Trump’s Jesus Whisperers

In 1947 the United Nations created a plan of partition for the region known as Palestine which created separate independent Arab and Jewish states. The following year the Jewish Agency established the State of Israel and they have been on a bloody land grab ever since.

Christians and Jews both consider this region holy and sacred ground and Jerusalem is the ruby in the golden crown. Here is the problem, a problem that has existed since the days of Abraham, the religion of Islam believes this is holy and sacred ground as well and Jerusalem is the home of the third holiest site in Islam, the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Yesterday, press outlets across the globe reported that Trump would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and that we would move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. As you would expect the news of this decision wasn’t taken well in the Muslim world. Trump campaigned on taking this action, as did George Bush and Bill Clinton. The difference, both Bush and Clinton figured out very quickly that the political realities of such a transaction could and would be devastating and destructive to peace in the region, not The Donald.

It would be easy to view this from 10,000 feet and assume the Jewish people are driving this decision but you would be wrong. American Evangelical Christians want this to happen, they are the driving force. You see Jerusalem isn’t about the Jews or Islam it is about Jesus.

Jesus was taken to Jerusalem as a child and presented at the Temple. He preached and healed in Jerusalem. He cleansed the Temple in Jerusalem. He rode a donkey into Jerusalem. He held the Last Supper in Jerusalem and he was “crucified dead and buried” in Jerusalem. This is about bus loads of old white Evangelical Christians wearing socks and sandals and Bermuda shorts from Florida coming to walk on the sacred ground of Jesus before they meet the Man himself. These are people whispering in Trumps ear.

To say this is a bad decision would be an understatement and to allow a mental midget like Trump to make a decision like this for the rest of the world, devastating. Trump has no clue what this region means to the three largest religions in the world. This from the man who tweeted; “The Christmas Story begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son.” which implies that Joseph impregnated the virgin Mary and was the father of Jesus. I missed that narrative in my Bible. Maybe that is the way Trump’s kindergarten picture Bible tells the story.

Make no mistake about it this decision has nothing to do with peace, Jews or Muslims and everything to do with the white Evangelical Christians that got Trump elected. He is not smart enough to understand what the repercussions and consequences of a decision like this are, no clue. But he is about to learn, and we are all about to find out.

The propaganda from the Christian right: We American Christians Welcome Trump’s Obedience to God’s Word on Jerusalem


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32 Responses to Trump’s Jesus Whisperers

  1. Suze says:

    I’ve been to Israel..I’ve walked through Jerusalem, visited the Wailing Wall and the Al Aqsa mosque………and this plan of Trumps is about to blow up in all our faces. There is an extremely uneasy accord in Jerusalem. Israeli soldiers stand in all corners of the wall prayer site..they guard the entrances, search visitors to the area and generally keep their focus of the upper level where the Mosque sits. in the upper areas the followers of Islam on one constant alert…making sure that no one of Jewish descent makes their way onto the mount. Calls to prayer ring out five times a day from the tower of David in the corner. When they do, the Jewish worshipers all start praying out loud and the sounds intermingle, each looking to outshout the other. It is unsettling at BEST and can become scary in a heartbeat. During my first trip, a funeral was taking place at Al Aqsa and a great crowd was in the Waling Wall plaza. The shouting from both sides was frightening in its barely submerged violence. What awaits us all now that our idiot in charge has thrown in the towel on peace? The Evangelicals all seem to think trump is assisting in the second coming…rational people will see he is attempting world war III in an effort to distance himself from an investigation. I guess taunting the little dictator in North Korea wasn’t enough to distract everyone from his imminent doom.

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  2. I anticipate that this reckless move will accelerate anti-Semitic rhetoric and actions.

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  3. The Antichrist has them all fooled, as he continues doing everything he can to bring civilization to an end . Nice knowing y’all.

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  4. Nan says:

    Yes! “American Evangelical Christians want this to happen, they are the driving force.” Absolutely! And since tRumpsky is a puppet in their hands, of course he’s going to make it happen.

    Further, not only did Bush and Clinton consider moving in this direction but Obama as well. All decided it wasn’t the smartest of ideas. But the VERY FACT that Obama considered it and pulled back is all it took for you-know-who to move forward. Plus, as you pointed out, he has no clue of the repercussions (nor does he care).

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  5. You nailed it. White Christians want to rule the world.why does it always have to be Florida. Been to New Engkand lately. A native Miamian.

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  6. Barry says:

    which implies that Joseph impregnated the virgin Mary and was the father of Jesus” reminds me of a church hoarding (billboard) that an Auckland church displayed for a while:

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  7. Hey bubba, these Floridian socks, sandals, and shorts of mine have no desire to set foot on Israeli soil. I’ll entertain Jesus here and now setting on my front porch in good ole Homosassa.

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  8. Why should Israel be the only country on earth w a faux capital like Tel Aviv? Were the Ottomans benevolent regents of Jeru 1600-1815? How about the Jordanians? Yet, Jews are not trusted w theur capital which they have SHARED w all faiths? I dont share your fear. Thanks fir post!


    • Share my fear? Are you freaking kidding me? Then go trade places with a Muslim child living in Israel. Easy as shit for you to say “I don’t share your fear” when you are warm and cozy in your home in Minnesota(?). This has nothing to do with trust and everything to do with the boneheaded sect of the Christian faith and their pious leaders, followers and the pussy grabbing man they elected President.

      Evangelical Christians have lost their way. They have forgotten the path of Jesus. Their path is littered with men and women that they have kicked in the ass in the name of THEIR holiness. Such a waste. Such a sad waste. Small minds have created the bullshit we are dealing with and small minds put a morally bankrupt man in office.


      • President Truman wasnt an evangelical, but acknowledged Israel against the “better” judgment of his State Dept. Nothing changes.


        • I acknowledge you as being a human being that doesn’t mean I want to be friends with you. Give me a break. Truman affirmed what the UN put in place. No big scandal there.

          Trump got NOTHING from the Jews for making this happening, no concessions, no drawbacks, no NOTHING. Why? Because he is a dumb ass, a dumb ass without a clue, a dumb ass without a plan. Truman didn’t have ISIS and Al Qaeda to deal with either, Trump does. There was no reason to do this other than to appease the Evangelicals. Certainly there was no reason to do this without getting something for it, oh wait, he did, he gets to be called Mr. President for the rest of his life and Secret Service protection for the rest of his life because the Evangelicals voted his big ass into office. The man is not just a blight on America he is a blight on the world as a whole, this boneheaded decision proves it once again.

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