S.S. Trump

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina is the latest Republican to announce that he won’t seek reelection. He joins a long, and growing, list of retiring House Republicans;

Will Hurd, Tex., Tom Marino, Penn., Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisc., Susan Brooks, Ind., Martha Roby, Ala., Sean Duffy, Wis., John Shimkus, Ill., Bill Flores, Tex., Rob Woodall, Ga., Paul Mitchell, Mich., Pete Olson, Tex., Kenny Marchant, Tex., Mike Conaway, Tex., Rob Bishop, Utah, Mac Thornberry, Tex., Chris Collins, N.Y., Francis Rooney, Fla., Greg Walden, Ore., Pete King, N.Y., Tom Graves, Ga., George Holding, N.C., Ted Yoho, Fla., Mark Walker, N.C., Mark Meadows, N.C.

Does it sound like the 24 rats are jumping off the sinking S.S. Trump?

There is a lot of speculation that Meadows will join the Trump administration in some capacity. Maybe as White House Chief of Staff or as a senior adviser. Honestly despite what his title is the job he will be performing really won’t change, he will remain Trumps official ass kisser. And apparently he is damn good at it. He must have very soft lips and certainly we know they are orange.

I am particularly happy that Meadows is resigning. He represents an area of North Carolina that my wife and I enjoy visiting and would love to buy a home with the thought of maybe retiring there one day. Knowing that he was the representative hasn’t prevented us from looking but knowing that he is gone sure makes the decision easier. It is a somewhat rural and conservative region and another Republican might be elected but given the changing social and political demographics of the area my guess is a more moderate would be chosen rather than a self-righteous conservative prick like Meadows.

So why are all these rats jumping ship? Capital reporters constantly remark that “off the record” Republican representatives complain that they are tired of having to defend the great pumpkin. Just last night at one of his KKK rally’s in Michigan Chump insinuated that the late John Dingell, a longtime lawmaker, veteran, patriot and Michigan royalty might be in HELL. Ms. Lindsey Graham said “If he said that I think he should apologize.” Damn Ms. Graham really went out on a limb. There is no doubt he said it, the question is does Ms. Graham have the balls to confront and insist that Trump apologize? The answer to that question is not no, but hell no, he doesn’t. Like all the other GOP rats Graham is afraid of getting a mean tweet from Chump, a tweet that, in their mind, might make or break their reelection chances.

This is the kind of everyday callous shit that is driving the rats off the ship. Trump opens his mouth or gets his thumbs moving and insults whoever and whatever and the rats have to figure out a way NOT to answer reporters’ questions about it. Reporter: “Senator, do you think the late Rep. John Dingell is in hell like President Trump said?” Senator: “Virgil wrote that ‘I thy guide, Will lead thee hence through an eternal space, Where thou shalt hear despairing shrieks, and see Spirits of old tormented, who invoke A second death.’ Thank you I am late for a committee meeting.”        

Some political pundits believe that if a secret impeachment vote were taken in the Senate that Trump would lose. Maybe by a narrow margin, but lose none the less. Sadly, Moscow Mitch McConnell isn’t likely to let that happen. He couldn’t survive the heat from Trump or Fox News.

I have heard several folks say that the impeachment was anticlimactic. Maybe. But think of it like this, the majority of Americans did not vote for Trump. Yes he got 63,000,000 votes but that was just 46% of the popular vote. 54% of Americans did not vote for him. I look at impeachment like this, Congress spoke for the majority of Americans. If it did anything it left a big, black, bold asterisk on 45, something that he can’t erase and will always be remembered by just in case the rats get amnesia and forget why they jumped off the S.S. Trump.

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6 Responses to S.S. Trump

  1. Whatever else happens, history will record that trump is the third President to ever be impeached. And that black mark will stay with him forever and ever, amen.

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  2. Nan says:

    Wow — that is some list! I’d been reading here and there about resignations but didn’t realize there were so many. Unfortunately, if they are leaving as a result of tRumpsky’s antics, I wonder how many will speak out as election time nears?

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  3. Suze says:

    Now if only someone could convince Inhoffe of Oklahoma to resign life would be so much better for those of us living here who actually use our brains for something other than filler!

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  4. KC says:

    it seems to me, and I am likely way off here, that if those ship-jumping-rats were not so SELF-SERVING and if they indeed are tired of the politics of-late in Washington, they could have (instead of saving themselves) joined the voices of those in Washington who are – despite the vitriol and hatred – sticking their necks out and made more of a bipartisan impact against the derailment of democracy. I suspect they are merely awaiting a more tolerable environment to “work” in and then they’ll be scrambling to be on-board the next ship.

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  5. I’ve been considering tweeting our “beloved President” to congratulating him. He’s finally been invited to be a member of a VERY exclusive club … one with only 3 members.

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  6. oops … “to congratulate him.” I just washed my hands and can’t do a thing with ’em.

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