What does Trump know about Iran?


Why does Trump hate the Iran deal? One word and it starts with an O, Obama. Trump doesn’t know anything about the Iran deal. Hell he knows even less about Iran but he, no change that to we are getting ready to get a very quick and possibly brutal lesson about the fanatical citizens of this very proud and devote country.

Trump has invented three problem areas with the Iran deal with the help of Israel and his clueless nationalist advisers. But his bottom line reason for scrapping the deal is purely egocentric, Obama is credited with crafting the deal and Trumps mission is to tear down everything President Obama ever built at all cost. Never mind that our allies have begged him to stay in the deal. Hell even his favorite television show, Fox & Friends, said he shouldn’t cancel the Iran nuclear deal but it can’t, he just can’t.

If Trump were smart, stop laughing, he would pick-up a book or two about the Islamic Revolution back in 1979 led by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Or he should call former President Jimmy Carter and get his impressions not just on the Iranian government but the people of Iran. He would learn, from both sources, a thing or two about national pride. You see the Iranian people don’t need to wear a dumb baseball cap with MAGA stenciled on the front to show their indifference to the world, they live, pray and breathe their defiance and their quest for independence every single day and they are willing to die for it, just ask Jimmy Carter.

The reason the Iranian Nuclear Deal is in place is the same reason the world wants a North Korea Nuclear Deal. The reason Iran wanted nuclear weapons is the same reason North Korea wanted nuclear weapons, protection from countries like the United States. I find ironic that we, the United States, want countries like Iran and South Korea to abandon their development, research and testing of nuclear weapons while we and countries like Russia, China, France and India continue on. The rational and fair approach would be that we all practice what we preach and move away from manufacturing and creating a nuclear weapons program but that simply sounds to logic.

Is Iran a world threat with nuclear weapons? Depends on who you ask. If you ask Israel and the Saudi’s the answer would be yes. If you ask the Iranian people who have watched what the United States has done to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya the answer would be no. Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has convinced Trump that leaving the deal will protect his country. But I think it will create a full-on Israel-Iran war in Syria which we will be drawn into because the American Evangelicals will demand Trump protect the land of Jesus.

The Iranian people remember how the United States propped up the Shah of Iran for decades while they suffered. The Shah wanted to westernized the country against the will of the people. In the end, the Shah and the United States lost and Allah won. I can promise you that people of Iran believe that Allah will prevail once again.

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9 Responses to What does Trump know about Iran?

  1. Scottie says:

    There is no guarantee or reason why the other countries in this deal will follow the US path. If that happens the US / tRump will have to decide if to put sanctions on our own partners. I do not think the other countries will support throwing out the treaty. I do not think they will cooperate with sanctions. That is something that will cost the US greatly and put our economy into a tailspin. Hugs

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  2. Barry says:

    There certainly seems to be a lot of hypocrisy in US foreign policy. Actually I’m listening to Trump’s announcement regarding the Iran deal, and while I’m appalled, I didn’t think he would have acted any differently. He’s one dangerous idiot.

    With regard to US nuclear foreign policy, it wasn’t that long ago that my own country was at the receiving end of US pressure over our nuclear policy. Our crime was to prohibit all forms of nuclear weaponry regardless of who owned them. Trump’s appointed ambassador to NZ has stated that the US would still like us to repeal our nuclear legislation. It really feels like America wants no smaller nations to possess nuclear weapons themselves, but that it should have the right to take its nuclear weapons wherever it wants.

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    • I took great acceptation to his little speech calling Iran’s president a dictator and acting like breaking this deal would “free” the people of Iran. Trump truly is an idiot. He is the reason other countries hate America. He is the model for American arrogance.

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  3. Barry says:

    America breaking this agreement is a signal to other countries that (a) America will not honour agreements, and (b) they to can ignore agreements if they have a change of heart.

    He’d already broken trade agreements by unilaterally impossing tariffs on steel and aluminium, which impacts NZ exports. On the other hand Australia remain tariff freewhich is odd as there are no export subsidies in NZ, but Australia has some. The only conclusion one can come to is that it’s payback for NZ choosing to vote in support of the UN resolution requesting the US reconsider its decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Australia was one of the handful of countries that opposed the resolution.

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  4. Suze says:

    I told George just last night that Israel wants to wage war against Iran and step one was convincing our idiot-in-chief to get out of the Iran treaty……
    George (bless his heart) said that couldn’t possibly be right, that surely the idiot would continue with the treaty..after all, two nations with bombs (NK and Iran) would create an untenable situation for the rest of the world. and here we are. I fear we will soon be seeing mention of war to end all wars in the middle east.

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