Another letter to my Senators


“If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell” – Carl Sandburg

If Mr. Sandburg were alive today he would have to add two more methods of court etiquette after watching the GOP defend Trump; whine about the process, and when all else fails evoke the name of Hillary Clinton and her emails.

I, like you Senator Graham, have already made up mind. Also, like you Senator Graham, I have made up my mind based on the lack of evidence. Where we differ is here, you, Trump, Sean Hannity, and Mitch McConnell have offered NO evidence to prove that Trump ISN’T guilty. No evidence that proves that Trump “…GOT IMPEACHED FOR MAKING A PERFECT PHONE CALL!” not one document, not one witness, nothing except an incomplete transcript that says very clearly, and in black and white on the bottom that it is simply “A Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation (TELCON) is not a verbatim transcript of a discussion.” This despite the fact that the form letter I received from Senator Scott refers to it as “the full transcript of the call between Presidents Trump and Zelenskiy”. Seriously, “full transcript”? We now know that this is a lie, heck it is one of the reasons this whole process got started, conversations, truths were not only left out of the transcript but were covered-up before it was locked away in the bunker reserved for highly classified documents. So yes, Trump is guilty from the lack of evidence he is unwilling to provide or better explained the lack of evidence he doesn’t have.

Rep. Val Demings summed up perfectly my thoughts on Trumps guilt, she stated that “I have never seen anyone take such extreme steps to hide evidence allegedly proving his innocence.” I would add to her remarks that I have never seen a group of people, you included, take such extreme steps to help someone hide evidence.

I know I am just going to get some lame response from you that colors inside the lines drawn for you by Trump, his handlers and the GOP like “Unfortunately, it seems instead as though this inquiry is being used as a political tool by some of those in the House of Representatives”. You are going to complain about the process. Complain about due-process. Complain that the Democrats are trying to overturn the 2016 election. Complain about Comey, Deep State, Russian hoax, Hillary’s emails, etc.

But here is the truth, the truth you can’t and won’t answer, the truth that you hope most Americans are simply too stupid to ask for, where is the proof that Trump is innocent? Where are the witnesses to the “Perfect Call”? Where are the documents, the emails, backing-up the “Perfect Call”? They don’t exist. Trump and GOP don’t have them because if they did you would be wallpapering the world with the proof. There would a three hour Sean Hannity prime-time special about the proof. Trump would freshen-up his orange spray tan and hold a presidential news conference inside the AT&T Stadium and then proclaim the day a national holiday. But you see none of that will happen because Trump’s got nothing, nothing but the whine.

The evidence to prove Trumps innocence, the evidence to prove it was the perfect call does not exist so you, Trump, and the GOP “pound the table and yell like hell” because that’s all you got. If Mick Mulvaney could clear Trump we would hear from him. He can’t and we won’t. If John Bolton could clear Trump we would hear from him. He can’t and we won’t. If Mike Pompeo could clear Trump we would hear from him. He can’t and we won’t. If Mike Pence could clear Trump we would hear from him. He can’t and we won’t. If there were emails, documents that could clear Trump we would see them. But there aren’t.

Trump is only the third United States President in our 231 year history to be impeached and there is nothing you or the other GOP Senators can do to erase that from the history books. You can stall, you can lie, you can whine, you can throw the Constitution out the window when you raised your right hand and swore an oath to be an impartial judge and jury. But just as the history books will note Trump with an asterisk next to his name history will also remember that you defended a criminal whose crimes were against this great country.

You know, or at the very least you should know, just based on the number of books that have already been written that when he leaves office a tidal wave of information will wash over us, none of it good, and all of it confirming the rampant corruption he and his family have undertaken since he was elected. Think about all of the people, Bolton, Mattis, Tillerson, McMaster, who have a “Trump” story to tell and they will tell it, they will have to tell it just to clear their names. Trump cannot defend his actions because his actions are indefensible. How can you wake-up every morning, look in the mirror and continue to defend the indefensible? Are a pocket full of conservative judges really worth it?

“There is nothing in the Constitution that authorizes or makes it the official duty of a president to have anything to do with criminal activities.” – Senator Sam Ervin


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  1. Nan says:


    Especially liked your paragraph about “the truth” … and all the things that Trump would do IF he could produce that truth.

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