The po-po is chasing him

“He’s running for the same reason every shirtless guy on ‘Cops’ runs — the po-po is chasing him.” – Trevor Noah

If President Trump continues this tone and delivers this message on a consistent basis, he will be hard to beat. His speech tonight, contrasting his policies and results against the Biden Administration, charts a winning path for him in the primaries and general election. As we listen to President Trump remind us of what is possible regarding our borders, economy, and national security, it is my hope that he will continue to focus on the solutions that he offered tonight to restore a broken America. – Lindsey Graham tweet (11-15-22)

Tonight, as you watch an orange-smeared circus clown gear up to take another stab at ending our democracy, remember this: when the Republican Party had a choice between Trump or America, they chose Trump over and over again. – The Lincoln Project tweet (11-15-22)

Did you watch it? I didn’t. I watched two exciting episodes of The Great British Bake Off instead of watching the orange clown sniffle his way through a Stephen Miller written teleprompter speech about the “the blood-soaked streets of our once-great cities”.

Frump announced his third candidacy for one reason and one reason only, so that he can label all the lawsuits and investigations he is at the center of as politically motivated. The truth is “the po-po is chasing him”. Apparently, he even called himself a victim, “I’m a victim. I will tell you. I’m a victim” which certainly sets the stage for his public relations defense (he has no other defense) because we all know he will do everything possible to keep from testifying and keep his fat orange ass out of prison.

But I don’t want to focus on Frump, because quite honestly as George Conway noted “He was always going to run. His narcissism, his megalomania, his delicate yet illimitable ego, would have it no other way.” No, I want to talk about my senator, Ms. Lindsey Graham.

You see, I remember what Frump accomplished which was other than stacking the Supreme Court and giving the top ten wealthiest people in America an incredible, debt increasing, tax break…. nothing, he accomplished nothing. And the thing is Ms. Graham knows this. She has had moments of clarity, moments where she attempted to grow a spine but then something happened, and she backed down and got back on MAGA train.

Conventional wisdom assumes that Frump has something nasty in his back pocket that he is holding over Ms. Graham’s head. It’s possible. We here in South Carolina presume that Lindsey is a gay man without a key to his closet and please I have nothing against gay men or women. I count both as family friends and co-workers and I understand how Lindsey, steeped in Southern Baptist tradition, would want to keep that hidden. He is a man that my grandmother would have called a confirmed bachelor, “probably queer but keeps his queer to himself”.

But I would have hoped by now that even MAGA would be progressive enough to embrace a confirmed bachelor. I mean hell, they have welcomed Herschel Walker into their ranks, a black man who checks off all the stereotypical MAGA boxes, why wouldn’t they accept Ms. Graham? It’s a rhetorical question, we know why.   

Ms. Graham is 67 years old and has been a senator for almost 20 years. He is not a rich man, hell he doesn’t even make the top 50 list of the wealthiest people in the Senate and the House (in case you are wondering Rick Scott is the wealthiest with an estimated net worth of $260 million). He gets paid about $175,000.00 a year, has a great benefits and pension package headed his way, and oh yea, he is powerful. POWERFUL and he doesn’t want to give that up. So, who can blame him for hiding his sexuality and kissing a lot of orange ass? Me.      


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