While the white people rally in Orlando…..

The face of Trump

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Our Orlando Sentinel endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump | Editorial

Donald Trump is in Orlando to announce the kickoff of his re-election campaign.

We’re here to announce our endorsement for president in 2020, or, at least, who we’re not endorsing: Donald Trump.

Some readers will wonder how we could possibly eliminate a candidate so far before an election, and before knowing the identity of his opponent.

Because there’s no point pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for Trump.

After 2½ years we’ve seen enough.

Enough of the chaos, the division, the schoolyard insults, the self-aggrandizement, the corruption, and especially the lies.

So many lies — from white lies to whoppers — told out of ignorance, laziness, recklessness, expediency or opportunity.

Trump’s capacity for lying isn’t the surprise here, though the frequency is.

It’s the tolerance so many Americans have for it.

There was a time when even a single lie — a phony college degree, a bogus work history — would doom a politician’s career.

Not so for Trump, who claimed in 2017 that he lost the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally (they didn’t). In 2018 he said North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat (it is). And in 2019 he said windmills cause cancer (they don’t). Just last week he claimed the media fabricated unfavorable results from his campaign’s internal polling (it didn’t).

According to a Washington Post database, the president has tallied more than 10,000 lies since he took office.

Trump’s successful assault on truth is the great casualty of this presidency, followed closely by his war on decency.

Trump insults political opponents and national heroes alike with middle-school taunts. He demonstrates no capacity for empathy or remorse. He misuses his office to punish opponents, as when he recently called for a boycott of AT&T to get even with his least favorite media outlet, CNN. He tears down institutions, once airily suggesting the U.S. should try having a leader for life as China now allows. He seems incapable of learning a lesson, telling an ABC interviewer last week — just two months after Robert Mueller’s report on election interference was released — that he would accept dirt on an opponent from Russia or China.

Trump has diminished our standing in the world. He reneges on deals, attacks allies and embraces enemies.

This nation must never forget that humiliating public moment in Helsinki in 2018 when the president of the United States chose to accept Vladimir Putin’s denials of Russian interference in the 2016 election over the unanimous assessment of the American intelligence community.

Such a betrayal by a U.S. president would have been the unforgivable political sin in normal times.

As if that’s not enough, Trump declares his love for North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, a genuine villain who starves and enslaves his people and executes his enemies with antiaircraft guns and flamethrowers.

But he wrote the president a “beautiful letter.” Flattery will get you everywhere with this president, and that’s dangerous.

Domestically, the president’s signature issue — immigration — has moved in fits and starts. Happily, he abandoned pursuing an outright — and unconstitutional — ban on Muslims entering the U.S., opting instead to restrict travel for people from a handful of nations, most of them majority Muslim.

He’s tried separating families, sending troops to the border and declaring a national emergency. For all of that, illegal border crossings are, as the president himself calls it, at crisis levels.

He blames House Democrats because casting blame is Trump’s forte. But Republicans controlled the House and the Senate for two full years. That seemed like an ideal time to fix what the president believes ails our immigration laws.

Even with Democrats now controlling the House, where is Trump’s much-touted deal-making mojo, an attribute he campaigned on?

“But the economy!”

Yes, the market has done well since Trump’s election.

The S&P 500 was up about 21% between Trump’s inauguration and May 31 of his third year in office. Under President Obama, it was up about 56% in that same period.

Unemployment is headed down, as it was during seven straight years under Obama.

Wages are up, and that’s a welcome change. But GDP increases so far are no better than some periods under Obama. Deficit spending under Obama was far too high, in part because of the stimulus needed to dig out of the Great Recession. Under Trump, it’s still headed in the wrong direction, once again pushing $1 trillion even though the economy is healthy.

Trump seems to care nothing about the deficit and the national debt, which once breathed life into the Tea Party.

Through all of this, Trump’s base remains loyal. Sadly, the truest words Trump might ever have spoken was when he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose his supporters.

This non-endorsement isn’t defaulting to whomever the Democrats choose. This newspaper has a history of presidential appointments favoring Republicans starting in the mid-20th century. Except for Lyndon Johnson in 1964, the Sentinel backed Republican presidential nominees from 1952 through 2004, when we recommended John Kerry over another four years of George W. Bush.

As recently as 2012 we recommended Republican Mitt Romney because of what seemed at the time to be Obama’s failure to adequately manage the nation’s finances.

If — however unlikely — a Republican like Romney, now a senator from Utah, or former Ohio Gov. John Kasich successfully primaried the president, we would eagerly give them a look. Same if an independent candidate mounted a legitimate campaign.

We’d even consider backing Trump if, say, he found the proverbial cure for cancer or — about as likely — changed the essence of who he is (he won’t).

The nation must endure another 1½ years of Trump. But it needn’t suffer another four beyond that.

We can do better. We have to do better.

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I stepped on my dick again so “I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 8:00 A.M. Enjoy!”

A little catching up-

“I meet and talk to “foreign governments” every day. I just met with the Queen of England (U.K.), the Prince of Wales, the P.M. of the United Kingdom, the P.M. of Ireland, the President of France and the President of Poland. We talked about “Everything!” Should I immediately call the FBI about these calls and meetings? How ridiculous! I would never be trusted again. With that being said, my full answer is rarely played by the Fake News Media. They purposely leave out the part that matters.” – Trump tweet 6-13-19

Once again Big Don opened his mouth and stepped on his dick when asked if the Russians offered him campaign help what he would do, “I’d take it”. What a dumbass. Most sane, rational and dare I say intelligent human beings would have learned after two and a half years of dealing with this “Russer thing with Trump and Russia” that was the wrong answer but not our stable genius.

So after furiously tweeting stupid shit like above, and correcting the Prince of Whales, he is running to Fox & Friends to make sure his Deplorable base remembers that the sun is blue and the sky is yellow because, well he says so. And you know what? They will continue to believe him.

“Let me make something 100% clear to the American public and anyone running for public office: It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election. This is not a novel concept.” – Ellen Weintraub, Chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission


Read this tweet and then read the definition of Obstruction of Justice below;

“General Michael Flynn, the 33 year war hero who has served with distinction, has not retained a good lawyer, he has retained a GREAT LAWYER, Sidney Powell. Best Wishes and Good Luck to them both!” – Trump tweet 6-13-19

Obstruction of Justice – the crime or act of willfully interfering with the process of justice and law especially by influencing, threatening, harming, or impeding a witness, potential witness, juror, or judicial or legal officer or by furnishing false information in or otherwise impeding an investigation or legal process

What you may not know is that Flynn has fired his attorneys prior to his sentencing and has hired Fox News talking head Sidney Powell, a well-known and very vocal Trump supporter, to represent him (and I am pretty sure being paid for by the committee to re-elect Tonald Drump). What Drump is CLEARLY telling Mike Flynn via tweet for the whole world to see is this, you take care of me and I will take care of you, wink, wink……pardon. This tweet, in its simplest terms, is Obstruction of Justice. A sitting President attempting to influence the outcome of a judicial process.

If you have ever watched The Godfather you understand that Trump is pulling some Frank Pentangeli shit “Yeah, but only the rich guys, Tom. The little guys got knocked off and all their estates went to the Emperors. Unless they went home and killed themselves, then nothing happened. And the families… the families were taken care of.”

The Mueller Report list 14 instances of obstruction by Rump, 14. And despite what Princess Lindsey Graham says, if Drump wasn’t the President his orange ass would be headed to court and more than likely to prison as well. Read the report, it is that damning. But because only Congress can take action against a sitting President through impeachment proceedings Mueller’s hands were tied. He was given NO prosecutorial latitude. Simply stated, charging Trump with a crime was not an option for Muller.

Since I live in a red state writing my Congressman and asking him to move towards and support impeachment is a waste of time, but it is time to act. We need to add IMPEACHED to his Presidential resume along with LOSER, FAILURE, and TRAITOR. We won’t get the Senate’s support but proceedings need to begin, now. If you have a Democrat representing you in Congress call them, write them, and tell them to impeach this sack of shit. Accepting help from a foreign adversary is Treason, “I’d take it”. Attempting to influence the outcome of a judicial process is Obstruction of Justice, “Best Wishes and Good Luck to them both!” Muller gave us all the evidence. Congress needs to act!

“We conducted that investigation and kept the office of the acting attorney general apprised of the progress of our work. And as set forth in the report, after that investigation, if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” – Robert Mueller

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Ms. Lindsey Graham says its over…it ain’t over just yet little lady!


Miss Graham

From my spineless and apparently compromised South Carolina Senator, Ms. Lindsey Olin Graham;

Dear Mr. I don’t give a shit what you think: 

Thank you for contacting me about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. 

The Special Counsel’s investigation, which cost $25 million over the course of nearly two years, left no stone unturned. As an American, I appreciate the Special Counsel’s diligent work in looking into all possible leads. 

I accept the Special Counsel’s ultimate judgement that no member of the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign. I also concur with the assessment of the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General that the evidence is not sufficient to establish that the President obstructed justice. 

No collusion. No coordination. No obstruction. Those are the final takeaways of the Mueller report. 

I believe it is in our country’s best interests to move on. For me, it is over.

If you live in South Carolina please consider supporting Jamie Harrison so Ms. Graham can retire and sip Mint Juleps and tend to her neglected rose garden.

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Long live the Queen!

In replying to a comment Nan left on my last post I shared a little about the closeness of my side of the family. Let me very clear about this point, my side of the family. Both of my parents are still alive and kicking (and complaining). Our family has a “standing” and somewhat mandatory gathering on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When the kids were younger we probably saw everyone at least every other month, or at a minimum once a quarter. There was even a time, long, long ago that my parents actually drove to my house occasionally. They don’t feel the need to do that any longer. But all in all we are pretty tight group primarily because of and centered around one person, the Queen, the Sun, my Mother.

I had similar relationships growing-up on both my Mother and Father’s side of the family. Each side had a Queen, my Grandmothers, and my Mother was the daughter, and the daughter in-law. My Mother’s power and status, outside of her immediate family was that of Princess and she served at the pleasure of her Queens.

I grew-up close to my cousins on both sides of my family and we had regular gatherings not just for the major holidays but for birthdays, Sunday dinners, and just because the Queens had called a meeting. On my Father’s side there were 9 cousins plus the 3 of us and on my Mother’s side 3 cousins plus 3 half-uncles the same age as we are. Gatherings were loud, sometimes feelings were hurt and occasionally a fist was thrown that rarely landed where it was intended.

These gatherings lasted well into my early twenties but happened less frequently, eventually ending when the Queens passed away. What happened next has always fascinated me, all of those Princesses, the daughter and daughter in-laws become Queens of their own families. And my cousins, kids that I had grown-up with and saw frequently, some of them I haven’t seen or even communicated with in almost 40 years. The glue that bonded us together, the person that fried those Chickens and made those Coconut Cakes was the Queen just as it is today except now my Mother is the Queen, just as my Aunts are now the Queens of their families, people I now only see at funerals.

So this weekend, as I gathered with all of family now numbering 16 at my nieces wedding I watched the 77 year old Queen and her court of three Princesses, daughters, and daughter in-law direct traffic, telling us where we need to be, what to do and asking “How many beers have you had?”. I realized watching this show that all of these Princesses were now just Queens in training, learning the delicacies of reigning over a larger family that will grow with spouses and grandchildren of their own. Their time as Queen will come, hopefully many, many years from now, but it will come.

When that time comes will the three new Queendoms that will be created interact with the other Queendoms? Will the family splinter as I watched happen with the deaths of my Grandmothers? Or will the power of the current Queen still reign spiritually over us guilting us to at least call your sister every once in a while?

I told my Mom once, the current Queen, that I will probably never talk to or see my sisters and their families after she dies. Her response; “Then I will haunt you from the grave for the rest of your life!” Honestly I believe she would. Long live the Queen!

“In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.” –  Lao Tzu

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The state of the circus

Trump Clown

“Without the ILLEGAL Witch Hunt, my poll numbers, especially because of our historically “great” economy, would be at 65%. Too bad! The greatest Hoax in American History.” – Trump tweet 5-22-19 

I spent the weekend with my kids, my nieces and nephew and their significant others. As a point reference, the age range of these 11 young adults is 19 to 29. Of these, 7 of them have an advanced degree, another one is working on his MBA and 1 of the 7 is working on her PhD (one of mine). Yes, they are smart.

The event we were attending was a wedding, the marriage of the oldest grandchild in my family. I have known six of them (not their significant others) their entire lives. A couple of them, including my own, I meet within minutes of being punched out into the world screaming. Do you get the picture, I know these kids pretty well.

Since this was a weekend of celebration I tried to keep the conversation light, for the most part, but I was curious how these kids saw the world today and specifically what did they think about the direction America was headed under the “leadership” of our Loser-in-Chief. Without question the consensus among all of them was that America is failing.

They had two major concerns, the destruction of our environment and intolerance. Their view of America today is that of a greedy, spoiled brat that doesn’t care about anything or anyone other than themselves. Pretty much pegs The Donald doesn’t it?

But here is the thing that bothers me, these kids, my kids aren’t very optimistic about the future of America. They view Trump as a sickness polluting the minds of not just the old white Deplorables and Evangelicals but a new crop of disenfranchised white youth who believe America has coddled black, brown, gay, liberal and non-Christian citizens for too long. These misguided youth believe that they have some kind of “birth right” to the American dream that has been denied them because of their lot in life whatever that lot may be. Trump stokes their bitterness by talking tough, building walls, putting brown children in cages, revoking rights and pardoning criminals all in the name of Jesus and Apple Pie.

I spend a lot time talking young adults off the cliff about the current state of America. I tell them the same thing over and over, Trump does not have the support of the majority of Americans. What he says, and what he promotes only appeals to a minority of our citizens. His delusional statement above that his poll numbers would be at 65% are just the ravings of a lunatic out of touch with reality. On his best day 30-35% of Americans would go to war for him, 5-10% reluctantly stand by him as long as their 401(k) keeps going up and gas prices keep going down. What makes it hard for the rest of us, the other 65% is that we can see through his bullshit, we know he is an immoral, self-absorbed, ignorant piece of shit and we don’t understand why the other 35% can’t. Why can’t they?

The simple answer is this, people are stupid and you can’t fix stupid. Trump appeals to the sanctimonious, the uneducated, the bigoted, and the narrow-minded. People who spend their entire lives in one lane. Their view of the world never changes, and they don’t want it to change. They love “the same” about their existence, same white people, same white church, same cheap beer, same King James Version and the same white neighborhood they have lived in their entire white life. Trump reassures them that he supports their sameness. Why wouldn’t he? If all you want out of life is cheap t-shirts from Walmart and the $8.00 buffet at Golden Corral a baboon in a $5,000 suit could promise and deliver that. Oh, wait.

“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” – Napoleon Bonaparte



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The Art of the Fail

Trump Steak

“I have used the laws of this country just like the greatest people that you read about every day in business have used the laws of this country, the chapter laws, to do a great job for my company, my employees, myself and my family.” – Donald Trump

I realize that the white, racist, poor and uneducated Deplorable Nation bought The Donald Trump Show hook, line and sinker. You know that reality show where the orange actor wears make-up and the stupid shit he says is edited out or voiced-over. They also took for face value that The Donald was some kind of idiot savant businessman. That he “worked” for everything he got except he is unwilling to prove it by releasing his tax returns. You can read his books if you really need proof.

But none of that matters to Joe and Josephine Deplorable just like it doesn’t matter that he can’t keep his dick in his pocket, or that he writes checks to keep porn stars quiet after a “quickie” or that he has fathered five children from three different wives. A real holy man. Nope, Joe and Josephine can overlook all those indiscretions because, well, Trump is white, Republican, and he wants to keep brown and black people out and down.

Honestly, I have thought that America could survive almost anything Trump stuck his tiny, orange fingers in for the few years he has remaining except two things, war in the Middle East, and a trade war with China and unfortunately both of those issues are ringing our doorbell as we speak.

I will deal with what this fuck-up and his son in-law are doing in the Middle East for another post but screwing with China without a plan, without an endgame, and without a brain cell could be catastrophic. And what I find so interesting about Trump poking the China Bear is how it will directly affect his base, Retired Deplorable, Farmer Deplorable, Factory Worker Deplorable and White-trash shops at Dollar General Deplorable.

Trump has bankrupted his companies six times. In his quote above, touting his brilliance in using the laws to his advantage, he states that he did it “to do a great job for my company, my employees, myself and my family.” Who he didn’t do it for was Electrician Deplorable, Construction Worker Deplorable, or Plumber Deplorable and if the truth be told, which we know Deplorable Nation won’t believe, the only Trump employees that benefited were the small numbers that work at Trump Headquarters. None of the employees at the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Castle Hotel & Casino, Trump Plaza Casino, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Trump Shuttle, Trump Steaks or Trump University, just to name a few of the Trump failures, benefited from his “business genius”.

I have been in the real estate development for 30 years and the first piece of advice I got was this, how do you make $1,000,000 in the development business? Start with $2,000,000. The reason the King of Bullshit doesn’t want the rest of us to see his tax returns is because they will prove he is fraud, a conman. Trump has been leaking millions for 30 years. But that’s okay because he started with a big bankroll from his Daddy. Remember, how do make a million dollars, start with two. I bet a dollar to a doughnut that his tax returns would prove two things, one Fred Trump is still feeding this fat, orange kid from the grave and two, Putin co-signed some sweetheart loans for him.

Back to China, this thing could go one of two ways for Trump, China backs down or they give him an industrial size tub of Vaseline to reduce the friction he will experience. My money is on number two. And here is the thing about pissing China off, the cheap shit Retired Deplorable, Factory Worker Deplorable and White-trash Deplorable like to buy at Wal-Mart becomes more expensive or worst, just goes away. And China no longer buys pigs, chickens, wheat, corn and soy-beans from Farmer Deplorable.

And what is our rocket scientist solution? “Buy from a non-Tariffed Country, or you buy the product inside the USA (the best idea).” Right, spoken like a man truly in-touch with his base. Maybe what this dumbass needs to do is shop at Target for a package of his size 60 whitey-tighties or better yet, look at the label on the back of one of his overly long red ties. Unfortunately the label will be upside down and he will think ANIHC is a Scandinavian country.

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The rest of the Lindsey Graham story

lindsey graham

The rest of the Lindsey Graham story……….

Trump chooses Lindsey has his running mate for his 2020 reelection bid after God tells Mike Pence to sale everything he owns and join Franklin Graham to share the story of Jesus Christ with the heathen homosexuals in Butte, Montana (Mike thinks that is French for butt). Several months later, in an interview with The New York Times along the banks of the Big Hole River (no it was not named after Trump) and outfitted in the finest fishing gear available from Cabela’s, Mike declares Butte “purified” of the homosexual epidemic that had befallen the city and was never heard from again. It is widely assumed that he and Franklin lived happily ever after.

Unfortunately for Lindsey, in the midst of the campaign and down double digits in the polls, Trump suffered a tremendous, amazing, unbelievable stroke in September, two months before the MAGA votes were to be cast and after a billion dollar billboard advertising blitz by the Russians and the NRA. Sean Hannity said it was a stroke and Trump’s proctologist confirmed to the National Enquirer it was probably a stroke. Most of America on the other hand really couldn’t tell the difference or for that matter care.

Lindsey had missed his chance to be a number two though the majority of Americans were of the opinion that Lindsey was already the second biggest number two just under T-Rump.

The Donald went on to make an amazing, beautiful, big league recovery but was forced to file for bankruptcy after the assets of Deutsche Bank were seized by Angela Merkel and the German government. Still he was able to build his Presidential library on the grounds of Mar-a-Lago, now owned by a Russian oligarch, charging the United States government a $1,000,000 developer’s fee. Deplorable nation can get the “Trump Experience” as Ivanka likes to call the library tour for the reasonable sum of fifty dollars where you can buy corn-dogs, Big Gulps, MAGA hats, t-shirts, and Trumps new book “The Art of the Steal”.

Lindsey, without a job in the Capital for the first time in almost 30 years, packs his prom dresses, blue blazers and charcoal grey slacks and heads back Central, SC to plot his next course of action. He is determined to continue the fight to expose the Deep State conspiracy to cover-up Hillary Clinton’s emails. He owes to himself, he owes it to Trump, and most of all he owes it to Joe Deplorable in McBee, SC

Like any washed-up, white Republican Lindsey heads to Fox News but his time on the air is short lived. One Sunday morning while hosting Media Buzz Lindsey’s emotions get the best of him and he calls Hillary Clinton a “smelly old Yankee cunt”. Apparently even Deplorable Southern Baptist don’t like women-folk, any women-folk being called cunts particularly on Sunday morning right before Church. Lindsey issues a Tweet apologizing to “cunts everywhere, even Hillary Clinton” but it isn’t enough to save him.

After his unfortunate slip of the tongue, Lindsey tries his hand in the Podcast arena and even gets the Kock Brothers (not to be confused with the Koch Brothers) to sponsor him promoting their line of personal protection products (condoms) sold in the “finest truck stop restrooms from coast to coast”. What Lindsey failed to realize is that in order to actually watch a Podcast your audience needs to have some very basic technologies like a computer, an internet connection, or a phone more advance than the flipper your Mom was going to trade-in. Sadly for Lindsey his audience just wasn’t technology “there” yet or as Joe Deplorable down in McBee, SC noted “shit like that cost money man”.

So after the third episode of “But what about the emails!!” Lindsey decides to retire and move back to South Carolina taking with him the 40 cases of Kock Brothers French tickler condoms in neon green he had to buy on consignment which he sales on the weekends at the Jockey Lot.

But don’t feel too bad for Lindsey, in the next 20 years he will be living in a posh retirement center in Greenville, SC on that government pension he worked so hard to earn. He will attempt to maintain his boyish good looks wearing a man diaper under his khaki’s, with a stiffly starched blue button down, and penny loafers with no socks. The old “Queen” of the Palmetto State will begin dying his hair what we here in South Carolina refer to as Strom Thurmond brown and he will get regular injections of Botox in his brow and ass to keep it tight and just because he likes the way it feels. He may be old and wet his pants from time to time but an old “Queen” still needs to look her best when she is yelling “But what about the emails!!” to no one in-particular. The end.


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