Something smells fishy….

nothing fishy here

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is a man after Donald Trump’s own heart, short on values and ethics but long on entitlements namely spending taxpayer dollars on chartered flights to Las Vegas, Montana and the Caribbean islands. Funneling money to scam PAC’s that rip off elderly donors by taking their money and then mostly keeping it for executive and consultant salaries. And the latest, Zinke’s friend and neighbor’s two-person company, Whitefish Energy, somehow, someway, got a $300 million contract to repair Puerto Rico’s electrical infrastructure.

If you think Trump’s ego had no bounds how about this, Zinke requires his security staff to hoist a special secretarial flag on the Interior Department’s roof whenever he’s in the building, and to remove it when Zinke departs. He also has commissioned a commemorative coin with his name on it to give to staff and visitors. Yup the inmates are running the asylum.

If the Whitefish Energy deal smells fishy to you imagine how it smells to the people of Puerto Rico who have been in the dark now for well over a month. And what is the White Houses view of this brewing controversy? Our understanding is the decision to give a contract to Whitefish Energy was made exclusively by Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. The White House is not aware of any federal involvement in the selection.” Right!

This President, and his administration are totally out of control. Remember drain the swamp? Well so far all we have gotten is drain the coffers of the American people. Private flights, golf carts, redecorating, extra security, and we thought a Trump White House would just cost us our sanity, well think again.

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13 Responses to Something smells fishy….

  1. Thanks for raising this issue. There’s so much going on among the Top Ranks, it’s hard to keep up with it all. That is, of course, their intention.

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  2. Scottie says:

    tRumpsky is running his administration just like his hero Putin. Just as Putin shoves government jobs and money to his friends, who become very wealthy, so does the new tRumpsky Oligarchy. They want to cut programs and funds for everything except themselves and their usage. Think of the programs slashed and the perks taken by those in charge of those agencies. It is criminal in my view. Hugs

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  3. Scottie says:

    Just started reading this post. It is on the same subject as yours. I wonder why no oversight is allowed? Hugs


  4. I heard that last night on Reuters. Just another “piss in my Cheerios” moment to add to my box of Trump crap. What’s your take on the new Trump persona? “I don’t drink or smoke, my brother was an alcoholic, I was a good student, I was well liked,” etc.,etc. ad nauseam. Oh God, the deplorables must be eating it up.

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  5. There’s just no end to it, is there?

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  6. mwdunham says:

    I’m blown away at what is happening in PR. I read articles and look at pictures of a place that I don’t recognize. I was fortunate to have visited there some years ago and loved how it was like being in a foreign country where my money had value and Americans were welcomed everywhere. 45 is here for a reason and I believe it to be to reveal and fracture “quiet” conservative demons but this process is hard and deadly. Oct 31 will mark the 500 anniversary of the break of Protestantism from Catholicism. Martin Luther sought to reveal and fracture Catholic demons. Needed but deadly fuels the cyclical nature of history. Can we remove the deadly part?

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    • What scares me about Trump supporters are not the ones that proudly wear the Deplorable Badge but the quiet ones, the ones that agree with the hate, and divisive attitude but hide behind the Republican banner. They are too cultured, to refined to wear the red baseball cap but in their hearts they agree with the direction he is taking this country. They agree that there is an us and them but their WASP pedigree prevents them from vocalizing their beliefs. These people are the true enemies to democracy, Trump is just the symptom.

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