Pardon Me

Maybe you remember this tweet from Drump on June 4, 2018: “As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong? In the meantime, the never ending Witch Hunt, led by 13 very Angry and Conflicted Democrats (& others) continues into the mid-terms!”

As is typical with all the other bullshit Drump spews out of his sour, pursed, orange, thin lips he references “numerous legal scholars” without actually naming any. Why? Because there aren’t any numerous legal scholars, hell there isn’t even one. You see that is the ultimate entitlement of Trumpism, if I say it, if I think it, if I fart it, if I wear on a t-shirt, it’s true. And if we call bullshit, or tell them to show us the proof they quote Hannity, the Bible, Carlson, Falwell, Facebook or Twitter.   

If you have ever watched Drump for any length of time you know that he punctuates his statements with terms like “many people”, or if he thinks a point is very important “many powerful people”. The key here is that he never names who these mysterious “many people” are. Ever wonder why? Yea, me nether.

My favorite though is when Drump is talking about something he thinks he is an expert on like drinking bleach to cure COVID, he will say to those he is addressing “as you know”. It goes something like this, “As you know, many powerful people say that drinking bleach cures COVID.” And what happened after that? Disinfectant poisonings increased by 121%. That really happened. MAGA might be dumb as a bag of rocks but they are devoted. If the man says to drink bleach by god cheers! But can I chase it with a Budweiser?

I have been thinking about this pardon thing, and Drump’s absolute right to pardon himself. I doubt despite what numerous legal scholars think, that he is going to be willing to play chicken with that. To say that pardoning oneself is unprecedented is an understatement. In America’s 200 plus year history no President has ever pardoned themselves. Why do you think that is? Maybe because it won’t stick? Maybe because it isn’t legal? How about because no other seated President has needed too. Jesus could forgive his own sins but I am pretty confident Drump can’t erase his own crimes.

Don’t be fooled, other than being labeled for all eternity as an impeached, one term loser the reason Drump is fighting so hard to overturn the LEGAL election that took place two weeks ago is because he knows he is a criminal. He knows that the road ahead of him is not paved with silver and gold but lawsuits, court dates, fines and potentially prison time.

Many political pundits have predicted that after Drump blankets the Trump crime family with pardons that he will resign and get a pardon from Mike Pence. But think about that for a moment, what does Pence gain from doing that? Put MAGA in his good graces? Those buffoons don’t give a shit about Mike Pence. I would venture to guess most think he is a pussy and would never vote for him anyway. And the other thing that throws a monkey wrench in Pence’s plans is that Drump is thumping his chest and saying he will run again in 2024. I can promise you he will not.

Over the next four years so much shit is going to come out about the Trump Crime Family that even some, not all, of the knuckle dragging MAGAers will disown him. I hopeful that if Drump resigns Pence will grow a pair or maybe Mother gives them back to him for a day or two and he won’t pardon the Mango king. That would assure the world we have seen the last of a Donald J. Rump presidency.

I know most of you are worried about how much chaos, turmoil, and destruction Drump can cause between now and January 20th but think about it like this would you rather have to deal with 60 more days of Drump’s shit or another 1,460 days? Easy answer.                    

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2 Responses to Pardon Me

  1. cagjr says:

    “Everybody is saying” that he is the most destructive person in our society.
    Trump is under some pressure. He knows that when he leaves the White House several prosecutors are waiting for him. Trump also knows exactly what he is guilty of. I am thinking some of the prosecutors, state and federal, know a lot more than they will share with the public before they can get access to him. Barr stopped the Mueller investigation for a reason. Innocent people don’t go to these extremes.

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