What if Obama……..


What if Obama….

Pressured a foreign leader to interfere in the 2020 American presidential election.

Urged a foreign country to intervene in the 2016 presidential election.

Divulged classified information to foreign officials.

Publicly undermined American intelligence agents while standing next to a hostile foreign autocrat.

Hired a national security adviser who he knew had secretly worked as a foreign lobbyist.

Encouraged foreign leaders to enrich him and his family by staying at his hotels.

Bowed to murderous dictators.

Alienated America’s closest allies.

Lied to the American people about his company’s business dealings in Russia.

Told lies virtually every week — about the economy, voter fraud, even the weather.

Spent hours on end watching television and days on end staying at resorts.

Repeatedly denigrated a deceased United States senator who was a war hero.

Insulted a Gold Star family — the survivors of American troops killed in action.

Described a former first lady, not long after she died, as “nasty.”

Had been accused of sexual assault or misconduct by multiple women.

Enthusiastically campaigned for a Senate candidate who was accused of molesting multiple teenage girls.

Waved his arms around, while giving a speech, to ridicule a physically disabled person.

Encouraged his supporters to commit violence against his political opponents.

Called for his opponents and critics to be investigated and jailed.

Tried to harass the chairman of the Federal Reserve into lowering interest rates.

Said that a judge could not be objective because of his Mexican heritage.

Obstructed justice by trying to influence an investigation into his presidential campaign.

Violated federal law by directing his lawyer to pay $280,000 in hush money to cover up two apparent extramarital affairs.

Refused to release his tax returns.

Falsely accused his predecessor of wiretapping him.

Claimed that federal law-enforcement agents and prosecutors regularly fabricated evidence, thereby damaging the credibility of criminal investigations across the country.

Ordered children to be physically separated from their parents.

Suggested that America is no different from or better than Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Called America a “hellhole.”

He didn’t……..Trump did


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5 Responses to What if Obama……..

  1. Over Soil says:

    Knowing that currently this is thought of as the strongest man (not sure I’m getting this right oh wait) I mean most powerful man on this good Earth, this list makes me close to wanting to cry. He isn’t the most powerful man in my world, his got no inner strength, he is nothing, less than nothing and thinking this helps my eyebrows release their downward cramp a little. For I am the leader of my life, you are the leader of yours and so on and so forth and we need to be the best leader and comforter…

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  2. And Pelosi STILL holds off impeaching the guy. Incredible. He should have been imprisoned by now.

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  3. Suze says:

    every time I see a new listing of the reality of life with Trump, I hear Sonny and Cher singing “and the beat goes on”………..is Ms Pelosi going to act now?

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  4. Nan says:

    Even if Obama had done all those things, it would be “old news” because first and foremost … he was black … and to the ignorant, that was all they knew or cared about.

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  5. Obama? What if any U.S. President inaugurated before January 20, 2017 had done even a third of the things in the list? Compared to Donald Trump, even Richard Nixon should be elevated to “secular sainthood”.

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