Head wound

“Our side, we go for the head wound. Your side, you have pillow fights.” – Steve Bannon

This evening I will begin a six-month long Christian based program with a curriculum that will explore and study how we take care of the poor, each other, and our planet. Now I am committed to taking care of the poor through my work with the homeless. I am also committed to taking care of our planet but I realize there is much more that I can do. What I need to work on, or what I need to figure out and understand is how do I, we, take care of each other in this world of Trump.

The quote from Steve Bannon is from a conversation he had with filmmaker Michael Moore. Bannon was describing the difference between Trumps base and liberals. It was, as Bannon describes, how Trump won the election. Read it again; “Our side, we go for the head wound. Your side, you have pillow fights.”

Want to see some of the latest examples of head wounds Trump supporters are willing to inflict?

Debbie Dooley @CrimsontiderWarning high school guys!! Don’t even think about being around girls while drinking at a party or one of them may outright lie about you 38 years later and call it rape like leftist liar Christine Ford is.

Richard Jarzynka‏ @YaZhynkaKavanaugh’s should sue this lying witch and she should be arrested for knowingly making a false accusation. Let her testify, so she can also be prosecuted for lying to Congress. Let her ass sit in Federal Prison, right next to Crooked.

Gina Mussic@panessence333They ruined Judge Roy Moore’s reputation in the same manner. Since spending millions of dollars to win elections & voter fraud don’t work, they engage in a smear campaign. Not this time! Time to stand up to the liars and their defamatory theater group!

Gravy‏ @gravysrMaybe something DID happen: teenager, raging hormones, peer pressure, immature forebrain, not enough blood to run your brain and your d*ck at the same time, and we end up with “he said-she said.” I don’t care.

David A. Clarke, Jr.‏ @SheriffClarkeOh BULL SH*T This wench is being coached and paid by Democrat operatives. This is a stall tactic to help Senate Democrats. FBI to investigate WHAT? IT’S PUT UP OR SHUT UP TIME for Christine Ford. GRASSLEY CALL THE VOTE. Stop playing footsie with Democrats

I had a conversation this more morning with a “friend” about Brett Kavanaugh. His take, and his words, “The bitch is lying.” I asked him why would she lie? Why would she subject herself to the abuse, the threats on her life? Why? His response, revenge. Here is what he has been reading;

From the right-wing website Pacific PunditMartha G. Kavanaugh, the mother of Brett Kavanaugh was a Maryland district judge in 1996. In an amazing coincidence, Martha Kavanaugh was the judge in a foreclosure case in which Christine Blasey-Ford’s parents were the defendants. Now it all becomes clear. Blasey-Ford is going after Brett Kavanaugh, not because of what he did in high school. Instead, Christine Blasey-Ford is going after Brett Kavanaugh out of spite and revenge for a case rulled [sic] on by Brett Kavanaugh [sic] mother. Martha Kavanaugh, Brett’s mother was Montgomery County Circuit Court judge from 1993 until she retired in 2001. During a 1996 foreclosure case, Martha Kavanaugh ruled against the parents of Christine Blasey-Ford in a foreclosure case…Isn’t it kind of amazing that all the media reports today didn’t mention this little conflict of interest for Blasey-Ford?

And from the right-wing website Powerline: It looks like Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, Judge Martha Kavanaugh, ruled against the parents of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Court documents show the losing party in a foreclosure case Martha Kavanaugh heard to be Ralph and Paula Blasey of Potomac, Maryland. They appear to be Christine Blasey Ford’s parents.

The fact that Kavanaugh’s mother ruled against Ford’s parents doesn’t prove Ford is lying about the conduct of the son. Her allegation, coming so many years after the fact and without a description of when or where the event supposedly occurred, is probably not susceptible to being ruled out conclusively. But there now seems to be a motive, beyond partisan politics, for Ford to make up or significantly embellish her story so long after the “fact.”

And this is the truth according to Snopes: Martha Kavanaugh did preside for certain parts of a 1996 foreclosure case involving Ralph and Paula Blasey, who are indeed Christine Blasey Ford’s parents. However, Kavanaugh actually ruled favorably toward the Blaseys, who ended up keeping their home. These two facts cause the logic of the conspiracy theory, such as it ever was, to collapse.

You see the truth doesn’t matter. Ethics don’t matter. Christian morals or principles don’t matter. The only thing that matters is a head wound, get what you want no matter the cost, how many bodies you have to step over, or how many lies you have to tell. Head wound.

I told my “friend” to go “f*ck himself”. I also told him that he was an ignorant piece of shit unable to think for himself. Yea, not expecting a Christmas card from him this year. I am sad that this once okay guy now feels so empowered that he can disparage women, blacks, and immigrants. That he now lumps everyone into two categories, those for Trump and those against. Those for America, Trumps America, and the rest of us.

I quit pillow fighting many months ago. I have been firing back and will continue to do so until we save this country from the tyranny of a hostile enemy Donald Trump, the GOP, the Deplorables, the Evangelicals and oh yea, the Russians. We are at war. A war about the truth. A war about rights and war for the future.

How do we take care of each other in this world of Trump? I got no idea. Honestly, I don’t think we can or we will and at this point I don’t care. I don’t care if Trumps base lives or dies. I wouldn’t pee on a Deplorable if they were on fire. My pillow case is filled with cinder blocks. Come get me because IT WILL take a head wound to stop me.

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How far we have fallen-part 2

Mario Kart

“He knows he has an unusual penis. It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool. I lay there, annoyed that I was getting f***ed by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart. It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion.”- Stormy Daniels describing her sexual encounter with Trump

I will admit that I was unfamiliar with the video game character Mario Kart. I know this will show my age, but I am from the Pac-Man generation rather than Super Mario. And I suspect, given that Mario Kart was the eight most searched term today on Google, that most Deplorables, including Trump himself, had no idea what Mario Kart was either.

I have this image of Trump Googling Mario Kart and standing naked in front of a mirror and…..okay, your right that’s enough. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, rainbows and kittens. Anyway, I bet he did and I bet he did it proudly!

But here is the thing, think about this for a moment, the President of the United States, that orange guy with the cotton candy hair, watching Fox News in the people’s house in Washington has a woman telling us that his penis looks like a video game character. How far have we fallen? Pretty damn far.

If I were the Prime Minister of Canada, the Chancellor of Germany or even the President of the People’s Republic of China I honestly couldn’t look at Trump with a straight face ever again. This is what I used to see which was hard enough to look at without giggling;


And this is what I would see now;

Mario Kart Toad

Admit it, if he didn’t have “President” in front of his name no one would take this creepy piece of shit seriously but sadly because he has the nuclear codes we have too. Because we have a spineless GOP we have too. And because we know he is willing to strike a match and burn everything down to the ground just to save his own orange ass, we have too.

Right now Trumps legacy is air and water pollution, lawsuits upon lawsuits, Russians, tax cuts for the rich, defense of men who abuse women, payoffs, corruption, lies, tweets and a dick that looks like a Super Mario character. Think we can’t fall much further? Right! You better grab hold of something (not your Mario Kart) because it is going to be a bumpy ride from now until November 2020.

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Yes, any dumbass can be President

Trump I can't believe this is mine

“In America, anyone can become president. That’s the problem.” – George Carlin

It happens in every 2nd grade class all over America. A teacher ask, “What do you want to be when you grow-up?” In my generation answers ranged from a football player, or a doctor, maybe a garbage man or a fireman but inevitably some kid would exclaim, “I want to be President of the United States!” Typically, it was the kid all of us hated, the smart kid, the kid we would all end up working for.

If Donald J. Trump has proven anything it is that anyone CAN become the President and as Mr. Carlin noted, that is the problem.

These are the Constitutional qualifications for the Office of President; No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

That’s it. That’s all. And given what we got, given what we got stuck with I think We the people would do well to bring these qualifications into the 21st century. What we don’t want is a repeat of our current Dumbass in Chief.

Who really vets the candidates for President? In the beginning there were roughly 20 Republican candidates for the 2016 election. These men and women succeeded or failed not so much on their message or position but on their exposure and money. Trump whittled down the competition by keeping his orange mug in front of the cameras primarily but saying outlandish things like Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the Kennedy assassination. Where did he get that information? From the National Enquirer of course.

“In America, anybody can be president. That’s one of the risks you take.” – Adlai E. Stevenson

So back to my question, who really vets the candidates for President? Ultimately the media or as Trump likes to call them, the “Fake News”. We rely on the media to dig up any dirt they can find on a candidate and even that, as Trump has proven, doesn’t prevent us from getting a piece of shit for President.

In addition to the Constitutional qualifications mentioned above here are some other requirement I think we should demand of anyone that wants to be President of the United States;

  1. Release the last ten years of their tax returns.
  2. Complete a background check and security clearance performed by the FBI.
  3. A credit check.
  4. Have a medical and physiological examination performed by qualified professionals, meaning not your urologist.

Think about it, if you apply for a job at McDonald’s to flip hamburgers they will do a background and credit check on you. What do we check to make sure you are qualified to be President of the United of States? No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States. Again, that’s it and that’s how you get a Donald J. Trump.

“When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.” – Clarence Darrow

As if we already don’t have enough to write our representatives about I would suggest we add this to our list of “concerns” before the 2020 Presidential election. If I have said it once I have said it a million times, Trump will go down as the most ill-prepared, most unqualified, and most incompetent “President” this nation has ever experienced and with a little due-diligence, it could have been prevented.

“I’ve had a beautiful, I’ve had a flawless campaign. You’ll be writing books about this campaign.” –Donald Trump, July 29, 2016 

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Ask Puerto Rico

Trump I don't care

“We got A Pluses for our recent hurricane work in Texas and Florida (and did an unappreciated great job in Puerto Rico, even though an inaccessible island with very poor electricity and a totally incompetent Mayor of San Juan). We are ready for the big one that is coming!” – Trump tweet 9-12-18

“Well, I think Puerto Rico was incredibly successful. Puerto Rico was, actually, our toughest one of all because it’s an island, so you just — you can’t truck things onto it. Everything is by boat. We moved a hospital into Puerto Rico — a tremendous military hospital in the form of a ship. You know that.

And I actually think — and the Governor has been very nice. And if you ask the Governor, he’ll tell you what a great job. I think probably the hardest one we had, by far, was Puerto Rico because of the island nature. And I actually think it was one of the best jobs that’s ever been done with respect to what this is all about.

Puerto Rico got hit not with one hurricane but with two. And the problem with Puerto Rico is their electric grid and their electric generating plant was dead before the storms ever hit. It was in very bad shape. It was in bankruptcy. It had no money. It was largely — you know, it was largely closed.

And when the storm hit, they had no electricity — essentially before the storm. And when the storm hit, that took it out entirely.

The job that FEMA and law enforcement and everybody did, working along with the Governor in Puerto Rico, I think was tremendous. I think that Puerto Rico was an incredible, unsung success.

Texas, we had been given A-plusses for. Florida, we’ve been given A-plusses for. I think, in a certain way, the best job we did was Puerto Rico, but nobody would understand that. I mean, it’s harder to understand. It was very hard — a very hard thing to do because of the fact they had no electric. Before the storms hit, it was dead, as you probably know.

So we’ve gotten a lot of receptivity, a lot of thanks for the job we’ve done in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was very important.” – Trump FEMA Press Briefing 9-11-18

This is what I have bearing down on my state;

Florence Wind

Hurricane Hugo, also a category 4 storm, hit the coast of South Carolina on Friday, September 22, 1989. The following Friday my wife and I drove to Charleston and up Highway 17 to North Litchfield Beach stopping in the small fishing town of McClellanville, SC. What we saw on our trip up the coast continues to shake me today.

I understand the kind of devastation a hurricane like Florence can create. I have seen it first hand. I also understand that the piece of shit that gave himself an A+, (seriously no room for improvement?) is more concerned about having his golf interrupted this weekend than the people THAT WILL DIE and they will, from this storm. Don’t believe me? Ask Puerto Rico.

While the Dumbass Ass in Chief was throwing paper towels for the cameras in Puerto Rico people were dying. All told, 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico from the effects of Hurricane Maria. For Trump that is simply the price of an unappreciated great job, 3,000 dead Puerto Ricans, 3,000 dead American citizens.

Look, I know this egocentric, self-absorbednarcissistic piece of shit can’t even act like he cares about us even when it is written out for him to read. So what I am going to be fascinated to watch in the coming days, weeks and maybe even months is will Joe and Doris Deplorable in Elloree, Bamberg, and Eastover South Carolina still support “their man” when their trailer is destroyed, and the mosquitoes are sucking the last drops of blood out of their bodies while they wait in long lines under a hot September sun for a bottle of water and a stale sandwich. This storm will make parts of my state look like a third world country and I can promise you this, Trump won’t lose one minute of sleep over it. Ask Puerto Rico.

Update: You just can’t make this shit up; 3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico. When I left the Island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths. As time went by it did not go up by much. Then, a long time later, they started to report really large numbers, like 3000. This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when I was successfully raising Billions of Dollars to help rebuild Puerto Rico. If a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them onto the list. Bad politics. I love Puerto Rico!” – Trump tweet 9-13-18 

“The president has zero psychological ability to recognize empathy or pity in any way.”– former Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus

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How far we have fallen

Trump 9-11

Trump arriving at a somber September 11 Memorial Service remembrance of innocent lives lost

I received an email alert from my AOL news feed around 8:55 am on September 11, 2001, a plane had crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC). In my conference room I had a small television that I turned on to the Today Show. Watching Matt Lauer and Katie Couric cover what appeared, at the time, to be just a horrible accident I prepared for an appointment I had at 10 am on the conference room table. As the camera focused on the burning North Tower I watched, in real-time, the second plane strike the South Tower of the WTC at 9:03 am.

Seeing that image of the second plane I remember my exact thought at the time, I need to go pick-up my children from school. I called my wife and she told me her office, a state agency, was closing and she would drive to the school and let me know what was going on. In a matter of minutes the world, America changed but sadly it wasn’t a change that would survive.

In the weeks, and months after September 11, 2001 the citizens of this country put aside their differences, their parties, and their politics and came together. For a brief period no one talked about being a Republican or Democrat, a liberal or conservative we were simply one Nation under God, indivisible. We are no longer indivisible.

In my mind today is a very solemn day. One of those days that will be etched in my memory until I take my last breath. Yes, since that day 17 years ago we, this country has fallen far. Far from united. Far from together. Far from indivisible. Out of respect for the victims and the families of 9-11 that is where I will leave it for now.

The Eleventh Of September
by Roger J. Robicheau

We mourn their loss this day this year
Those now with God, no danger near

So many loved ones left do stand
Confronting loss throughout our land

My heart goes out to those who do
No one can fathom what they view

I firmly pray for peace of mind
Dear God please help each one to find

And to our soldiers now at war
God guide above, at sea, on shore

They are the best, I have no doubt
Our country’s pride, complete, devout

The finest force you’ll ever see
All freedom grown through liberty

One final thought comes clear to me
For what must live in infamy

Absolutely – We’ll Remember
The Eleventh – Of September


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Books, books, and more books

trump colors flag

I told one of Trumps irrational, Kool-Aid drinking Deplorables a couple of weeks ago that the only people who will profit from this piece of shit presidency will be the book publishers. What is totally fascinating to me is all of these books paint the exact same picture, a picture that sane, intelligent, and rational people can easily see, Trump is an absolute shit show.

Now Bob Woodward, a man who along with Carl Bernstein brought Richard Nixon to his knees. A man whose career has been filled with honors, recognition and awards has written his own Trump book that basically paints the exact same portrait as the others did just drilled down a little bit further into the core of Trumps lifeless soul as only Mr. Woodward can. 

As you would expect King Dumbass has spent the last three days trying to tweet his way out of Woodward’s new book. But here is the thing, Evangelical Deplorable and White Redneck Deplorable were never going to read it anyway. So Trumps “counter offense” is really just a waste of internet bandwidth. But rich, white, conservative Deplorable will read it, he will have too, hell its written by the great BOB WOODWARD. His friends will read it. They will talk about it at dinner club and on the golf course. He will have no choice but to read it.

Something happened in my community that I thought I would never see in my red state, several rich, white, Republicans are supporting the Democratic running for governor. The incumbent is an “all in” Trump Republican (isn’t that a sad sounding moniker?), which is to say an irrational piece of shit in his own right. The Governors spokesperson stated that his Democratic opponent is an “anti-religious liberty, abortion-on-demand, high-tax candidate” and a “socialist wannabe”. Sounds like they took a page right out of Steve Bannon’s handbook for Trump. The only thing they didn’t say, that I am sure they wanted to, is that their opponent will give equal treatment and respect to black and brown people. 

Never, ever forget what the three important issues are that keeps Trumps base behind him;

  1. White privileged.
  2. Religious bigotry.
  3. High wealth tax breaks.

That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. So why do, as Trump called Jeff Sessions, “dumb southerners” support this pompous ass? See # 1. And why do pious, greater than thou, Evangelicals support this immoral POS? See # 2. And why do CEO’s, and the WASP Country Clubbers support this classless, bankrupt, golf cheat? See # 3. Trump was right when he said could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters. But if he gave black and brown people an equal voice, or funded abortions, or raised the minimum wage then we would see his base scurry out of the light and into the darkness like rats.

I have refrained from reading all the of previous Trump “tell-all” books but I will probably buy Woodard’s. I have read at least a half a dozen of his previous books and I can state, unequivocally, that all were well written, researched and left no stone unturned. He is not sensational, he presents facts and opinions and all of Trumps tweets won’t remedy the damning details.

Trump has tweeted that the book is “boring & untrue” and “total fiction” as if he knows what is contained in the 400 pages. This I can guarantee, he hasn’t read it and he won’t read it because he doesn’t read. To garner his attention requires pictures and crayons and that isn’t the kind of journalist Bob Woodward is or will ever be.

“The Woodward book has already been refuted and discredited by General (Secretary of Defense) James Mattis and General (Chief of Staff) John Kelly. Their quotes were made up frauds, a con on the public. Likewise other stories and quotes. Woodward is a Dem operative? Notice timing?” – Trump tweet 9-4-18


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We can’t save them

“Your use of the word ‘deplorable’ is akin to the N word for African Americans and thus shows your bigotry for half of America” – Will Marler

This was a comment I received about one of my post, “the word ‘deplorable’ is akin to the N word”. As most of us honor a great American, statesman and hero in Senator John McCain a few, or as the delusional Mr. Marler over estimates “half”, continue to support and defend an immoral, classless, piece of shit in Donald Trump.

Want to understand how far the 39% have fallen? Two recent polls conducted by YouGov and The Economist found that the overwhelming majority of Trump voters don’t think that using the N-word makes white people racist and less than half think the slur is offensive. A combination of the two polls found that only 18 percent of Trump voters believe using the racial epithet makes white people racist and just 42 percent find the term offensive. Over 70 percent of Trump supporters indicated that they would still cast their vote for a political candidate even if they had said the N-word.

These 39% have lost their way. Don’t believe me? How about these little nuggets of wisdom from Trump supporter Jacob Wohl; “You’ve got to be kidding me! Calling black kids victims of segregation is as stupid as calling Jewish kids victims of the Holocaust.” and how about this gem “Most KKK and White Supremacist groups are run and funded by the Deep State FBI.”


“We gather to mourn the passing of American greatness — the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice, those that live lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served.” – Meghan McCain

We can’t save these people, their minds and their morals have rotted to their core. Like Trump, they are too far gone. Reality has simply passed them by. But here is the thing, we don’t need them. Let their brains decay with hate and racism. Let their mouths spew contempt and scorn for this great country. Let their lifeless, white souls die a slow, and agonizing death. And let’s all praise the day they get to face brown Jesus, middle eastern Jesus and answer the question “What did you do for the least of these? The brown ones? The gay ones? The Muslim ones? The poor ones? The black ones?” 

“We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe. We weaken it when we hide behind walls, rather than tear them down; when we doubt the power of our ideals, rather than trust them to be the great force for change they have always been.”- Senator John McCain

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