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Cavity search

Trumps early real-estate “success” was built on his willingness to borrow massive amounts of money from banks (remember he is the King of Debt) and not pay them back by filing for bankruptcy protection. This game worked provided Trump could continue to find banks that hadn’t already burned by him. Amazingly there were even banks that he had defaulted on that were willing to give him one more chance because if nothing else Trump is triple A rated con man but even those banks grew tired of his deception.

Trump went through a dry spell, propped up by his notoriety from his dumb ass television show until around 2013 and then, all of a sudden, he went on a buying binge with cash. Since Trump was elected, both The Washington Post and The New York Times have been investigating how Trump became so flush with cash in such a short period of time. Both of his sons chalked it up to their Dad being a business genius but thankfully neither the Post or Times bought that explanation and neither has special counsel Robert Mueller.

New York Magazine has published a very interesting article; Why Mueller Has to Expose Trump’s Crooked Business Empire and what this article details is that Mueller is and has the authorization to follow the money, Trumps money, as a matter of national security. Why is it a matter of national security? The thought is that Trump and his family are involved in money laundering, a criminal activity and “If you are involved in criminal activity, you are subject to blackmail. And if the criminals who can blackmail you have connections to a foreign government — say, Russia — then that government has blackmail leverage.”

So while Trump tweets “Witch Hunt”, “No Collusion” and “No Obstruction” on the hour every hour Mueller is doing something the rest of can’t because Trump wouldn’t let us, he is looking at The Donald’s tax returns. Do you think Mueller has found anything interesting in those of reams of paper. I bet he has. Trump has complained in the past about always being audited by the IRS. What Mueller is doing is giving him a full cavity search and I can’t think of a guy more deserving.


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1 Response to Follow the money

  1. Scottie says:

    I hope the criminal activity comes out fully. Talk about the manchurian candidate. tRump really is one. A fully owned subsidiary of a foreign criminal government. Hugs

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