Lindsey Graham needs to take a good dump

lindsey graham

“Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate on funding for a border wall/barrier — even if the government were to be reopened — virtually ends the congressional path to funding for a border wall/barrier. It is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall/barrier.”- Senator Lindsey Graham

When my kids were little and told me they had a “tummy ache” I always asked them the same question, “Do you need to take a poop?” I don’t know about you but a “good poop” always solves a lot of the issues I am dealing with. Yea, I hear ya, TMI so I will just leave it at that.

So what does taking a good dump have to do with Lindsey Graham? Bible thumping, Southern Baptist Lindsey Graham is plugged-up, constipated, obstructed not with shit, though he is full of that, but blocked-up by what he is but won’t admit or embrace. Lindsey Graham is a gay man living a lie.

Folks in South Carolina, of which I am one of, have known, suspected, or assumed for years that Lindsey Graham is gay. We have all heard the stories, rumors and whispers. Even the white trash, Evangelicals have looked the other way because, well Lindsey can pretend to love Jesus with the best of them. But I think all these years of keeping this deep, dark secret hidden behind a conservative facade have slowly eaten away his brain and his spine for that matter.

Me? I don’t or at least didn’t care which way Lindsey swung. Yes he is conservative asshole but BT (before Trump) at least he was a somewhat level-headed, cared about South Carolina, had John McCain to keep him in check conservative asshole. But something bad has happened to Lindsey. Something has changed, something has changed dramatically with him and in him and the only thing I can think of, other than the Russians having a page or ten on him in their Trump dossier is that keeping his sexuality under wraps for all of these years has, well, fucked-up his mind.

A good friend of mine married, had kids, and lived the lie for almost 20 years. As he tells the story, living that lie made him a depressed, mean drunk for too many years. Today, he is happy and partnered to a caring man I adore as well. His relationship with his ex-wife and children is healthy and happy now and better yet, so is his relationship with the world despite the hate, and prejudice that still exist by those so-called “Jesus lovers.”

I doubt Lindsey will ever find that kind of happiness. He is dug in to deep, paid too great of a price and I am sorry to say tied to deeply to the big orange moron. Lindsey needs to take a big dump and come to terms with who he is, instead of continually allowing Trump to take a big dump on us.


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3 Responses to Lindsey Graham needs to take a good dump

  1. Nan says:

    I think you made a slight grammatical error when you wrote He is too dug in, paid to great of price …. Didn’t you mean simply “paid TOO great”? I mean, that’s what’s REALLY behind all the shenanigans that go on in our government — the ones making the decisions do so based on who lines their pockets.

    In any case, interesting inside info you’ve shared here … 😈

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  2. I think the Senator is saying the same thing any psychologist would to an individual: ” It’s ok to have boundaries.” Take care!


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