Letter to Lindsey Graham….and we will deserve it

Dear Senator Graham;

Back in May of 2016 you tweeted the following (remember Senator Graham there is always a tweet) “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.” How prophetic.

Obviously something very dramatic has happened to you between May 2016 and today. There has certainly been a lot speculation about what that “something” is after your first round of golf with Trump. One something that is very apparent to everyone is you have lost your ballast, your North Star with the death of John McCain.

Senator Graham several months ago after one of your many pompous appearances on Fox News once again defending the horrible words, actions, or decisions of your President (honestly I have lost count) I called your local office to register my concern. I told the person who answered the phone that I had just one question I wanted answered “What has happened to Lindsey Graham?” Her response was chilling, “Sir, we don’t know.” I responded, “What do you mean you don’t know?” She continued, “Sir, we don’t see much of Senator Graham anymore. He spends all of his time in Washington.”

I have never agreed with your politics but the one thing I never questioned in the past is your efforts to do what is right for the state of South Carolina. I no longer believe you have any concerns for the citizens of this great state. Your Twitter page shows your true allegiance, a banner photograph of you at one of Trump’s ego rallies, and a profile picture of you and Brett Kavanaugh. You have sold your soul to the Devil and turned your back on South Carolina, and America so I ask again, “What has happened to Lindsey Graham?”

So as the Turkish government begins it slaughter of the proud and historic Kurdish people with the encouragement, support and full blessings of Vladimir Putin you sit in Washington drawing imaginary twitter “red lines” for them to cross. What’s to prevent them from crossing them? Your strongly worded tweet? Your President with his “great and unmatched wisdom” gave Erdoğan the green-light to destroy our allies. Think about that word for moment, Destroy. He certainly wasted no time after that late night Sunday phone call. Did your President discuss this decision with any one? Certainly he didn’t discuss it with you. What do you think Erdoğan said to him? Do you think it had something to do with the Saudi’s and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? Or maybe it was just another item on Trumps to-do list for Putin.

“And we will deserve it.” Senator Graham, I have raised my children with the belief that it is never too late to make a change in your life. That people, everyone, deserve both the benefit of the doubt and more importantly a second chance to turn their life around. I am afraid though you are quickly approaching the point of no return in redeeming yourself against the indefensible actions of Donald Trump. When history books are written about this dark period in America, books about the corruption, failures, and divisiveness that permeated throughout Trumps “reign” you won’t be just a footnote but one of the main protagonist in each of the sad chapters. That Senator Graham will be your legacy.

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I am a frustrated writer and poet waiting to be discovered. A stand-up philosopher performing on a street corner near you. A Christian with questions but I don’t want to hear your answers. A Buddhist with a bumper sticker on my truck to prove it. A collector of quotes. A grower of lettuce. The Patron Saint of earthworms who name their children after me. A cyclist whose big ass strains the seams of his Lycra bibs. I am American by birth, Southern by the grace of God. My goal in life is to leave an imprint on the lives of the people I love not a footprint on the earth. I am a son, a husband, a father composed of 65%-Oxygen, 18%-Carbon, 10%-Hydrogen, 3%-Nitrogen, 3%-Diet Coke and 1%-Oreo.
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5 Responses to Letter to Lindsey Graham….and we will deserve it

  1. Sylvia says:

    Well said. Wish I could write like that. I did call Senators Burr and Tillis and told them what I thought about the Republicans backing this moron. How do these people live with themselves!

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  2. Nan says:

    Or maybe it was just another item on Trumps to-do list for Putin.


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  3. Brookingslib says:

    I wonder what his dear friend John McCain would think. In fact, I wonder where McCain would be right now through all of this. Would he forge an alliance with Mitt Romney to coax other Senators to force Trump out? Or, would he be like his once dear friend Lindsay and sell his soul to Trump? I think it would be more like the former…not the latter. I’d like to think McCain would have been appalled at what’s happening. He couldn’t stand Trump, and vice versa of course. But he did stand on principal on more than a few occasions in the past. Sadly, the Republican Party is bereft of any such courageous members these days. My, how far they’ve fallen.

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