Witch hunt

Witch Hunt

“A complete Witch Hunt!” – Trump tweet 4-22-18

I understand Trumps anxiety about the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. I am ready for it to conclude as well though I am looking for a much different result than Trump is.

To date, four former Trump campaign associates Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Richard Gates and George Papadopoulos have all been charged with various crimes, though, as Sean Hannity likes to point out, none of the charges are directly related to the misconduct of Trump or his campaign. But here is the caveat, even though the charges appear to be innocuous to Trump we don’t know what Flynn, Gates and Papadopoulos have told Mueller about Trumps connections to the Russians to accept those lesser charges.

Gates for instance is accused of 11 counts related to filing false income tax returns and three counts of failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts. He pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy and false-statements charges and Mueller moved to drop the 22 bank and tax fraud charges against him saving Gates from spending years in prison. What did Mueller get for that magnanimous settlement? We don’t know, yet, but it is thought that the former Trump campaign official is cooperating and providing good information to Mueller and his team.

So why does Trump call the Mueller investigation a “Witch Hunt”? Because the most powerful man in the world. The man who should have information about anything and everything at his fingertips knows just as much about what Mueller is up to as you and I and that drives “our” power-hungry, egomaniac, narcissistic President crazy.

What Trump has not been able to grasp is this, the office of President is not a dictatorship, or a Kingship. He assumed that being President was the ultimate power in the United States. That no one and no thing could rule against him and it is close, as close as we have. But as usual, Trump’s absolute ignorance shines through on this point as it has on so many other points. He can create havoc with a stroke of pen but he does not have the final say that he “thought” a President had or that he thinks he should have and that is why he will go down as the most ill-prepared moron to have held the office of President in the history of the United States.

I have contended from the very beginning that Trumps motivation to run for President, not be elected, he was as surprised as anyone that he won, was all about business, his business, the Trump brand and where this “Witch Hunt” is probably headed will ultimately be all up in Trumps business dealings, past and current. For Trump, his red-line not to cross was his business but with the raid of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, that line was not only crossed but redrawn.

Adam Davidson, a staff writer at the New Yorker noted recently in an interview; “For a year and a half now, I’m one of several reporters who’ve been studying intently Donald Trump’s businesses, his relationships with people around the world. And as a rule, this group of reporters finds it increasingly shocking just how flagrant the Trump Organization was in dealing with some of the shadiest—frankly, in cases, purely evil—people who made their money in wildly illegal and corrupt ways.”

I am convinced this is where the Mueller investigation is headed but here is thing I am not sure what will be uncovered will necessarily disrupt Trump the President but I do think it could possibly ruin Trump the businessman. I would prefer both outcomes, removed and disgraced as President, bankrupt as a businessman but we may have to be satisfied with one or the other.           



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4 Responses to Witch hunt

  1. jonolan says:

    What you prefer only matters in that it shows where your loyalties lie and makes you and yours valid targets upon whatever day it is that you attempt to- or side with those who attempt get what you want.

    We Americans are going to make America great again and, if it has to be over the broken corpses of our domestic enemies and their crotch-droppings, that’s all the sweeter.


    • Hey! Whats up moron? You decide to pull your head out of Trumps ass to check the weather or maybe the headlines on Fox News? You almost, ALMOST, put together a rational and coherent comment albeit a rather deranged one. It was close, oh so close. But I know original thoughts are hard to gather when the view never changes in Trumps rectum. Sorry, the rectum is the final section of the large intestine, terminating at the anus. I try to talk slow and use simple words for you true “Americans”.

      I will give you an update on the state of your spineless leader so you can crawl back up his orange ass, he is still an immoral piece of shit, he is still under criminal investigation, he still hasn’t accomplished anything because he is a complete fuck-up, he still doesn’t have a plan, he still can’t find the “smartest people” to work in his administration, and that dead squirrel on top of his orange head is still dead.

      Thanks for visiting and wipe that orange shit off your lips.

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  2. Scottie says:

    Hard to believe the contrast between the last president and this current one. Oh so far we have fallen all due to the fact that a majority of white people couldn’t stand to see their privilege diminished by a black president. That white men couldn’t accept a female leader. You know America was already great and getting better for everyone, except some people needed to make sure they took back the presidency from a black man and give it to white man. That’s what they really mean by make America great again. I am so tired of the racism in this country. Black teenagers , 14 years old , shot at for asking directions at the home of a white older couple when he was lost. In the daylight of the morning. The older white woman answered the door with an accusation and a demand of him, her husband came out with his shotgun to shoot at the kid. His crime, he was a black teen knocking on their door to ask for directions. The husband had already been on probation for this before. In court he claimed he was just protecting his white wife from the blacks. She was not in fear or danger, she opened the door to tell the kid off. I am going to bed. Night. Hugs

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