I hate Hillary?


1. Mark Levin Reveals That Obama Allowed Hillary to ‘Buy’ a FISA Warrant

2. BOMBSHELL: Hillary’s Friends Fed Info to Trump-Dossier Author

3. Gowdy Exposes How FBI is Protecting Hillary’s Connection to FISA Warrant

4. Look Who FBI Met With the SAME DAY Hillary Was Exonerated!

5. Hillary Clinton under investigation again

6. DOJ reportedly reopens Hillary Clinton email investigation

7. Rep. Nunes: ‘Clear Evidence’ of Russia Collusion… by the Clinton Campaign and DNC

8. New Evidence Suggests Coordinated Effort Between Clinton Camp, State Dept on Dossier

9. We Are Witnessing ‘The End of the Clinton Era’

And my favorite;

10. Report: Hillary Clinton Considering Becoming a Methodist Preacher

This is just a small sampling of the recent headlines I found on conservative websites about Hillary Clinton and I do mean small. A very simple google search of alt-right sites uncovers page after page of stories about Hillary. I would venture to guess if she where this “popular” when she was running for President she would have won!

Most of the stories deal with some variance of old news, Benghazi, Emails, Uranium, Monica and a blue dress. But others have a new twist, a very sinister twist. Stories about corruption, deception, and collision and many involve President Obama as a co-conspirator. Am I the only one who wonders why Trump and his supporters are so obsessed with this woman?

Someone’s kid I know posted something about Hillary presenting an award on her Facebook feed. This was the first comment after the post; “Won’t be long Hillary, you will be convicted on numerous crimes against humanity. Justice WILL be served.” As I scrolled down looking at the other “I hate Hillary” comments this one was the most tame and civil. What am I missing in all of this?

I will freely admit, I did not vote for Clinton in the primary, I voted for Bernie Sanders. I thought then as I continue to think today, that Bernie was a better candidate and maybe that is the alt-rights issue with Clinton just on steroids. If a “liberal” like me finds Hillary to be a polarizing personality, imagine what Bert and Sally Deplorable from Detroit living in a retirement community down in St. Petersburg think of her. I get that. But why continue to keep her in the news? Why continue to keep her on trial? Why not just let her go? The reason she can’t ride off into the sunset is Sean Hannity won’t let her

I guess keeping Hillary in the news tied to everything from THE DOSSIER to why the New England Patriots lost the Superbowl gives Trump, and Sean Hannity something to divert attention away from Trumps crimes, yes crimes, he will be proven a criminal and dumb one at that.

I wrote my Senator today and told him that I have a sneaky suspicion, given the current trajectory of the Russia investigation, Trumps temper tantrums, his increasingly more vehement protest and how many roadblocks the Republicans keep throwing in its path that Mr. Steele the author of THE DOSSIER will, in the words of Trump, be looked upon as “a man of tremendous courage and grit, may someday be recognized as a Great American Hero for what he has exposed and what he has had to endure!” rather than Devin Nunes. Hopefully Robert Mueller will let us know, sooner rather than later if Mr. Steele was on the right path or not. I really don’t need to know if a Trump “pee tape” exist though.





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38 Responses to I hate Hillary?

  1. Apparently, Hillary is the actual Antichrist, not Obama, as previously opined.

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  2. Suze says:

    I am so completely sick and tired of the blame Hillary game. She lost guys, get over it already. Bernie would have been wonderful……….sigh. One can only hope we still have a country by the time the next election comes around.

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    • I wonder if big Bern could have beat little Donny?

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      • Suze says:

        I am pretty darned sure Bernie coulda done it with both hands tied behind his back………lol even republicans here in the ultra red state of Oklahoma liked him!

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        • Are you freaking kidding me? That orange piece of shit couldn’t win today.


          • kenslifesite says:

            You spelled President Trump wrong.


          • You are right, he is not just a piece. I apologize, he is a whole 100 pound orange turd.


          • kenslifesite says:

            aww… has someone needed a hug for the last 16 months and didn’t get it? It will be ok, Big Guy. I promise. America is great!


          • I got no doubt America is great. It was great before the orange fuck-up arrived on the scene and it will be great when the orange fuck-up and his family leave in disgrace. It was great before the Evangelicals tried to hijack the moral compass of this nation and it will be great when they are burning in hell for their prejudice, racist and intolerant views of Gods creation.

            This big guy is okay, getting plenty of hugs and support. I have a front row seat watching a immoral, sub-human crumble and his patsy followers struggle to justify their poor choice of a savior.

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          • kenslifesite says:

            Wow, your name calling is very sad. I’m sure you were one of those who 9 years ago who kept saying I had to show Obama respect and give him a chance, weren’t you? So why can’t you do the same now?


          • Really? My name calling is very sad? Have you devoted one non-partisan brain cell, if you have one and listened to names your great orange wonder calls people? I mean seriously. Watch a tape of Trump addressing the Boy Scout Jamboree last year. THE BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE! Think about the kids in the audience and their age and listen to the words he uses. My name calling is very sad? Freaking amazing. Get your head of your ass and listen and read with a compassionate heart at the names your savior uses and then scold me.

            And no I didn’t waste my time trying to convince racist, homophobic, pro-gun, pro-life, pro-religious freedom, intolerant anti-Obama people to give him a chance or respect. Life is simply to short to deal with stupid people. And honestly, life is to short to deal with the 39% of the Trump Deplorable base. I have already spent more time with you then I would typically. This country was blessed, lucky to have a moral man like Barack Obama for eight years. But he was black and he had a funny sounding name and oh he was a (cue the thunder) a DEMOCRAT! He saved our ass. He saved this country’s ass. You may not remember that but history will. The only ass Trump is worried about is…….his.

            Here is what we have learned from the special elections and learned again last night, the shine on the Trump turd is wearing thin among the human beings in this great country. The chaos doesn’t work. The lack of a plan doesn’t work. Flying by the seat of your pants doesn’t work. Tweeting in all CAPS doesn’t work. Firing the adults and rotating criminals in and out doesn’t work. In short TRUMP DOESN’T WORK, he talks, he tweets, he pays off Porn Stars and he plays golf. That is what you elected, that was your gift to this great country.

            He HAD the chance to heal a divided country. I gave him that chance and instead he chose to drive a wedge between us and guess what, he is still doing it today.

            Here is my hope for you and all of your Trump brothers and sisters, I hope that your brains and your hearts will wake up from whatever deep dark frozen slumber you find yourselves in. Wake up and realize that the Trump circus might be entertaining for you to watch from the sidelines but when those sidelines start to encroach into your life, and it will, it won’t be as much fun. The guy is a fuck-up. He has always been a fuck-up and he will go down as the biggest fuck-up the world has ever seen. Ask Rex Tillerson.

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  3. Fox News’ blaming Hillary – and Obama – is crazy and obscene.

    For the past week, I have watched about 30 minutes of Hannity – and last night Tucker Carlson. It is shocking how they have twisted the Republican crimes to place them on Hillary – stating that the Democrats essentially bought the Steele dossier – not acknowledging that originally it was the Republicans who supported Steele’s research into Trump. Hannity further claimed that the Democrats are in collusion with the FBI to undermine Trump.

    In addition to the Department of Education, the Department of the Interior, and the EPA, the Trump regime is seems determined to destroy the State Department and forsake diplomacy. Once the Department of Justice and the FBI are discredited, Trump will be on his way to realizing his dream of an authoritarian state. This is scary stuff!

    Last night Carlson berated his guest, stating that since Trump got elected on his promise to build a physical wall, if the wall in its entirety does not get constructed, our democracy is meaningless. REALLY, does that mean that EVERY campaign promise that does not get fulfilled destroys our democracy? So every idiotic promise must be fulfilled, no matter how “uninformed.”

    Plus, the Democrats are “traitors” for not standing and applauding Trump during his State of the Union speech!

    Sorry for the rant, but I am becoming more outraged every day, and I cannot understand how people continue to support this dangerous man.

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  4. I didn’t know Bert and Sally lived in St Petersburg. Good golly, next you’ll say deplorables live next door to me…..oh, they do.

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  5. Scottie says:

    I want to know where all the apologies are? What for you ask? Well remember Obama was coming for your guns. I remember a military man trying to defend an exercise in Texas where a man addressing a high ranking officer of the US Army he did not believe him, he knew this was an attempt to invade Texas and take all the republican citizens under arrest and to put them in detention camps in closed Walmart buildings. Yes in a large public televised meeting on a military exercise many people stood to say how the government of that black guy was coming for them. Yet it never happened. Yet they never said they were wrong. Never admitted they screwed up. I say we keep reminding them of that. Of the lies told by fox news ( fixed news ) and demand they account for them. Hugs

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  6. Cookie says:

    I have some very pro Trump friends ( even here in Canada) and everytime we get into an online debate where I ask them to link me a reputabe source about what actual good Trump has done that is quantifyable, all they ever do is link me an article about how terrible Hillary Clinton is. Even if she is an asshole, it doesn’t make Trump less of one, lol.

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  7. William Tell says:

    The pee tape is Hillary’s fault also.

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  8. I know I’m gonna regret asking, but what is this “pee tape?”

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  9. kenslifesite says:

    I didn’t waste time reading your entire post, but I would ask you why you are so hurt by his comments. Did you bash HRC as well for calling his supporters deplorable? Did you find it sexist when she said women only voted for him because their husbands told them to? You are very sad.


    • I am sorry it was such a long post and didn’t include enough pictures to keep your attention. I don’t use very big words so when you have more time maybe you can try again.

      Honestly, HRC was spot on calling his base Deplorable. I didn’t agree with it when she said it but I certainly do now. Trump is by far one of the most deplorable creatures this world has ever created. His soul contains not one ounce of compassion or empathy. So yes, Deplorable would be the appropriate title for his minions and sadly they, the Deplorables, wear it as a badge of honor along with Racist, Homophobe and Evangelical.

      Thank you for your concern but I am not sad. I have two caring and compassionate children that give me hope for the future of this country. The vast majority of the old, white, hateful Deplorables will be off this planet soon and this era, the Trump era, will just be a sad, STORMY blip on our country’s history.

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      • kenslifesite says:

        Mazel tov. If they are so caring and compassionate, they obviously got that from their mother.


        • LOL, how appropriate, my youngest is getting her PhD in Jewish Studies. They got it from both of us. I work with the homeless, the marginalized, the “its” in Deplorable jargon. Human beings fill my heart. I hope you will join the human race. I would love to see 39% drop to 38, 37, 36, 35, 34………..

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          • kenslifesite says:

            so now you are the typical liberal. If you are smart and have a PhD you are part of the human race. Its comments like yours that are way your party lost, continues to lose, and whine. good luck to you.


          • I don’t have a PhD, and you truly are a one view, short sighted piece of shit just like your orange savior which for me is very sad. Talk to other people that don’t look, think, smell, and act like you do. It’s a big world. Try to find it.

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