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Don’t skip to the end

My wife and I communicate very differently. For example I will say I talked to daughter # 1 about X and my wife will say Did you ask her about Y and Z? No, I will reply I only called to ask … Continue reading

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A Poem: These roads

I travel a road paved with moments Sheltered with shades of tomorrows and yesterday A journey smoothed with rocky edges and rough beginnings I have passed through light only to end in darkness Decisions of moving forward or traveling back through past … Continue reading

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The Heartbreak of Experience

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss  Recently two members of my family had their heartbroken over a business transaction that didn’t materialize. They unfortunately, as I told them, had “counted their chickens before they hatched”. The deal … Continue reading

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Ends and Beginnings

The name of my blog is Ends and Beginnings. The reason for this is simple, everyday our life is full of endings and beginnings. Unfortunately most of us just don’t seem to get or accept it or as Mister Rogers so … Continue reading

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