The corruption of Trump in a nutshell


Maybe you have heard about this, maybe you haven’t but Trump’s henchman, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, a man whose name will become synonymous with many of this country’s greatest environmental disasters, has opened up the oceans for offshore oil drilling. The initial proposal, announced last week, includes “47 potential lease sales in 25 of the 26 planning areas — 19 sales off the coast of Alaska, seven in the Pacific region, 12 in the Gulf of Mexico, and nine in the Atlantic region. The five-year plan, covering 2019 to 2024, was initiated by the America First Offshore Energy Strategy directive Trump signed in April that could eventually open up Arctic waters and millions of coastal acres off U.S. shores to oil and gas drilling.”

Why is this bad? Real simple, it is not an if but when one of these oil rigs spills millions of gallons of toxic oil into the ocean and on to the beaches of our coastal states. The end results are always the same, wildlife is killed and fragile ecosystems are destroyed. And if this plan weren’t bad enough, our regulation cutting President has already reduced the burden of liability for big oil companies when those spills occur by providing them with a vehicle that distinguishes these occurrences between an accident (oops) and a blatant disregard for safety. The question we need to ask ourselves is who will judge the difference between the two?

The hard realty is oil rigs are always polluting the oceans to some degree. It is a simple fact of the industry. The difference today is that we limit the number of rigs, which limits the amount of incidental pollution but with the stroke of Trump’s mighty pen all that changed.

As you can imagine the Governors of these coastal states, both Republican and Democrats aren’t happy about this new change. All of these coastal areas, from South Carolina to California depend on tourism to provide jobs for their residents and tourist dollars for the economy. Imagine what an oil spill washing up on the beaches of Myrtle Beach, SC will do for the hotel and restaurant business there. I can promise you, it won’t be the picture they put in their ad in Southern Living magazine.

But guess what happened yesterday, Zinke after meeting with Florida Gov. Rick Scott at the Tallahassee International Airport decided to exclude Florida from the plan to expand offshore oil and gas drilling. Yes, the same Florida that a certain President has a real estate investment or two in. The same Rick Scott who is contemplating and being highly encouraged by said President to run for Senator. This ladies and gentleman is the corruption of Trump and his administration in a nutshell.

If you live in a coastal state I highly encourage you to write your Senator(s) and tell them you want the same courtesy extended to your state that Trump gave to Florida. The bottom-line, this proposal is and will ultimately be a disaster for our environment and does nothing to lessen our thirst for crude oil. But again, why would a white, rich 71-year-old man give a shit what the world will be like 10, 20 or even 30 years from now. He doesn’t, we should.

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8 Responses to The corruption of Trump in a nutshell

  1. Nan says:

    The photo you included definitely says it all.

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  2. Citrus County (my home) situated on Florida’s Nature Coast is dependent on tourism dollars’ revenue. Yet, my fellow citizens who voted 67% Trump in 2016 are praising the POTUS because the stock market broke 25000, gasoline is under $2.39 a gallon, and the building industry is booming. Can we possibly believe that “the people” will magically transform into altruistic, charitable voters concerned about poverty, the environment, Syrian refugees? Probably not. We (and I include myself) have grown into spoiled, self-serving idiots. Good post, my friend. On the bright side….Clemson will return guns a blazing in 2018.

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    • Yup, my wife is like a lost puppy with Clemson and the Panthers season over. Its a long time until September.

      I am confident Trump will do something to screw the deplorables pooch.

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    • Scottie says:

      Hello Larry. The things you mention are not things that affect the deplorables. Most are lower incomes so stocks are just something fox news talks about to them. Also the things you mention that they like are not things tRump has had direct control over. The sad thing is they keep hearing how great he is, how much he has done, how he is the best president ever, the hardest working, He makes the sun come up in the morning from the right wing media they only watch. Just watch the Jake Tapper interview with Steven Miller. I recently heard on a right wing hard right channel the line that tRump has done more for the country in one year than any president every has because he really cares about the people, unlike the last president. I was yanking my hair out, but the sad fact is those people who normally listen to this broadcast will believe every word and then go brag about tRump’s great deeds. Heck this last week tRump bragged about becoming a successful businessman all on his own to prove how much a genius he is, yet he failed to remember the 6 bankruptcies, the starter money from his dad, the casino bailout money from his dad and the over 400 million he later inherited from his dad. The deplorables won’t know or even care about that stuff. Just how great he made himself. I wonder if it is because each one of them dreams they also can become the self made billionaire. Be well. Hugs

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  3. Nan says:

    Scottie, I tend to think rather than the “deplorables” dreaming they too can become billionaires, they are more inclined to see tRumpsky as their great “deliverer.” That is, someone who is going to take them out of their god-forsaken lives and put spending money in their pockets again. Of course, you know and I know (and many others know) this is never going to happen. But by gum! He does talk a good talk and it is sooo easy to dream.

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