Make America Stormy Again

stormy weather

Between the trade wars, empty offices, Republican backlash and Robert Mueller the upheaval occurring in the Trump White House is in a word Stormy. What important topics were on Sean Hannity’s mind last night? Predictably, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, illegal immigration and the WALL, and a new twist, some “prominent Democrats” and their ties to Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan, now there is a blast from the past. Do you think that maybe Hannity is starting to run out of topics to stir the pot?

Rachel Maddow wasn’t on last night so I flipped the channels between Hannity and a rerun of What Not to Wear. Don’t judge me I am the father of daughters. As hard as it was to look at and listen to the Fox blowhard instead of Stacy London I figured something out last night, I had an epiphany and it is backed-up by data.

The February ratings came out last week and the number one cable news program was Fox’s Sean Hannity, number two was Fox’s Tucker Carlson and number three was MSNBC Rachel Maddow. Now before you start jumping off the cliff thinking that Fox News is taking over the world keep in mind the audience numbers aren’t huge. Hannity’s average audience is just 3.3 million total viewers, less than 1% of the total U.S. population. So don’t worry, 3.3 million Deplorables aren’t going to get Trump reelected or save his sorry ass from the Robert Mueller investigation.

The big story right now, without a doubt, is the Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump torrid tale. Trump has insisted, INSISTED, that he has never had a relationship of any kind with the Porn Star. We haven’t actually heard Trump say this, Trumps denials have all come from White House spokespeople. But here is the fun part, why would Trumps lawyers have secured a restraining order against Ms. Stormy who is fighting in court to tell her side of the story about their alleged affair? Maybe it’s just me, but if you “vehemently” deny the allegations, if you deny the affair ever happened, why would you need a restraining order? Is it a matter of national security? Will the free world be in jeopardy if we learn that Trump wears whitey tighties instead of boxers?

So back to my epiphany, why are Sean Hannity’s ratings higher than Rachel Maddow’s? Because we don’t need Rachel to confirm what we already know about Trump, and the Deporables need Hannity to talk them off the cliff. Everyday they have to justify to themselves and the world why they voted for the orange wonder and every night Hannity gives them the ammunition to go out and face the world. The rest of us can watch reruns of What Not to Wear. We are secure in the knowledge that the collective “we” have elected a buffoon and we don’t need Rachel to tell us so.

Maybe I missed it, but Hannity didn’t talk about Stormy Daniels last night. Why? Not because it isn’t a big story, it really is “Yuge” story, but because the Deplorables and the Evangelicals don’t want to be reminded that they have elected a cheating, lying, immoral piece of shit. Why would they?

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders unwittingly confirmed yesterday that the nondisclosure agreement exists and that it directly involves Trump when she told reporters that a restraining order against Ms. Stormy was won “in the President’s favor.” Watch the clip, and look at the faces of the reporters. Huh? What? Wait a minute? It is priceless. Sanders knew immediately that she had said the wrong thing, stepped on her, well, never-mind. When your job is to cover-up lies and corruption at some point it catches up to you.

3.3 million total viewers? Not worried about them. Sean Hannity? Not scared of him. Hannity’s ship is sinking and he knows it. At this point, like the Trumps, he is trying to cash all the checks he can get his hands on. “Don’t know why, there’s no sun up in the sky, Stormy weather”. 

Deplorable Hannity Headlines for 3-8-18:

  1. RED ALERT: Shock Poll Shows MAJOR PROBLEMS for Dems Heading into 2018 Midterms

  2. BIAS ALERT: CBS Begs OPRAH to Run Against Trump in 2020, Says She Can ‘Heal’ People

  3. SANCTUARY SHOWDOWN: ICE Boss Says ‘MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE’ Thanks to California Lawmakers

  4. KIM’S CRISIS: US Officials Believe KIM JONG UN Suffering from SERIOUS ILLNESS

  5. OBAMA ON EDGE: DOJ to Disclose Secret FAST AND FURIOUS Records After SIX YEAR Fight



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9 Responses to Make America Stormy Again

  1. Sadly, the chaos in the WH is refueled daily with a new scandal to the point that scandalous has become the new normal. We need to reflect on previous administrations and remember, “no, this current circus is not the service I want from my elected/appointed “public servants”. Our tax dollars are paying them to behave like criminals.

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  2. Suze says:

    I watched Lawrence O’Donnel last night ask questions of Ms. Daniel’s ;lawyer and it came out that within the non-disclosure agreement with the Cheeto is the phrase “paternity information”…the smoking gun is a kid? what kid? does the cheeto in chief actually have a lil guy or girl that no one knows about? who cares about videos of the cheeto, or xrated pictures Stormy may have…….I wanna know about the possible child.

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  3. Such a shame. Hannity, after all, is a Great American. 🤨

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  4. Nan says:

    Sometimes I read about tRumpsky and ask myself … is he as bad as I think? Or am I being influenced by the news media? Then I try very hard to see him through the eyes of his supporters. However, to do so, it means moving aside all the rhetoric, the lies, the affairs, the boasting, the orange skin … to finally reach the “real” Donald. Guess what? I fail. Every time. I fail.

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