It’s about the bunny dumb ass!

Trump bunny

“This is a special year. Our country is doing great. You look at the economy; you look at what’s happening. Nothing is ever easy but we have never had an economy like we have right now. And we’re going to make it bigger and better and stronger. You see what’s happening..with funding. The funding of our military was so important, and so many military people are with us today. So just think of $700 billion, because that’s all going into our military this year.” – Trump’s speech to the children at the Easter Egg Roll today while sharing the stage with the Easter bunny

Can any of you imagine having spend an hour with Donald Trump let alone be married to him? Is there another creature on this planet that is so insecure that they would upstage the Easter Bunny to talk about Me, Me, Me, Me…….?

This guy simply can’t shut-up. It’s a freaking Easter Egg Roll, with the Easter bunny and little kids, LITTLE KIDS who give a shit about one thing, and one thing only finding a freaking Easter egg that Trump, because he is such a shallow moron, insisted be painted gold. So rather than doing a welcome, glad you are here, let me introduced you to this long-eared fellow shtick, he had to talk about his most favorite topic in the world, Donald J. Trump.

Trump doesn’t even need a straw to suck the fun out of anything all he has to do is open his mouth. I mean truly, an Easter Egg Roll. Most sane and rational people would realize that standing next to the Easter bunny with an audience of little kids in front of you would be an opportunity for a little levity, a little fun. But not the self-absorbed Donald J. Trump, an audience is an audience no matter how short they are. They need to know how great I am even if they are just four years old. And if the Easter bunny isn’t going to tell you how wonderful and smart I am, by god I will!

Here is the long and short of it, the guy is a buffoon and if you support this idiot you are a buffoon to. Heck you might even consider yourself a “Christian” which makes you an imaginary “Christian” just like the Easter bunny. Next year (if there is a next year) I fully expect Trump to wear the bunny costume so that there are no distraction away from him. It’s about the bunny dumb ass! For fifteen minutes can’t it just be about the bunny?

About ends and beginnings blog

I am a frustrated writer and poet waiting to be discovered. A stand-up philosopher performing on a street corner near you. A Christian with questions but I don’t want to hear your answers. A Buddhist with a bumper sticker on my truck to prove it. A collector of quotes. A grower of lettuce. The Patron Saint of earthworms who name their children after me. A cyclist whose big ass strains the seams of his Lycra bibs. I am American by birth, Southern by the grace of God. My goal in life is to leave an imprint on the lives of the people I love not a footprint on the earth. I am a son, a husband, a father composed of 65%-Oxygen, 18%-Carbon, 10%-Hydrogen, 3%-Nitrogen, 3%-Diet Coke and 1%-Oreo.
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8 Responses to It’s about the bunny dumb ass!

  1. Nan says:

    😖😠🤮 !!!

    Can you say B.U.F.F.O.O.N. ??!!?

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  2. Sylvia says:

    Love, Love, Love this post

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  3. Seconds after this picture, the bunny choked him.

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  4. Damon says:

    No prejudice here when it comes to buffoons… I despise all polimagicians equally. AKA: They all suck as far as I’m concerned (:^\) Peace…


  5. shiarrael says:

    So just think of $700 billion, because that’s all going into our military this year

    Oh FFS! It’s not like I’m going to see a friggin cent of that in my LES! Half of that is needed just to keep the lights on! But it’s what I expect from President Bonespurs…

    Those poor kids.

    700 billion. You know what, I’m gonna lobby for a Pentagon Egg Roll. Sponsored my the military, but any and all civilians can come. Especially those kids. We’re going to have 700 eggs and 700 chocolate bunnies, and generals in costumes. There’s going to be booze for the parents and speeches of any kind will be strictly prohibited.
    For the older kids, we’re going to organize a chickenhawk hunt. Oh what fun it will be!

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  6. 2018….a revolution in Congress. 2020…..the buffoon is gone. Vote, vote, vote. Our reps no longer hear us. Throw the bums out.

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