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The day the music changed-Chris Cornell

“She has the daylight at her command, She gives the night its dreams yeah, She can uncover your darkest fears, Make you forget you feel them” – Chris Cornell, Can’t Change Me In 1990 I had sold out, short hair, white shirt and a … Continue reading

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Stepping out of the darkness

“Help me see myself, cause I can no longer tell, Looking out from the inside of the bottom of a well” – Pearl Jam “The End” What I remember is how dark it was, hiding the sunlight behind drawn shades. All of … Continue reading

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In 1991 I was 30 years old, married, had a one year old child, a suit and tie job, a house, a mortgage and a dog. In short, domestic bliss, the American dream, conformity, what was expected of me, a sale … Continue reading

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Lyrical Saturday – 6/3/16

Pearl Jam-Present Tense do you see the way that tree bends? does it inspire? leaning out to catch the sun’s rays a lesson to be applied are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip? you can spend your … Continue reading

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Lyrical Saturday – 5/7/16

Pearl Jam – “Light Years” (written by Stone Gossard, Mike McCready & Eddie Vedder) I’ve used hammers made out of wood I have played games with pieces and rules I’ve deciphered tricks at the bar But now you’re gone I … Continue reading

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Thank you Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam cancels Raleigh show due to North Carolina passing the HB2 “Bathroom Law”. See also, Thank you Bruce. This is turning out to be a tough concert season for North Carolina music fans. Sadly, the Senate President Pro Tem vowed this … Continue reading

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