it is and has been a white America. Fortunately that is changing.

That “change” is what has some white people (Deplorables) terrified hence dumb-ass poll responses like the ones above and even dumber political “leaders” like Trump, Pence, McConnell and Ryan.

I don’t doubt that there are a slim few white people who truly believe that they have been discriminated against because of the color of their skin. But I would bet you a dime to a doughnut that those same white people wouldn’t trade places for one second to experience the discrimination Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Muslims, Women or our LGBTQ brothers and sisters just to name a few, have experienced over the last 200 plus years in this country.

I hope the reign of old white people is drawing to a close. Not only do we need a diversity of people leading this country but we need a diversity of ideas to truly #MAGA. We need to erase the lines of segregation that do still exist, drawn by all sides and enforced by a vocal few. How the majority reacts to a President hell-bent on dividing rather than bringing people together will be the stuff history books are written about fifty years from now. Do we kick Trumpism in the ass or do we let it divide us? The choice really is ours.

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15 Responses to Trumpism 101- the reign of old white people

    • Were they wrong? You don’t think “white privilege” exist? I am sorry somebody got their feelings hurt but here is the example being laid out for us to follow; “You know, people don’t understand. I went to an Ivy League college. I was a nice student. I did very well. I’m a very intelligent person.” – “Your” President.

      As I stated in my post I don’t doubt a few, a VERY slim few white people have experienced some form of discrimination. But they weren’t lynched here in America because of the color of their skin. They weren’t rounded up and put in concentration camps because of their Asian nationality in America. White people have had it pretty easy here, no its been a cake walk for white Americans.

      I am sorry Buffy, going to Yale got her feelings hurt but I think she is going to be okay.

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      • William Tell says:

        I’m a lot less concerned about Buffy’s feelings than I am about mine.


        • Well you sent me the link and used Buffy as your example of “reverse discrimination” which is what that would be considered as an example of.

          William if you are white in this country you already have a leg up on your bothers and sisters of color. The rest is up to you. You can walk in doors, get interviews, etc. that they can’t. That is the TRUTH whether you want to believe it or accept it.


          • William Tell says:

            Ain’t happenin’ in my world. Not that I wish it would. But the portrait and the reality don’t match at all, not one bit, none whatsoever.

            Now, maybe if I’d move to a white-majority context, maybe then. But that’s not feasible or desirable, either.

            The prospect of climbing up out of the gutter really doesn’t care what color I am. That’s what I’ve seen, now, the past seven years. What’s discouraging is to be told that no matter how hard I may work, I will never deserve what I’ve worked for; that the gutter is, in the end, exactly where I belong.

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          • My advice, save your money and buy a bus ticket for Greenville, SC

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  1. The ultimate irony: so many members of the most historically discriminatory race in America are claiming victimhood. That’s how hopelessly skewed our view is. By the way, I would add women to the groups you listed; I think they know a little about discrimination, as well.

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  2. Back in the 1990s, reading USA Today at an Arizona truck stop, a back page story…the government had changed the definition of “privacy” in order to cover its illegal eavesdropping on Americans, in the 1960s the government lied about out involvement in Vietnam, they lied about Kennedy, in 2003 they told us that Iraq had WMDs. Why is anyone surprised by what our government does and particularly what the fat, old white boys are doing? I will probably will never see this in my lifetime, but I pray someday the President will be a black lesbian, with a speech impediment and purple hair. EEEEEhaw. Take a seat, white America.

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  3. Scottie says:

    Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    With all the shootings of black people stopped for almost no reason or shot when surrendering, unarmed, or even shot in the back, I have had a chance to think on my white older male privilege. I admit I am glad that I did not have to suffer the discrimination others have for the color of their skin. However I wish it was a privilege that never existed and had no need to. A person who’s blog I read is a young black man, and he worries. He has reason too. How many young black males have died when they were doing nothing wrong, and then had the police officer not held accountable.
    The area I live in has had a lot of Spanish speaking people move here. I have seen older white people really lose their minds and get so irritate over hearing a language they couldn’t understand. I hear them rant about why others should be let speak in non-English, not understanding we speak a different English than it was originally in the colonies. Frankly I admire people who are bilingual. I have tried and can’t seem to grasp languages even my first language American English. When I was in Germany most Germans could speak my language better than I could, and they read and understood it at a higher level than I did. I remind the older white people who rant about the changing demographic of the US that this has happened since we white people got here. How do they think we became dominate anyway. We replaced the dominate people, the native Americans. I sometimes wonder if the older white people and the racist who yell they wont be replaced are afraid that they will be treated as shamefully as they treat the non white populations now. I am white and sadly I know now that must have helped me in the past. I look forward to a future where such a thing does not exist for anyone or any skin color. We are human. We are humans on the planet Earth. Thanks. Hugs

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    • Scottie says:

      I hear them rant about why others should be let speak in non-English, not understanding we speak a different English than it was originally in the colonies. This line should have had a NOT behind the should. Sorry. Hugs

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  4. William Tell says:

    A different tack: I’d advise you to attend a lot less to Trump and a lot more to the people at your new church. I commend you for going there.

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