Jesus loves the little children

Trump wall

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” – Jesus Christ

“I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose of order. Orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves and protect the weak and lawful.”- Attorney General Jeff Sessions

If you haven’t heard the audio from ProPublica of children being detained at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility click HERE. Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to describe hearing a 6-year-old Salvadoran girl plead repeatedly for someone to call her aunt or hearing cries of Mami and Papá in the background. And what does “your” President do? Doubles down on blaming the Democrats.

Here is the truth, the realty for all you Trumpers out there. Are you ready? I know you are not reading this and at this point I know you don’t care but I will write it in bold text so there is no confusion. Here is the simple truth: Trump states his administration is only enforcing the law. No law like this exist, a law that requires children be separated from their parents, or one that calls for the criminal prosecution of all undocumented immigrants that cross the border. These practices were established and are being enforced solely and exclusively by Trump and his administration. What is he blaming the Democrats for? They refuse to provide him funding to build his wall, the wall he PROMISED his base would be paid for by…….that’s right, Mexico. “I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall.” 

Trump has painted himself into a corner and he knows it. How do I know he knows it? Because it is 9:00 am and he hasn’t Tweeted anything in over 22 hours. By this time, after having watched Fox & Friends for inspiration, he would have hammered out five to ten tweets already. The last thing we heard from him on this issue was 23 hours ago when he Tweeted; “It is the Democrats fault for being weak and ineffective with Boarder Security and Crime. Tell them to start thinking about the people devastated by Crime coming from illegal immigration. Change the laws!” Again, see my statement above, it is NOT the Democrats fault and there is NO law to change. This is a lie. 

So why won’t Trump back down? The overwhelming majority of Americans, including about half of his base, object to the way his administration is handling this issue despite Trumps claims it is not his fault. The real problem, as it always is, Donald Trump’s ego.

You see if he backs down he would have to admit something. Do you know what that something is? Donald J. Trump would have to admit that he was W-R-O-N-G which he just can’t bring himself to do. For him, it is much easier to blame someone or something else whether it is true or not and as it is in most cases, in this one, it is not. If he back downs it will undermine his strongman image which is what got him elected. He promised his Deplorable base that he would be tough on immigration. In his mind, despite the pleas for compassion even from his wife, he simply can’t afford to offer any.

What Trump is doing is abusing children and holding them hostage so he can force Congress to fund his wall and fulfill part of his campaign promise. He has given-up on making Mexico pay for it (he wants you and I to pay for it, $25 billion to be exact) and he is confident the Deplorables will forget about that part of the promise as well, or at least overlook it. We don’t need a wall. We need a President that represents the best interest of America and all Americans. We need a President with morals. We need a President that is a human being. Donald J. Trump is none of these.

“Jesus loves the little children, All the children of the world, Red and yellow, black and white, They are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world”

Update: I guess Trump was waiting for his daily morning briefing from Sean Hannity;

  1. Crime in Germany is up 10% plus (officials do not want to report these crimes) since migrants were accepted. Others countries are even worse. Be smart America!
  2. If you don’t have Borders, you don’t have a Country!
  3. Democrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!
  4. We must always arrest people coming into our Country illegally. Of the 12,000 children, 10,000 are being sent by their parents on a very dangerous trip, and only 2000 are with their parents, many of whom have tried to enter our Country illegally on numerous occasions.
  5. #CHANGETHELAWS Now is the best opportunity ever for Congress to change the ridiculous and obsolete laws on immigration. Get it done, always keeping in mind that we must have strong border security.


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7 Responses to Jesus loves the little children

  1. Just how insidious is this? We live next door to a state park, one which consistently rakes in the most money of any Florida state park. A recent snafu came to light and my Trumpian neighbor rambled on about it being the fault of Democrats. Anyone with an “activated” conscience knows Trump is dead wrong in his actions. But it’s less damaging to ego to blame the Democrats then to take responsibility. My brother, you are not alone in your anguish.

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  2. The backlash against his bullshit is already reaching epic levels, as it well should. As you said, this is child abuse, on a large scale, but also parent abuse. Absolutely no reason for this to be happening.

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  3. Sylvia says:

    Call your representatives!

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  4. Scottie says:

    I found out recently that MS-13 was started in Los Angeles and deported from our country to a country unprepared to deal with it. Yes the gang tRump claims is flooding into our country across the border was actually started here in the country and then exported out when the people found involved in crime were deported. Hugs

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