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No Words

In the span of a day I bet my Grandfather spoke less than 500 words. My Grandmother on the other hand probably spoke 10,000 words an hour. I always liked being around my Grandfather much more. The man has been gone for … Continue reading

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More Space-its okay not to talk

If you have spent anytime reading my post you know that “space” is a recurring theme. I spent this past Sunday cleaning out our garage, something I do about once a quarter. I am not an accumulator of stuff, I am an … Continue reading

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Silence is a sound

When was the last time you heard silence? As I sit typing this in the quiet of my home I hear someone mowing the grass in the rain. One of my two dogs letting out a single bark every five … Continue reading

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Pedaling Zen

Another excerpt from my manuscript (I guess it is not a book until it is published): The Commonzense of Saint James I ride a bicycle on trips anywhere from thirty miles to eighty miles at a time. A short thirty-mile ride … Continue reading

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