Another thing Obama did better than Trump

Christmas Tree Lighting

Empty seats. Trump hates to see empty seats and when he looked out last night at the annual White House Christmas tree lighting that is exactly what he saw, empty seats.

Trump can’t blame it on the weather unless of course he says he wasn’t cold enough to get people into the Christmas spirit. But I am confident he and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will find a way to justify why no one showed up last night. I mean it couldn’t have been because no one likes “our” President, right?

The Washington, DC Fox News affiliate wrote that they “asked the National Park Service about the empty chairs and they explained that no-shows are not uncommon for the National Christmas Tree Lighting. Since tickets are handed out to people around the country, there are many who are selected that do not live in the nation’s capital and in the D.C. region, and this is believed to contribute to people not showing up for the event.” I guess President Obama just got lucky with the no-shows, for eight years. He certainly didn’t get lucky with the weather for all of those eight years and people still showed up.

I realize that Washington and the surrounding area is filled more left leaning people than Trump leaning folks but an event like this would typically be a non-partisan, feel-good-moment. But unlike Obama, Trump has proven time and time again that he sucks the “feel good” out of everything. You see Obama is a human being, and he treated others as human beings. He would have approached an event like this with the tree, the pageantry and the season as the center of attention rather than himself.

Trump, on the other hand is just a being, there is nothing human about him. I can promise you, in his mind, the lighting of the tree was secondary, background noise to his presences over this event. Is it any wonder no one showed? After eleven long months most of us have already had enough of his presences, hence, the empty chairs.

I hope I live long enough to see how history treats the tumultuous and hopefully short reign of this unstable creature. At this point given what is happening in the Russian collusion investigation, and Mike Flynn spilling his guts to special counsel Robert Mueller I would suspect empty chairs are the last thing Trump is worried about. I say that but given this narcissistic, and egotistical mans personality maybe he isn’t worried about it at all. Trump is a vindictive, win at all cost guy, maybe what we should all be worried about is who and what Trump takes down with him, it could be you and I.

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10 Responses to Another thing Obama did better than Trump

  1. Nan says:

    … maybe what we should all be worried about is who and what Trump takes down with him, it could be you and I.

    He’s already doing a pretty good job at that.

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  2. I love the wording, “sucks the feel good out of us”. That, in a nutshell, is what I despise most about Trump.

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  3. that must have hurt that egomaniac…I am reveling in the irony of “lock her up” Flynn’s recent guilty pleas.

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  4. bexybexybexy says:

    I’m “across the pond” finding it upsetting to know there are people in orange jump suits, promised to be set free, yet still imprisoned… In human terms, nothing good seems to come from the top down.

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