An open letter to Christians about their support of Trump

Dear American Christians:

On November the 3rd, less than two weeks from today, you have an important decision to make about your eternal life. Do you remember that covenant you hold so near and dear to your heart? It is the pledge that separates you from the rest of us heathens. It is the promise you have based your entire earthly existence on, that because of your relationship with Jesus Christ that you will have an eternal life and will never perish. But on November 3rd if you vote for Donald Trump again, knowing what you know now, I got to believe your trip to eternal life might just be in jeopardy.

I want you to think about this headline from The New York Times today for just a moment: Parents of 545 Children Separated at the Border Cannot Be Found. Now I want you to picture the face of your own child, or your grandchild, or maybe one of your nieces or nephews as one of those 545 children. Can you see them? Can you see their face? Can you feel their anxiety? Can you see them sleeping on a cot in an old Walmart with 100 other children? Think about this, they have been there for two or three years now, waiting, just waiting. Two or three years separated from their mothers, fathers, and grandparents. No one is hugging them. No one is tucking them in at night and giving them a kiss on the forehead. No one is wiping the tears from their face with a gentle hand. They are scared, lonely, and feel abandoned. Can you see them?

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.”

So how have you rationalized this horrific atrocity Trump has committed against other human beings with your faith? Did you buy the line that locking-up parents and separating them from their children prevented rapist, murders, and drug dealers into your neighborhood? Have you slept better at night knowing that thousands of children are crammed into an old K-Mart or Walmart? Did the buffet at the Golden Corral taste better knowing that mothers and fathers were sobbing and begging to be reunited with their children. And when you sat on that hard pew on Sunday with your family, staring up at that empty cross did you remember that Jesus didn’t just die for you but for all of the world’s people?

Trump has plenty of sins I could write about; lust, adultery, greed, pride, ego, dishonesty, vindictiveness, pick your poison, but how he has sacred, and damaged these poor children I believe is a sin beyond forgiveness. So, I ask again, how do rationalize his actions against humanity? How do you allow a crude and crass man like Trump to occupy even 1% of your heart? A heart that you claim is filled with the love, and compassion of Christ.

If you believe a man that has been married three times, that has been accused of rape and abuse by 28 different women, that has paid off porn stars and Playboy Bunnies to keep quiet about their tryst is a Christian or even pro-life then you are not only blind, but a fool.

“Can one blind person lead another? Won’t they both fall into a ditch?

As a Christian you believe there will be a day of reckoning. A day you will be judged on how you have lived your life, the decisions you made, and an examination of how you treated others and Gods creation. I am here to tell you that your judgement will extend beyond your neighborhood, and your Church. It will extend beyond how you treated your family, your friends, and your co-workers. The net will be cast wide and if Donald Trump continues to hold a place in that net, in your life may God have mercy on your soul. You will need all the grace you can get and hopefully more grace than Trump has shown for those poor children and their families.                             

About ends and beginnings blog

I am a frustrated writer and poet waiting to be discovered. A stand-up philosopher performing on a street corner near you. A Christian with questions but I don’t want to hear your answers. A Buddhist with a bumper sticker on my truck to prove it. A collector of quotes. A grower of lettuce. The Patron Saint of earthworms who name their children after me. A cyclist whose big ass strains the seams of his Lycra bibs. I am American by birth, Southern by the grace of God. My goal in life is to leave an imprint on the lives of the people I love not a footprint on the earth. I am a son, a husband, a father composed of 65%-Oxygen, 18%-Carbon, 10%-Hydrogen, 3%-Nitrogen, 3%-Diet Coke and 1%-Oreo.
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45 Responses to An open letter to Christians about their support of Trump

  1. maryplumbago says:

    These trump Christians couldn’t care less about these people…wrong color and poor

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    • At least they aren’t “Christians” in name only … Unlike far too many “Christians” who use and abuse the name of Christianity but is far from the meaning of being followers of Christ … You know, those who call themselves “Christians” yet they are members of a party who backs the murder of babies into the tens of millions … so-called “Christians” who goes against the Sixth Commandment of God; “Thou Shall Not Kill,” yet they use Christian taxpayer dollars to support “Planned Parenthood” who literally aborted and aborts those tens of million babies … the same so called “Christians” whose party agenda went against the creative and Kingdom principles of God that actively supports, become a part of and backs homosexuality, same sex marriages and even the adoption of innocent minded babies and children to same sex couples in order to bring them up in their perverted and ungodly lifestyles … Thank God in Heaven that those Trump Christians are the real thing who stands on the Word of God and stands up for His creative and kingdom principles !!!

      “As far as caring about those people” – again going back to the Word of God, His Word teaches that we are to care for our own before we care for others … to clean up your own backyard before we try to clean up someone else’s …

      3 “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” … Matthew 7:3-5 … NKJV this is the Word of God …


      • Fun!!! We got us “Real Christian” who has crowned himself a savior (with thorns or $100 bills) that rapes and molest women, grabs them by the pussy, been married 3 times and has had sex with all matters of women (and paid them off) while married with children (while one was even pregnant!). A savior that practices all the great, admiral sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. Hold tight my man (you are a man?) Jesus is coming for you. And when He ask “what did you do for the least of these.” stand up tall and straight and tell Him, “I voted for the pussy grabber, Donald J Trump!!!” I am sure you will get a one ticket to your deserved home!

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  3. Nan says:

    You don’t offer a “reblog” option, but I managed to do it anyway. 😍

    EXCELLENT post that NEEDS to be seen far and wide.

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  4. cagjr says:

    First of all, a fine article, and I think, well delivered. I do not Facebook, but I gave the article to my wife to post on her page/wall whatever.

    I have been reading a book by Katherine Stewart, The Power Worshippers. She exposes the Christian Nationalist’s hijacking and politizing the Christian religion. I agree with Mary; those people Christians we see supporting Trump will in no way condemn him for anything. I believe there are Christians who sincerely believe in the Christian message who do not agree with this perverse administration.

    I agree with Nan that this is a message that should be widely distributed. It should be posted on some Christian sites. It would be a good thing to be published in the next couple of weeks.

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  5. Keith says:

    Well said. I am here courtesy of Nan’s reblog. I have shared with others that the president has done more damage to Christianity than any atheist ever could. He is put forth by some evangelicals as the paragon (a t-shirt that made me ill said “Jesus died for you, Trump lives for you”), yet if he is the exemplar, then I must be reading a very different bible. He is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime including Richard Nixon who was a crook. This is not new, as this has been his modus operandi for years. Keith

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    • Thank you Keith. Though I don’t use the label of “Christian” to describe myself I am a man (like you an old fart) of deep faith. I will continue to use the words of Jesus to grow that faith, as well as Buddha, Mohammed. and Moses….probably not Paul and certainly not Franklin. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

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  6. Becky says:

    With all due respect to this dear Christian brother, the situation seems to me incredibly more complex. My deepest self would love to see us have open borders. Anyone who comes here can. No one would be detained. People could just freely come and go..No children would ever be separated from their parents..

    This feels emotionally good to me in the short term, but rationally I know this would not do good in the long term. Our borders and social safety net would shortly be overwhelmed, and perhaps even collapse. There would be great harm. People would be, as they are now, coming en masse not from just Mexico and Central America, but from all over the world.

    A pull situation had been created by the practice of “catch and release.” Folks knew that if they came here with children in tow, it was like a “get out of jail free” card. As a result, children have been used and exploited by human traffickers. Fake families were even created.

    In general, children have been placed in danger just through the dangerous journey itself. How many have perished or been harmed along the way?

    I honestly don’t know what the solution is. I definitely feel like we need a much greater number of
    immigration judges, so that asylum claims can be more speedily processed. Part of me likes the idea of family detention centers near the border. But, then is it fair to actually hold minor children in detention with their parents.

    I think some could be released to stay with relatives with case management supervision, but this would not work in all situations. Many kids are unaccompanied.

    Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is to assume that people who support Trump don’t care about kids, or even worse are not “true Christians,” and heading for Hell seems very unjust to me. What happened to the Scripture that talks about, “Who are you to judge another person’s servant?”


    • Becky, first and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post and secondly, for taking the time to respond.

      At this point in my life (age, experience, knowledge) I feel very comfortable in determining who is and who isn’t a true Christian. Am I headed to hell for these judgments? For these assumptions? If the concept of Hell truly exists maybe. But I am comfortable in the knowing that I will be in very “good” company, probably waiting in line, to get in.

      As a reference point for you the ‘fine” folks at Westboro Baptist Church ( consider themselves “true Christians”. Would you agree with their assessment of themselves because I would bet-dollars-to-donuts even your faith and values fall well short in their eyes.

      Becky, the bottom line for me is very simple, Trump has committed and been a part of horrific atrocities against other human beings and this planet. These are undeniable truths. The proof exists. The problem for many is the list is so long we have become numb, even fatigued by them. He has separated families and put children in cages. He has given a voice and a platform to white supremacist. He has rolled back regulations that protect our planet. He has encouraged civil unrest and created chasms between all manners of people of different races, classes, and religious beliefs using fear as the divide. But still, “true Christians” support him. And for what, a few judges and the opportunity for white, “true Christians” to stay in power just a little bit longer? I am pretty sure that is not what Jesus, at least my Jesus, had in mind. How about your Jesus?

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  7. Becky says:

    Well, I appreciate talking with you as well. I’m struggling to know how to begin. Probably we don’t view the Christian faith in exactly the same way. I would agree that people who hold hatred in their hearts are certainly not following Christ. But, I’m not a fundamentalist Christian. I actually am part of the ELCA which is a more liberal denomination. It seems to me that God knows the thoughts and intent of our hearts. Our relationship with Him is based more in His love, expressed in Christ . Not in whether we always get it right or hold to the correct belief or opinion. I truly do not think President Trump is supportive of racism or white supremacy or he is the one primarily fueling division. But explain your thinking more fully to me. What do you mean about white, true Christians staying in power?


    • I am sorry but if you don’t “think President Trump is supportive of racism or white supremacy” then you are sleep walking. His father was a racist, Trump is a racist it is why he hates Obama, not because he is a Democrat (because Trump was a Democrat) but because he is a powerful, and more popular, black man than Trump. That is the plain, and painful truth.

      White people currently hold all the power because we are the majority. That will change in 20, 30 years. That is why “Christians” turn a blind eye to Trump’s racism, and un-Christian attitudes toward immigration. Trump is working on his and their behalf to keep black people down and brown people out.

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      • Rebecca Rome says:

        But, in what sense is Trump working to keep African Americans down? I think before this whole Covid tragedy the employment rate for people of color was the best ever. Trump instituted needed prison reform, money for Black colleges, opportunity zones in the inner cities, good things. I don’t know any Christian people voting for Trump who want to oppress Black people or who are against legal immigration. I’m not rejecting your experience, but it hasn’t been something that I’ve personally seen or experienced at all. Do you think that where people are from, the area of the country might be a factor?


        • Becky, sadly your source of information is Donald Trump and Fox News. There is really no reason for us to continue.

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        • Frank Goss says:

          Personally, I do not believe Trump is racist. I do not think he is ignorant. My African American friends tell me they are voting for him and that he has done a great deal more than previous administrations have done for them. Experience is a subjective matter that does not declare the truth of the matter. It does develop a feeling and/or an opinion, but not necessarily the truth.

          One issue regarding the New York Times is that they have failed to report the facts correctly. Most of the 545 children which have been mentioned have been abandoned by their parents voluntarily. Many of the parents sent them along with friends while they remained at home. Many of the parents have been contacted and do not want their children to come back.

          Now, look at these children. Trump is protecting them and doing what he can to locate the parents but is finding that the situation is quite a bit different than it is being presented.

          I do not question the sincerity of the author of this article, but the sentiments which are serving as a rebuke to the President of the United States are misplaced. How could the mothers and fathers of these children do what they have done? They were no “ripped” from their mother’s hand. They were abandoned.

          Yes, we should weep…but for the children and the horrid state of the heart of the parents who would dare to do such a thing.

          I am thankful that the present administration is caring for these children as they are. They are being fed, clothed, and have a roof over their heads.

          The truth of the situation has not been disclosed and the New York Times should be ashamed of what they have done and are doing.

          Oh, and this is proven data…

          Not Fox News Data


          • Thank you for your perspective and for crawling out from under your rock or your mothers basement. Take your KKK headgear and bedsheet to the cleaners so you can keep it in storage for the next GOP, QAnon piece of shit that runs for office in 2022. “The truth”…lol. Another MAGA dumb fucker. Peace.

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      • cagjr says:

        Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
        Judging the “Christian” is not so hard. We judge them against the scripture they claim is ‘a path unto my feet.’ It tells us how to judge.

        “Today’s Christian nationalists talk a good game about respecting the Constitution and America’s founders, but at bottom, they prefer autocrats to democrats. Trump believes in the rule of force, not the rule of law. He is not there to uphold values but to impose the will of the tribe. He is a leader perfectly suited to the cause.” Stewart, Katherine. The Power Worshippers

        “The cause” is putting Christian Nationalists in a position to take control of the direction of our government. The great majority of America’s Christians have no idea of what is going on with the leadership. They are too obedient to the dogma and/or, too afraid to take a good look at the behavior of Christian leadership.

        The Church has formed a coalition with the government and capitalism. This is the new Holy Trinity.
        Each of the three wants to dominate, but they rely on each other to maintain the status quo. All the minions in the lower levels of government and church are for the most part only good for taxes and tithing.

        The capitalists want to be rid of taxes, laws, and regulations. Trump and the GOP grant their wishes.
        The church wants a hand in writing laws and conservative judges on every possible bench in the nation. Trump and the GOP deliver on that.
        The government (Trump and the GOP) want continued power. They want the votes of the church and the dollars and rubles of the capitalists. I say Rubles because Russia does her fair share.

        “I speak to these pastors” across the country, he said. “This is the one thing they say: ‘Politics is dirty.’ My response to them is, ‘So is the church. So what’s your point?’ ”
        Rob McCoy, Godspeak Calvary Chapel, one of the players in building the church/government coalition. Stewart, Katherine. The Power Worshippers (p. 100). Bloomsbury Publishing.

        Republican Christians credit God with Rep. Cumming’s death.

        This is legislation that was months in developing. Trump simply signed the bill. It was his only input.
        ‘The president’s brief comment appeared to refer to bipartisan legislation, dubbed the FUTURE Act, that the U.S. Congress passed in December. The legislation made permanent $255 million in annual STEM funding for minority-serving colleges, including roughly $85 million specifically allocated to HBCUs.’

        What does this have to do with Trump being racist?
        The church is racist. The church enabled and supported slavery from the beginning of this nation. The church has identified Trump as ‘God’s man’, the new messiah. (Blasphemy? Where are all the ardent believers?.)

        We need to go no further back in the news cycle than Thursday evening to determine if Trump is racist. In spite of his history, which is in the public domain, he declared, “I am the least racist person in this room.” In discussions about race, we often had someone declare, “Some of my best friends are …”

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        • Becky says:

          But, Cagjr, what church are you referring to here? To me, it’s totally blasphemous to suppose that any politician is “God’s man.” What does this even mean? Only God knows our hearts. We can’t even know with certainty if either President Trump or Mr. Biden are Christian believers.

          In many of the mainline denominations, there are more people who might identify as politically progressive than are politically conservative/libertarian. I can tell you that most of the clergy tend to be on the left, not the right.

          Here is the bottom line for me. I am just more libertarian in my political views. Not completely, I understand that there is a proper function of government, and we need a basic social safety net as well as some regulations governing industry.

          But, I am so about the benefits of the free market, how this is connected with wealth creation for people, freedom, and innovation. I feel like freedom of speech is so important. Totally oppose the “cancel culture..” I don’t agree that our society is systemically racist. To me, things like critical race theory are a sure way to further foster resentment and division between us. You and I have had that discussion. 🙂

          I don’t feel that it is wise to completely eliminate fossil fuel anytime soon to combat climate change. Well, I could say so much more… There are tons of issues.

          It seems to me that President Trump, for all his faults, and the Republican party in general is more closely aligned with my views and concerns. That’s why I’m voting for Trump and not Mr. Biden.

          But, I can say from the bottom of my heart, I am not about attempting to oppress or control anyone. At all costs, we must maintain the separation of church and state.


          • Voting for Trump despite “all his faults”? Seriously? Faults? That’s what you call wanting to grab women by their pussy? That’s what you would tell the 28 women that have stated that Trump abused or raped them? Those are just his faults?
            Lady you are nuking futs. I don’t care how far you try to reach down to the bottom of your heart, if you support Trump and GOP you support and encourage the oppression of black, brown, and the LBGTQ community. And guess what, from the “bottom of your heart” you know it. Remember to turn before you burn.

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          • cagjr says:

            Did you read the article? All the pastors were named. Just a simple search turns them up. This is all I expected from you.


          • Sorry, Becky’s time is up on my blog.

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  8. cagjr says:

    May I suggest a good book?
    Thank you.
    The Power Worshippers:
    Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism

    Available on Kindle.

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    • Nan says:

      Guess I’ll have to pass — no Kindle book, IMO, is worth $12+. And I never buy hardbacks anymore. Too bad you don’t have a blog, cagjr, so you could write a review. 😁

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      • cagjr says:

        If I were capable of maintaining a blog I would be doing it. I’ll leave that up to more capable hands.
        That post was mostly for the benefit of Becky. She comes to these blogs directly from Fox or OANN. I dismissed her a while back, I believe on your blog. The owner of this blog has dismissed her, and I think perhaps you did, also. Maybe not a good decision.

        I started using Kindle because I have no more room for books shelves. I try to never buy paperbacks if I can avoid them.

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  9. Rebecca Rome says:

    Well, I certainly don’t disagree, but how can people come to truth together if we’re not willing to put ourselves out there to engage in open and thoughtful dialogue, or if we’re just willing to look at a whole group of people who disagree with us as an enemy with malevolent motives. I personally think there are good and sincere folks on every side of this political divide.


    • My wife and I came back from Asheville yesterday. Driving down Hwy 25 we were passed by 20 pick-up trucks flying Trump flags and Confederate flags, they were headed to a Trump “get together” at the Dixie Republic, a shop that sells everything with a Confederate flag on it you can imagine from t-shirts to dog collars.

      When we rode by they were displaying ugly, crude, and disgusting signs about Biden, Harris, Jamie Harrison, Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi.

      I am sorry but in my neck of the woods this is what the majority of Trump supporters look like, racist, pieces of shit. There is your truth.

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      • cagjr says:

        She is unaware of what she just quoted, “there are good people on both sides.”
        Dejah Vu all over again.

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      • Becky says:

        I am deeply sorry to hear it.


      • maryplumbago says:

        They look the exact same here in Central Fla. It’s like they are from a third world country..pitifully uneducated, desperate to hold on to their distorted Christian values and white supremacy anger and hate.

        If there was a god and he was good, he would be totally appalled at these people. They just make it up as they go along…all in their minds braindead from Fox, AM radio and corrupt preachers.

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        • cagjr says:

          They learn quite a bit from their pulpits. How to vote. Who to worship. Who to hate. When we look at their behavior and gauge their intellect, we should be aware that they represent what the Dominionist Christian Nationalists want the whole country to look like. All the world as a matter of fact.

          They teach and preach against the constitution and democracy that only white Christian Republicans are fit to govern. They teach that public education, what they call ‘secular indoctrination,’ is Satan’s tool, causing homosexuality, lesbianism, and people born transgender. Oh yes, and intelligence. An intelligent populace is a danger to both politics and religion.

          They want everyone to believe that the law of god applies to everyone, whether or not they are believers. They want and expect unquestioning faith, docile compliance, and liberal offerings.

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          • Nan says:

            Most definitely those last two words!!!

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          • Frank Goss says:

            Why is it all the Democrats hate God and Christians and love to call them hypocrites…then they go out and burn buildings, throw rocks, kick men in the head and cause chaos. Then they come home, write in the blogs of how unrighteous the church-going people are.

            Seems like they are extremely lacking in self-awareness.

            Nothing you said has ever taken place in my church. Man, you reject God and all authority and then you tell us we should do the same?

            Get a grip. Grow up.


          • Mr. Gross, people like me exist to put evolutionary stunted primates such as yourself back in their caves. We all know, like groundhogs, you like to stick your head out every few years or so and beat your chest and tell us how evolved you think you are but the truth is your advancements don’t extend past scratching your ass and smelling your fingers and proclaiming to the world that white people are the superior race.

            Funny that you use the term “raping”. Certainly, your lord and savior knows a thing or two about rape; women, construction works, casino workers, the economy, our planet hell even his basket of deplorables. Donald Trump is fucking you in the ass and he wasn’t even thoughtful enough to give you some lube. But no matter, apparently you enjoy it. Just so long as it is a white man. Am I right?

            The sad realty for me and my children is this, you exist. You’re not interested in moving forward. You’re not interested in making the world a better place for EVERYONE. Hell, you don’t give a shit about the future at all. You embody what Isaac Asimov calls the “cult of ignorance in the United States”. And since you are referencing “isms” Trumpism thrives on the notion that your ignorance is just as good as my knowledge which is nothing but laziness, which is what got from Trump for four years, and what we should expect from an evolutionary stunted primate such as yourself.

            The great thing about MAGA is we know who you are. Keep wearing that baseball cap, keep flying those flags, and keep sending Rump all your hard-earned cash. Oh, and buy yourself an industrial size tub of Vaseline, Dandy Don is going to keep fucking you in the ass until he has drained your bank account and morally bankrupted you because that is just the kind of grifter he is and then you can give your ass to Jr., and Eric, and Jared……..I am sure you will continue to enjoy it.

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          • cagjr says:

            This is a creation of mythology. I consider their leadership, both political and religious, and I sort of understand. That much stupid has to be practiced diligently.

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          • Frank Goss says:

            My, don’t you have a way with words.You have children! My, I cannot wait to see how they turn out. I am sure you will be so proud when they curse you… their vocabular will be a reflection of the teaching your have provided.

            Funny, you don’t know me outside of a few lines in cyberspace, yet you have reached some fixed conclusions. You also seem to be obsessed with sex, homosexual sex. Why is that?

            The great thing about dem ( is that short for “dem-witted”?) is that we know your methods and plans. I have no fear of you guys. A bunch of half-wit criminals and dullards with limited vocabulary.

            You cannot be believed. You have proven yourselves to be nothing more than a lying group of low-life thugs willing to stoop to the lowest possible reach to achieve what? A minute of fame. Hehehe…

            I know this is a wasted question, but you do no seem to be one familiar with history and lessons we can learn. But homosexual sex seems to have your attention. Hummm…

            Your sadness will be realized when your children grow up and turn on you. Oh, they will. My existance is irrelivant…I am a cyber mist that will be gone with the click of a button. Those kids of yours, they are an ever present reminder of your failures and bitterness.

            Just remember this…they are reflections not of your actions, but of your desires. This predilection with homosexual sex should bother you…

            I fear for your children…


          • You like the word “homosexual”? Kind of zeroed in on that didn’t you. The analogy is simple (I’ll try to keep it simple, oh wait analogy means comparison) that you giving Trump some ass means he is abusing you and you seem satisfied with that abuse. Hey if you like it that’s cool whatever rocks your boat Mr. Few Lines in Cyberspace and oh please feel free to click that button anytime and don’t let the door hit you in your sore ass on the way out. Sadly in my neck of the woods “Good Christians” like you are a dime a dozen. Typing a response to another irrelevant MAGA piece of shit breaks the workday up for me. It reminds me that despite the bright hope I have for the future we will still have to conquer narrow mind cretins such as yourself. But that’s okay my children and their generation are strong, and smart and understand that despite all the progress we are trying to make we will still have to contend with simple minded creatures that would rather follow a worthless white man than have an original thought themselves. Sheep are good for two things, chops, and socks. Which one are you?

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