All roads lead to Putin

Donald Trump,Vladimir Putin

I remember a time, which seems like decades ago now, when Lindsey Graham was anti-Russia and anti-Putin. What seems to have gotten lost among Graham’s Republican brothers and sisters is that Ukraine is at war with Putin and Russia. In fact as I write this and as the impeachment hearings begin, Ukrainians are dying because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Additionally, the Kurdish people are also being slaughtered because of Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Syria at the insistence of Turkey’s President Erdoğan, who just happens to be visiting the White House today, and Vladimir Putin.

Trump recently stated that Putin had invited him to Russia’s May Day parade next year and Trump indicated that he would like to go; “President Putin invited me. It’s a very big deal, celebrating the end of the war, etc., etc. A very big deal. I appreciate the invitation.” We all know how much Trump loves a military parade with tanks and shit because he tried to throw one for himself this past July. So bear in mind, despite how crazy it sounds that he would even consider going, over the last three years, Trump has never, NEVER, said a harsh word about Putin, his policies or condemn him for his crimes against humanity.

The extortion that this impeachment trial is about is Trump preventing aid from the United States to Ukraine, aid in the form of military equipment and dollars to protect themselves from Putin overrunning their country and murdering their citizens. Ambassador Taylor has already testified, under oath, that Trump didn’t want to provide the Ukrainians with aid despite bi-partisan support from Congress to do so. So if Trump had to do it he wanted something for the effort namely dirt on Joe Biden and a confession from the Ukraine’s that it was them, not Putin, who tampered with the 2016 Presidential election.

I wondered who really wanted Russia’s name taken out of play for the crime of interfering with our elections. Who would that benefit most Trump or Putin? The easy answer is Russia and Putin. Since it was discovered and confirmed by everyone, except Trump, that Russia meddled in our elections the US has imposed economic sanctions against Russia. If Trump could squeeze Ukraine to admit it was them and not the Russians then Trump could make the case that the sanctions should be lifted.

But back to Ms. Lindsey Graham, apparently she no longer considers Russia or Putin a threat to our Democracy. Why? There is an awful lot of speculation as to why. The twitter speculation is that Graham is being blackmailed by Trump, or by Russia, or by both. I don’t have the answer but something has happened to her as it has happened to Rand Paul, and other Republicans and that something, if you listen closely, is that Republicans no longer publicly criticize Putin or Russia, they may work around the edges but they never openly say anything negative about either.

Trump, Graham, Sean Hannity, Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, and Mark Meadows are going to be throwing a lot of shiny balls in the air over the next few days. Balls to distract and deflect. These balls will be called Whistleblower, Hunter Biden, Never Trumpers, Deep State, Sham, Hoax and Swamp. But what you won’t hear from Republicans is any mention of Russia, Putin, or the invasion of Ukraine and the blood that is being spilled. As Nancy Pelosi told Trump “All roads lead to Putin” and honestly that is what this impeachment is ultimately going to be about.

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4 Responses to All roads lead to Putin

  1. Nan says:

    Just as what he DOES say resonates with the Deplorables, what he does NOT say goes right past them. And that’s why they continue to look up to him as he reaches for his crown and robe.

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  2. Brookingslib says:

    Ms. Lindsay….I love it. I see what you did there!

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  3. maryplumbago says:

    The breadth of cluelessness ignorance, stupidity and down right evil of trump supporters is mind boggling.

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  4. Scottie says:

    Hello endsandbeginnings. The Republicans try to defend tRump’s actions saying that the aid eventually was given to Ukraine. How ever what they never mention is that during the time the aid was held up 76 Ukrainians died fighting the Russian invasion. That is why it is so harmful and troubling what was done, why it was done, and that Republicans just excuse those actions that may have led to those deaths. Hugs

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