Donald has been institutionalized for most of his adult life


“The fact is Donald’s pathologies are so complex and his behaviors so often inexplicable that coming up with an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis would require a full battery of psychological and neurophysical tests that he’ll never sit for.”

“Donald has been institutionalized for most of his adult life, so there is no way to know how he would thrive, or even survive, on his own in the real world.”

“Donald’s ego has been and is a fragile and inadequate barrier between him and the real world, which, thanks to his father’s money and power, he never had to negotiate by himself.” – from the book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” by Mary L. Trump

Have any of you noticed a pattern with Donald J. Trump? Everyone lies about him. Every book, every newspaper article, every revelation from the 30 plus women and counting that claim he groped, fondled, or screwed them without consent is a lie. Hell, he has even tried to convince us that audio recording of him saying he likes to grab women by their lady parts isn’t really him even after he said it was and apologized on television.

And now his niece, Mary L. Trump is the newest Donald liar with the release of her book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” a book the White House describes as “falsehoods and that’s about it”. That description came before anyone in the White House could even read a single word of it. But the fun part about this book is that it hits as close to home as anything ever written about The Donald. The only other document that could possibly shed more light on him is his tax returns and he has taken that battle all the way to the Supreme Court and lost.

What I love about this book is that it wasn’t written by a Playboy Bunny or a Stripper that Donald couldn’t satisfy or a disgruntled employee Don screwed over, Mary Trump has had a front row seat behind the golden doors of Trump, Inc. over the last 50 year plus she is smart, a PhD and a psychologist, qualified to comment on her observations. What she has written is the operating manual of why Donald J. Trump is a fucked-up piece of cheese or better yet the validation of what most of us already knew, the guy is Nuking Futs.

But this book should also give not only Americans but the world grave concerns. Ms. Trump’s comment that Donald’s ego is an “inadequate barrier between him and the real world” should send chills down our spines. You see Trump has never operated in the “real world”. What he has done is molded and melded an existence where he reigns supreme by lying, suing, and paying people off. But there is a price for playing and living in an alternate universe and sadly this country is in the throes of having to pay that price.

As I mentioned above Trump lost one of his two Supreme Court battles to keep his tax returns hidden. There is all kind of speculation of what exactly he is trying to conceal from the world. It could be that he is not worth as much as he brags he is. It could be that his Daddy, Vladimir Putin, has co-signed billions of dollars’ worth of loans for him. Or it could be nothing at all and he just likes the game and the attention. Remember, it is not costing Trump anything to defend himself in front of the Supreme Court. You and I are footing the bill for that.

The long and short of it is that all of this is just a game to Trump. He is a liar, a cheat, and a sociopath, and nothing in his tax returns or any book will ever turn his white, redneck, racist, MAGA base against him and he knows it. Keep in mind, we are talking about a man that has gotten other people to lie on the record for him about his weight. That a man who easily weighs close to 300 pounds wants us to believe that he weighs just 239 pounds tells you what kind of sick puppy he really is and for whatever reason the Evangelicals and Trumpers worship him for it.

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3 Responses to Donald has been institutionalized for most of his adult life

  1. Good to hear from you again, sir. The Evangenitals and donald groupies are just as Nucking Futs as he is.

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  2. Nan says:

    His day WILL come. Can’t say when or how, but it’s waiting in the wings. Invisible to all but the Trump himself … and he’s running scared.

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  3. Yeah, I agree with your assessment. May I add….the photos of him on the golf course in his sweet little white shorts belie a man who claims to be 239lbs. 😂 Good to see you writing.

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