Baffle them with bull


Mueller timeTrump has spent the morning tweeting about all the “stuff” he learned from his high level briefing from Fox & Friends;

#1- “He’s got a very good point. Somebody in the Justice Department has a treasure trove of evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s criminality at her own hands, or through others, that ought to be investigated. I fully agree with the President on that.” @judgenapolitano on @marthamaccallum Show

#2- “I’ve been skeptical about the collusion and obstruction claims for the last year. I just don’t see the evidence….in terms of the collusion, it’s all a bit implausible based on the evidence we have.” Jonathan Turley on @FoxNews

#3- “We’ve seen NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION….I have seen nothing, the firing of James Comey and all of the aftermath, that suggests that the President has obstructed justice because he’s exercising his power as the President of the U.S. I just don’t see it.” Judge Ken Starr


I am nearing the end of the book All the President’s Men by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and I can honestly say the similarities between the Nixon administration and the Trump administration are eerily similar except for one thing, one very important item. My impression is despite how crooked, and nasty and mean-spirited Richard Nixon was I do believe he loved this country. It is hard to tell sometimes but in the end he did the right thing by resigning and allowing our country the time and space to heal. Trump, on the other-hand loves himself first and foremost. I truly believe they will take him out of the White House kicking and screaming like a 3-year-old.

What is so amusing about Trump’s tweet storm above recapping the view-point of all of those so-called experts on Fox News is this, like you and I no one as any idea what kind of evidence special counsel Robert Mueller and his team have other than what he has shared in indictments to-date. No one, that is, except for Trump himself.

You see Trump is not the king of details. It is well established he doesn’t read briefings unless it includes lots of colorful images. He has admitted that much, he would rather watch television. He is a big picture guy and leaves the minutia of the details to the little people, his minions with a wave of his hand “Be off, don’t bother me with the trivial”. But as it was in business it was the trivial that brought down a host of Trump branded schemes from steaks to a university and it is the trivial that will take down his greatest and I am predicting last scheme, his Presidency.

President Obama is in the beginning stages of planning his Presidential library in Chicago. A Presidential library is less a library and more an archive and museum. It is a place that bringing together the documents and artifacts of a President and his administration for public study and discussion. Over the course of eight years I would guess President Obama has a warehouse full archives. He was both a very busy and productive President.

I thought last night, what would be in Trump’s Presidential library? A bank of televisions all tuned to Fox News? Hundreds and thousands of Tweets stenciled on the walls? Certainly portraits of him wearing his trademark scowl, in gold leaf frames would be scattered throughout the facility. Remember, this guy loves him some Donald Trump.

As a side note, did anyone see Trump boarding Air Force One this weekend? He is lumbering up the stairs ahead of his son and wife in the rain holding an umbrella over his head while his family is behind him, getting wet. The umbrella is big enough to cover a baseball field but there he was hogging it himself. He truly is the poster child for a narcissist.

I don’t care what all the Fox News experts think about Trump, the Russians, Hillary, collusion, or obstruction of justice. For me the only opinion that matters is what comes out of the methodical investigation Robert Mueller and his staff are conducting. Is it possible Trump comes out of this with just a hand slap? Possible but given the genetic make-up of this creature not probable and he knows that, his son knows that, and so does his son in-law.

As W. C. Fields noted “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” There is nothing brilliant about those tweets above which only leaves us with bullshit and like you and I, Robert Mueller and his team can smell bullshit a mile away.

Great article: Robert Mueller Doesn’t Need a Smoking Gun




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15 Responses to Baffle them with bull

  1. William Tell says:

    I doubt Mueller is paying Trump’s tweets any mind.

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  2. Mr. Fields could have been trump’s campaign manager. 😏

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  3. Suze says:

    and POTUS has already hired someone to be his campaign manager for his second run at the presidency. Can he honestly think that anyone at all wants him for two terms? Oh wait….I am asking about trump…never mind. Of course he thinks we all love him and he’s the bestest pres ever!

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  4. Nan says:

    Headline on Gronda Morin blog:
    President’s Son-In-Law And SR. Advisor Jared Kushner’s Clearance Level Has Been Downgraded

    My comment:
    Poor tRumpsky. He won’t have anyone doing his reading for him anymore. How will he ever manage?

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  5. Yes, I agree! At least Nixon loved his country. Also, Nixon was trying to PROTECT HIS PEOPLE. In Trump’s case, THEY ARE ALL TRYING TO PROTECT HIM FROM HIMSELF!
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” will be out en Español soon. It’s about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:


  6. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:
    Lots of important info here! Sadly, Nixon was a much better person than Trump. Besides loving this country, Nixon was covering up for his staff, not for himself! Trump will throw ANYONE under the bus to save his own A$$! (The dollar signs are intentional!). So sad that our Democracy is being stolen to make one old man very rich …
    Peace, love & Resistance for all,
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too.
    You can watch it on YouTube or go to my home page:

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