Who will he blame?

Hair net

So what happened in Pennsylvania? The GOP spent an estimated $10 million on this little race. Donald Trump, Mike Pence and even Donald Trump the lesser campaigned on the ground for their candidate. This should have been a slam dunk, a district Trump won by 20 points. But as of this morning the Democrat, Conor Lamb, has a slim lead against the perfect conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, Republican candidate divinely chosen and directed by GOD, Rick Saccone. So who will Trump blame for this ass kicking? Surely not himself.

Here is what these special elections are telling us, the novelty of Donald Trump has worn thin in the suburbs among the educated, among the professionals, and among the human beings. The self-proclaimed “God’s people” still don’t care about the porn stars, the chaos, the tweets, the lack of direction or even a plan as long as Trump remains pro-religious freedoms, pro-life and pro-guns. Trump can screw and payoff all the porn stars and Playboy Bunnies he wants as long as he continues to pay lip service to those three must have. It’s what God wants and it’s what they want.

Trump tittered on the edge against pro-guns for a nanosecond, but the NRA brought him back to his senses. A $30 million dollar investment will certainly jog your memory be it with a stick or a baseball bat. The rest of those “pro’s” Trump really doesn’t give a shit about. Do you honestly believe that if Trump got some porn star pregnant that he wouldn’t cough-up the bucks to pay for an abortion? Come on “God’s people”, he just paid $130,000 to keep a porn star quiet about an affair, he wouldn’t think twice about paying for an abortion. Trump is pro-life as long as it isn’t an inconvenience for him.

My favorite, of course, is the perception that Trump give a rats ass about religious freedoms. His candidate in Pennsylvania that just lost, Rick Saccone, tweeted back in January that “President Trump is preserving our country’s Godly heritage by swearing his oath on not just one Bible but two. Thank you President Trump.” The reason Trump used two Bibles? In case the powers of Satan burned through the top one when Trump laid his hand on it.

As long as “God’s people” are willing to protect and condone Trump’s religious freedoms of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride he doesn’t care what the religious right or the Evangelicals say, do or believe. Just don’t crimp his lifestyle, don’t censure the hate, vile and intolerance he spews on a daily basis. 

So who will Trump blame for another loss? I am sure he will tweet out his answer in due time. Hillary, Obama, and the Deep State probably had a hand in it. Maybe pictures of Donald Trump the lesser in a hair net scared enough Republicans to vote for a Democrat or just stay home. Whatever it was we know it wasn’t Donald Trump. No way it was Donald Trump.  

And here is the answer: White House claims Dem won PA special election because he embraced Trump’s policies


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5 Responses to Who will he blame?

  1. Those darn Russkys meddled again!

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  2. Nan says:

    Whoops! 😁🤣👍

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  3. Hell, trump laid the blame on Saccone, should he lose, at the rally. Basically, he said “the almighty, invincible trump team (45, 45 Jr, pence & Conway) is here Rick, if you lose it’s all on you.” Today, I am prouder than ever to be a Pennsylvanian.

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