I went back and read what I posted on December 29, 2020, about the up-coming year, 2021. The only positive I noted for the coming year is the election of a grown-up, Joe Biden, as President of the United States. I can confidently say that Joe has met all of my expectations. Has it all been rainbows and gumdrops, no. But I trust him. I trust his leadership. I trust that he will tell us the truth. I trust that he accepts responsibility. And most of all, I trust that he is not batshit crazy.    

2021 has been a blur for me, seemingly the fastest year of my life. I turned sixty which I thought was a big deal, it wasn’t. My responsibilities at work, a non-profit that builds and owns affordable housing, increased which has put more stress on me at a time that I hoped I would be slowing down but somebody needed to step-up so tag I’m it. My kids are doing great, growing, changing, trying to find their way in the world. Obviously COVID still directs and affects our lives both socially and sadly politically. We have gone from 336,000 COVID deaths at the end of 2020 to 821,000 at the end of 2021, an increase of almost 500,000 with most of those deaths attributed to unvaccinated individuals. As I heard one Doctor say on the news, begging for a vaccine when a tube going down your throat is too late. COVID doesn’t care who you voted for.  

A positive change for me in 2021 is that I don’t watch Rachel Maddow every night like I did the previous four years. Honestly, I can’t think of the last time I watched her show. I don’t have the same political anxiety now that I had before. Some political pundits believe that I should have more now than ever before, but I continue to believe that the GOP extremist and the MAGA white nationals make-up a small, dying, but loud segment of our total population. I truly believe most Americans are good and decent people and that the Loser got elected because Hillary Clinton was the other option, so people simply didn’t vote.  

I ended last year’s post with the following quote from the Loser when asked about his lack of accountability to the COVID response: “I don’t take responsibility at all.” – March 13, 2020. That really sums up his four years in office.

I don’t know what 2022 has in-store. My crystal ball is all fogged up, but my Magic 8 Ball just told me “Outlook Not So Good”. I’ll try it again later. What I do see on the horizon is my wife and I are getting a new puppy next week. Our old hound dog is 13 years old so a new puppy will shake things up at the house. My youngest will hopefully attain her PhD mid-year 2022 and find a job teaching what she has spent so many years studying. My oldest and her husband will still be out west. I am not sure they will ever come east of Mississippi again. My parents and in-laws are doing well but when you are in your early and mid-eighties you know you are living on borrowed time.

As for me, I need to take better care of myself. More walking, hiking, and riding my bicycle and less beer and french-fries. I have a couple of big building projects on the horizon. Both should start by the 2nd quarter of 2022. Both will be stressful but once completed rewarding, providing housing for 36 humans currently living on the street plus housing for two families. But here is the thing I know, here is the thing I always try and remember, I am not guaranteed a 2022 or even a tomorrow, none of us are. My kids feel this is a morbid way to think but for me it is simply facing a reality. I am going to die. I hope later rather than sooner but all we can do is hope.

One of my favorite Bible verses is James 4:14: Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. What this verse means to me is make the most of the short time we have on this planet and if we can, leave it better than we found it for the next inhabitants. I am trying to do that.

I hope each of you have a happy and healthy 2022. Happy New Year! 

“I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” – Woody Allen             

About ends and beginnings blog

I am a frustrated writer and poet waiting to be discovered. A stand-up philosopher performing on a street corner near you. A Christian with questions but I don’t want to hear your answers. A Buddhist with a bumper sticker on my truck to prove it. A collector of quotes. A grower of lettuce. The Patron Saint of earthworms who name their children after me. A cyclist whose big ass strains the seams of his Lycra bibs. I am American by birth, Southern by the grace of God. My goal in life is to leave an imprint on the lives of the people I love not a footprint on the earth. I am a son, a husband, a father composed of 65%-Oxygen, 18%-Carbon, 10%-Hydrogen, 3%-Nitrogen, 3%-Diet Coke and 1%-Oreo.
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5 Responses to 2022

  1. Nan says:

    IMO, barring an accident and/or health problems that you haven’t revealed, you are heading for SEVERAL more years of good living (excluding, of course, political hijinks).

    One thing I greatly hope in 2022 is that “loud segment” you referenced gets shut down! Unfortunately, their political gerrymandering will most likely prevent this hope from coming to fruition.

    In any case, I do hope you have a GOOD 2022 — with all that that wish entails.

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  2. May 2022 be filled with untold delights. – *smiles*

    – Esme waving upon the Cloud

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  3. Happy New Year to you, as well, sir. And that’s one of my favorite Woody Allen quotes.

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