And Again, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton ………….

Fox headline: Bitter Hillary unloads on Trump DOJ as possible Uranium One, Clinton Foundation probes loom

Almost every night I watch the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Maddow, she earned a degree in public policy from Stanford. She continued her education with a Rhodes Scholarship and went on to earn a Doctor of Philosophy in politics at the University of Oxford. She is a non-blonde, that is very smart, sharp and best of all for me, entertaining with a wonderful sense of humor. All things Fox News hates in a female journalist. Oh and she is a gay too.

The general “perception” about Rachel, given the descriptions I have noted above is that she is a liberal. I mean come-on, how could a gay female that went to Stanford and studied in merry old England not be a liberal? At least that is what Sean Hannity and Fox News would want us to believe. But here is the fun part about Rachel for me, rarely, if ever does she get any push back from State News Agency (Fox), Trump, or anyone in his administration. Have you ever seen a tweet from Trump about Rachel Maddow calling her fake news or a loser? I don’t think you have and I am pretty sure you won’t. Why? Because neither Trump, or any of his Trumpets want to get into a battle of the wits with her. In a word, Rachel Maddow terrifies them and she should.

So last night Rachel was discussing a wide range of topics and as usual had wonderful guests on her program adding details to these topics and expanding the viewpoint beyond just hers. There is no yelling, no ugliness, and no name calling on her program. Facts are provided, viewpoints are offered and my brain cells percolate.

During a couple of Rachel’s commercial breaks last night I flipped over to Sean Hannity to see what was on the mind of the official State News Agency (Fox), first flip; a picture of Hillary Clinton, second flip; a press conference of then President Bill Clinton, third and final flip; a press conference of then First Lady Hillary Clinton. So what did Sean Hannity spend the majority of his hour on last night? Not Roy Moore. Not Tax Reform or healthcare, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Why? Deflect, divert and deceive.

Why is Hillary Clinton living rent free in Donald Trump’s head? I am sure the answer to this question changes as frequently as the color of his spray tan. I would suspect he is still smarting that he lost the popular election to her and we all know he is a winner. Maybe his tiny and fragile id just needs a foil, a villain, someone to compare his insecure self too and he knows his base, the Deplorables, hate, HATE all things Clinton. I doubt Hillary is losing any sleep over it, hell she is probably working on her next book, “Plenty of room to stretch in The Donald’s head”.

Fox headline: Clinton calls Uranium One story a ‘distraction,’ warns of dictatorship


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3 Responses to And Again, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton ………….

  1. Nan says:

    I agree … Rachel is one smart cookie.

    I also like The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Where Rachel usually takes on a number of issues, Lawrence pretty much zeros in on one. But oh my! The “one” he picks is often a dandy.

    Re: sneaking a peek at Hannity … I sometimes do that as well, but I usually get so upset at his B.S. that the sneak peek lasts for about 30 seconds. 😉

    As far as the Hillary thing goes … you know and I know and I daresay most of your readers know that the ONLY reason tRumpsky continues to mention her is that ego-busting popular vote.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Anything to muddy the waters, With her name, they can stir up an awful lot of mud.

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