“Just watch!” Oh we are. We all are.

trump putin got

“Wow, just learned in the Failing New York Times that the corrupt former leaders of the FBI, almost all fired or forced to leave the agency for some very bad reasons, opened up an investigation on me, for no reason & with no proof, after I fired Lyin’ James Comey, a total sleaze! Funny thing about James Comey. Everybody wanted him fired, Republican and Democrat alike. After the rigged & botched Crooked Hillary investigation, where she was interviewed on July 4th Weekend, not recorded or sworn in, and where she said she didn’t know anything (a lie) the FBI was in complete turmoil (see N.Y. Post) because of Comey’s poor leadership and the way he handled the Clinton mess (not to mention his usurpation of powers from the Justice Department). My firing of James Comey was a great day for America. He was a Crooked Cop who is being totally protected by his best friend, Bob Mueller, & the 13 Angry Democrats – leaking machines who have NO interest in going after the Real Collusion (and much more) by Crooked Hillary Clinton, her Campaign, and the Democratic National Committee. Just Watch!” – Trump’s tweet rage 1-12-19

I know it is hard to keep-up with all of Trump’s shit given how much SHIT he is capable of generating on daily basis but if you remember back in July 2018 I posted this exchange on Russia’s version of “Fox News” about Trump following his job performance review with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland;

Russian Male Host: “It is very bizarre, you can’t bash your own country like that – especially when you’re the President.”

Russian Female Host: “When Trump says our relations are bad because of American foolishness and stupidity, he really smells like an agent of the Kremlin.”

Yes, that really was broadcast on Russia’s state-run television. No fake news there.

This is The New York Times headline that created Trumps recycled and oh so tired  Twitter rage above this morning: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia

Shortly after Trump fired James Comey he met with several high level Russian diplomats in the oval office, a meeting that the American press was not invited too but one that was open to the Russian press. In that meeting it was reported that Trump told the Russians that he fired that “nut job” Comey and that his ouster relieved “great pressure” on him on the “Russian matter”. How do we know he said that? The Russians Press told us so.

Later, in a national interview with Lester Holt, Trump stated; “I was going to fire Comey. Knowing there was no good time to do it! And in fact when I decided to just do it I said to myself, I said, ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story, it’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should’ve won.’”

For the last two years I have been preaching that Trump is and has been compromised by the Russians. Honestly, it is easy to see if you aren’t a backwoods, brain-dead Deplorable, Evangelical, or Lindsey Graham. And what the release of this story by The New Times tells me, a story they have been sitting on for well over a year, is that Robert Mueller has or is nearing the completion of the Russian Collusion part of his investigation…….and oh the stories he has left to tell us.

“I have been FAR tougher on Russia than Obama, Bush or Clinton. Maybe tougher than any other President. At the same time, & as I have often said, getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. I fully expect that someday we will have good relations with Russia again!” – Trump tweet 1-12-19 

The Orange Don keeps repeating this same refrain, over and over, that he has been TOUGH (the toughest of ALL Presidents I might add) on Russia but I can’t think of ONE single policy decision he has made (and came up with on his own) that has been detrimental to Russian interests. Can you Mr. or Mrs. Deplorable? Crickets.

The majority of his directives, policies, and speeches have been decidedly pro-Russian. Honestly the propaganda Trump has tried so desperately to sell us (that he is Tough!) sounds like it came straight from Putin’s mouth, “Just tell them this….”.

And now we learn this from The Washington Post: Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration

“President Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, including on at least one occasion taking possession of the notes of his own interpreter and instructing the linguist not to discuss what had transpired with other administration officials, current and former U.S. officials said.

Trump did so after a meeting with Putin in 2017 in Hamburg that was also attended by then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. U.S. officials learned of Trump’s actions when a White House adviser and a senior State Department official sought information from the interpreter beyond a readout shared by Tillerson.”

This shit is getting good comrades. I can’t wait for the movie!

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  1. The movie, “Gone With the Windbag”, will detail the demise of the man who sold his country to Russia for a pat on the forehead and a failed tower deal in Moscow. It will parody “Brokeback Mountain” only this movie will have a happy ending – trump & putin riding nakedly tandem on horseback into the sunset. (yeah, I forgot to take my morning meds)😁😁😎

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